If you hate crowds, November is the best time to visit Florida. The weather is still warm and being the off-season, there are few tourists and everything is cheaper than normal. 

What is the right attire for Florida and what you should pack for a trip in November?

Let’s find out. 


Weather In Florida In November:

November is the best month to visit Florida if you do not like rain. With total rainfall of 71 millimeters, spread over ten days, November is the driest month in Florida. 

The chances of thunderstorms are also pretty low in November. The maximum probability of rain with thunderstorms is only 16%.

The weather remains quaint with afternoons experiencing temperatures as high as 27°c. Some days are cooler than others with a temperature of 23°c.

In the evening Florida gets a little chilly with an average temperature of 17°c. 

The temperature of the sea is 26°c on most days which is quite pleasant. So while other places are too cold in November, in Florida you can still enjoy the beach.

If we talk about hours of sunshine, November sees a total of 11 hours every day. The speed of wind is 7 miles per hour and humidity is 75% on average.

What To Wear For Daytime Activities In Florida?

Florida is sunny and warm during the day in November, so for daytime activities, it is best to wear clothes that are light and breathable. 

Be it sundress, t-shirts, dress shirts, or pants, make sure they are made out of fabrics like cotton and linen. Avoid clothes made with polyester as they do not absorb sweat or let the air pass through. 

Florida locals are laid back and athletic. So if you wish to fit in, dress in light layers. A t-shirt or crop top for example can be paired with loose flowy trousers or a pair of capris. 

If you are planning to visit the amazing adventure parks in Florida, opt for comfort over style. 

Save your dresses and skirts for the evening and wear breathable tops with cargo shorts instead. For guys, a stylish half sleeves printed dress shirt with cotton pants or knee-length shorts would be perfect. 

For footwear, it is best to wear something comfortable. Something you can run and walk in without getting your feet sore. 

We would recommend sneakers, Skechers, or Air jordans paired with ankle-length socks. 

For the beach, there is no such dress code. Just pack your favorite swimsuits. It doesn’t matter if it’s a romper, two-piece, or burkini. Florida accepts everything.

A swim cover is also a must-keep. There is no issue with roaming around in your bathing suit but covering it up is better if you do not want to get bug bites.  

On men, swim trunks with an airy tropical shirt look delish. They can take off their shirt when going in the water.

The beach footwear is flip-flops for both men and women. If you do not have a problem with crocs, they can also be your best friend on the beach and pools. 

What To Wear For Nighttime Activities In Florida?

Dinner at a fine dining restaurant in Florida does not have a strict dress code. People wear everything from full sleeves t-shirts to dress shirts at such places.

We would recommend you wear an evening dress, jumpsuit, or denim pants with a silk blouse for women. For men, slacks paired with collared shirts look perfect.

For footwear, there is no need to wear high heels unless you feel comfortable in them. To be honest, any shoe type works for restaurants except flip-flops and crocs. 

If you plan on celebrating Thanksgiving in Florida, make sure you wear something cute. A short-printed dress is your safest bet. Opt for fall colors like orange, crimson, or white.

For men, a t-shirt topped with flannel and tapered jeans looks perfect. Both men and women need to keep a lightweight sweater or jacket in case it gets a little chilly for you. 

You may experience unexpected downpours on some evenings in November so you must be prepared for it at all times. 

Both men and women should carry a lightweight waterproof jacket or a water-resistant poncho to keep themselves warm.

If you are traveling with kids, keep in mind that they feel colder than you do. So dress them up in layers for a cool night out. A jacket, beanie, socks, and gloves are a must for kids in November.

What Else To Pack For A Trip To Florida?

  • Sunscreen Lotion: Florida sees eleven hours of sunshine every day in November. This means the UV exposure is quite high. 
  • If you love your skin and do not want to get a sunburn, pack a high-quality sunscreen lotion that is broad spectrum and offers SPF 50 at least.
  • Sunglasses: Sunglasses are your best friend for all your daytime activities. They will protect your eyes from sun damage and also make you look chic. 
  • So, make sure you pack your favorite pair of sunglasses for a trip to Florida. 
  • Sun Hat: No beach outfit is complete without a sun hat. It keeps your hair from getting frizzy and gives a chic appearance.
  • Bug Repellant: Florida has an infamous mosquito problem. Whether you are a local or a tourist, mosquitos bite without discrimination.
  • So make sure you pack a bug repellent and lather it up when going out at night.
  • Umbrella: Florida sees rain throughout the year. Despite being the driest month, November sees ten rainy days on average.
  • So make sure you have a travel-sized umbrella to protect you from unexpected rainfall. 
  • Reusable Water Bottle: Instead of spending money on disposal water bottles, pack a reusable one. 
  • It will save you some bucks and keep you hydrated throughout the trip. 
  • Prescription Medication: First aid kits can be found everywhere but if you take any prescription medications, make sure you keep them in your bag.


Florida is huge and offers a lot of tourist attractions. So it is best to make a list of all the places you want to visit and plan your trip accordingly.