California is a western U.S. state, which stretches for approximately nine hundred miles from the Mexican border along the Pacific. 

This state is one of the most famous destinations in all of North America.

It has many popular landmarks like the Golden Gate bridge, Hollywood, as well as Disneyland.

Even the Coachella event, which is so popular all around the world, takes place in California. 

The uniqueness of California lies in wine country, silicon valley, and surf culture. These are the most popular sights in this state. 

According to many, the best time to visit California is either in spring or in the fall. 

However, taking a vacation in this country during November might not be a bad idea.

This is because the crowds will be less and the weather will also be somewhat pleasant.


Regardless of where you’re going, the biggest concern is related to the way you should dress. 

If you’re planning to visit California in November and don’t know what type of outfits to carry, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I’ll be discussing the way one should dress in California in November. We’ll also take a look at the weather situation in this state during this time of the year.

So let’s get right to it!

California’s Weather in November 

During the month of November, the weather in California is still somewhat warm and sunny. 

Although it’s the beginning of winters, the temperatures are still pleasant enough for you to have a good vacation.

California is usually referred to as the sunshine state, but during this time of the year, it’s very cloudy and mild.

November is a very wet month for California as it is the rainy season. However, the rain showers are infrequent and usually short.

The most famous and visited cities in California are San Francisco and Los Angeles. 

In November, these cities become less crowded, and therefore, this is a great time to visit the state if you want to avoid crowds. 

In Los Angeles, the temperature stays close to 17°C and the highest it goes to is 23°C on average. During the nights, the temperature falls to 10°C and it often gets quite chilly.

Whereas in San Francisco, the weather is much cooler and the daytime temperature ranges between 13°C to 17°C.

Moreover, one should also expect about 30 to 65 mm of rain, depending on the city you’re in. 

It’s important that you should be prepared as there’s a high chance of rain on any given day during your trip in November.

What to wear for daytime activities in California? 

This sunshine state is quite a popular tourist destination, which means that there’s a lot one can do in California. 

Although it might be a little cold, the days are still warm and sunny in California during November. So, you wouldn’t have to hide behind layers of clothing. 

For daytime activities, I’d suggest that you wear jeans with cute T-shirts or even solid coloured button downs. You can always mix and match them up!

Along with that, I would suggest you keep a very good and reliable pair of walking shoes. Trust me, you’ll be doing a lot of walking in the state of California. 

If you’re not up for the jeans, you can also wear thick material dresses during the day. This is because the days are still warm and sunny as well as pleasant during November.

Moreover, keep in mind that California is a place for celebrities. Therefore, you may want to look your best if you’re lucky enough to bump into one of your favorite stars. 

This also means that in terms of dressing, California is very fashion forward. This would be the best place to bring out all your chic and trendy outfits!

If you’re visiting some famous landmarks, you can also wear neutral colored outfits or monochromatic ones. 

For instance, beige pants with a white bodysuit and a brown belt. Pair this look up with some sunnies and a crossbody bag and you’re all good to go. 

Apart from these, It is necessary that you keep an umbrella or a raincoat with you as November is a very wet and rainy month in California. 

What to wear for nighttime activities in California? 

California is known for having one of the best and the most amazing nightlife. If you’re in LA, you could heat up the food Street or go to delete nightclubs and bars.

But don’t you worry, because the options for nighttime activities are endless! 

You may want to go for a formal dinner or even for partying at the club, then nights should be for your most fancy dresses. 

You should dress up more during the night by adding jewelry to your outfits and other accessories which will help make your outfit look dressier.

However, it’ll probably get cold during the night. Therefore, whatever you wear make sure it is of thick material, and don’t forget to carry a cover-up like a cardigan, sweater, or even a shawl with you. 

One key item that you should keep for nighttime activities is leggings. This will help you beat the cold and leggings are always in style!

Additionally, if you’ve got space in your luggage, you may also carry knee-high boots to wear with your short dresses. This look would be a killer one for nighttime partying!

Additional things you should pack for your trip to California in November:

Here’s a list of a few essential items you should pack for your trip to California in November: 

  • Long sleeved shirts (Solid button downs) 
  • T-shirts (Different colors) 
  • Monochromatic looks 
  • Umbrella/raincoat (Necessary!) 
  • Accessories (Sunglasses, jewelry, bags, belts) 
  • Walking shoes
  • Knee-high boots 
  • Sundresses, velvet dresses, ribbed dresses (For the night)
  • Denim jacket/leather jacket 

Final Verdict 

In conclusion, let me remind you that these are all just suggestions. At the end of the day, you should wear whatever you find the most comfortable. 

Your comfort is key when vacationing!

California is an amazing place to visit during November as the tickets will be cheaper and so will the hotels. 

Plus, there will be less crowds and you can actually visit popular sites without having to wait in long lines. 

I hope this article helped answer all your queries regarding the way one should dress in California in November!