Barcelona is the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain. The city is well known for its stunning architecture and art. 

It’s home to the famous Sagrada Familia church as well as other modernist landmarks by Antoni Gaudi.

Barcelona is also regarded as the second largest city in the world with a population of 1.6 million.

The city is known for its lively nightlife, amazing cuisine, and sandy beaches. It’s especially famous for its outstanding football team. 

It has a vibrant cultural heritage as well as colorful neighborhood festivals which make it a number one attraction for tourists from around the world.

October is thought to be a great time to visit the city of Barcelona.

Barcelona spain
Barceloneta beach in Barcelona, bird’s-eye view. Spain

Although it’s a favorite summertime destination, people enjoy the cool, peaceful streets and fewer crowds that Barcelona offers in the fall season. 

If you’re wondering what to pack for your trip to Barcelona, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll be discussing all the details on how one should dress when visiting Barcelona in October. 

We’ll also take a look at what kind of weather one should expect when visiting during this month.

So let’s get right to it!

Barcelona’s Weather in October 

Barcelona has a humid subtropical climate. The weather in the city in October can be a little tricky.

By this time of the year, things have started to cool down but not completely. It isn’t cool but it’s pleasant and warm.

So you should expect very in-between or mixed weather. However, this can be of an advantage to you!

This is because it won’t be so hot that you’d want to spend your time indoors with air conditioning.

Neither would it be so cold that you’d want to spend all your time with a heater.  

Tourism in Barcelona is extremely high during the summer months. This is mostly due to people wanting to visit the beautiful beaches that it has to offer.

While it’s not a heavy coat season during this time, beaches are also abandoned due to the cold. But if you don’t mind a little chill, then you can still go swimming early! 

The average daily high in Barcelona during October is of 22°C or 72°F. Whereas the average daily law is 11°C or 51°F.

If you’re looking to swim, then the average sea temperature can be approximately 22°C. Barcelona also has a daily sunshine for about eight hours. 

So you shouldn’t worry about not getting the sun, because there will be plenty of sunny days.

Although it should be noted that the weather in Barcelona, especially during October, is very unpredictable. 

The early parts of October can be considered summer. Whereas, October is the wettest month with a 30% chance of precipitation on any day. 

It has 10 days of rain so you should expect moderate showers at any time during your trip this month.

What to wear for daytime activities in Barcelona?

When packing for Barcelona, it’s recommended to pack for flexibility. This means sunscreen, sunglasses, light layers which will help you with all kinds of temperatures.

As October is a month of rain, it’s better to pack an emergency umbrella which can save you from a possibly embarrassing situation. 

Daytime in Barcelona is amazing for sightseeing. This means that you will be visiting all the museums and famous landmarks. 

This will require you to walk a lot. Therefore, you must not forget to keep a good pair of walking shoes with you. 

As you’d spend the day exploring, you should dress in a more comfortable yet stylish manner. 

You can find yourself visiting tourist attractions, colorful neighborhoods, or even walking across La Rambla. 

By the time it’s afternoon, one can visit the trendy shops and bars located in the back alleys. The outfits you should keep should be classic, stylish, and high end European.

The daytime can be perfect for wearing colorful T-shirts or vibrant colors with bohemian accessories. Imagine the lovely pictures you can get in an outfit with amazing Barcelona backgrounds! 

You could also just stick to neutrals during the day. They would also pair well with the colorful streets of barcelona.

What to wear for nighttime activities in Barcelona?

The amazing locals as well as visiting Europeans aren’t afraid to flaunt their fabulous styles when heading out at night in Barcelona. Therefore, one should expect to dress a bit more formal in the evenings.

You could wear fancier pieces, jewelry, and make up when heading out at night.

If you’ve got space, then you should also pack a few glamorous accessories and dressier pairs of shoes like heels. This would pair really well with your more fancier outfits during the trip. 

For dinner you can visit five star restaurants or high end hotels in Barcelona. The food as well as ambience tends to be amazing!

The type of dresses one should wear during the evening for fancier places should be a little bit electric and spicy.

However, don’t forget that the evenings and nights tend to be a bit chilly. Therefore, you must remember to keep a light jacket or a sweater to help keep you warm. 

You could also go for warmer options during the night time such as long sleeved tops and cardigans.

A little tip is to avoid wearing shorts in Barcelona, even during the day! This is because Spaniards tend to dress up more than Americans or Brits. 

Even for informal occasions, like shopping! The reason being that shorts are considered as a highly informal attire in the eyes of Spanish people. 

Therefore, a nice pair of jeans can help you avoid getting judged.

Other things you should pack for an October holiday in Barcelona:

  • Colorful T-Shirts
  • Light Jacket/ sweater
  • Sunglasses
  • Pair of long jeans
  • Walking shoes 
  • Charging accessories 
  • Toiletries

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, October might be an amazing time to visit Barcelona! This is because it’ll be less crowded and the heat waves would’ve passed by then. 

One can enjoy the warm, sunny days as well as the cold, chilly nights during this time in Barcelona. You could pack vibrant colorful dresses for the day and fancier but warmer options for the night.

I hope this article answered all your queries regarding weather and dressing in Barcelona during October!