Ever been in a situation where your shorts ended way too high on your legs and had everything falling out?

Or perhaps it was the other way around where they were just too big, that it was just sad.

Oh well, let me tell you this. It’s not the end of the world.

There are a couple of tips that you can take heed of to fix shorts that you got through unwise judgment.

Because that’s the biggest fashion fallacy you could commit; wear shorts that are not true to your size.

What To Do With Shorts That Are Too Short For You?

Well, first you’ve got to determine how short is too short.

Are they even short enough or are you just getting insecure?

There isn’t much difference in the limitations for how short is too short, among men and women.

The general rule applies to the comfort level of any individual.

However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before buying short shorts.

How To Check If Your Shorts Are Too Short?

The length of short shorts can make the difference between looking sexy, to someone who’s just trying too damn hard.

Here are a few indicators that might signal a big no when it comes to short shorts:

  • It exposes your thighs more than it covers
  • They ride up your legs and expose your underwear,
  • They look more like underwear than shorts

When you’re buying short shorts, make sure that you don’t exceed the 3-4 inch limit above your mid-thigh.

This is the perfect length that maintains the difference between looking sexy and trashy.

You can go shorter with running or sports shorts, but make sure to try them on first.

Bend over, squat, and do all sorts of checks before taking them home.

This will prevent you from future mortification and inevitable regret after buying shorts that are too short for you.

How To Fix Shorts That Are Too Short For you?

It’s time to put your creativity into action and fix your short shorts, while adding a little bling!

Lace it up

What you’ll need:

  • Shorts that are too short for you
  • An older pair of shorts you want to get rid of
  • Your sewing kit
  • A cute lace


  1. Cut out an extension of the length of your old jeans, according to the length you want to add to your short shorts
  2. Turn the shorts you want to lengthen, inside out and undo the seams at the end of the shorts
  3. Undo the seams on either sides of the cutout section from your old jean and place them on your short shorts
  4. Match the ends and run a straight stitch on the overlap, and secure the fitting on the extension in line with that of the original shirt
  5. Turn the shorts over in the correct way out and cover the stitch with a lace, for a seamless look

This is the perfect way to add length to your shorts as well as customize them using your creativity.

Fray The Ends

This method doesn’t require as much talent with a needle and thread as the previous one, and is a perfect way to keep in sync with today’s trend.

How to fray your shorts:

  1. Open the seams of your shorts
  2. Pick at the ends using a pair of tweezers
  3. Use a sandpaper or razor to further fray and distress your shorts

Fraying shorts will not only add much-needed length to your shorts but also make them more tuned in to the current fashion trends.

What to do if your shorts are too long?

If your shorts end way below your mid-thigh, then you’re not wearing shorts, my friend. You are wearing an outgrown version of your favorite childhood jeans.

The term “shorts that are too long for you” does not only apply to length, but also the overall fitting of the short.

While in-depth cuts are generally of a looser fitting around the thighs, shorts are considered to be loose if they do not have a proper fitting and sag around your bottom.

Perhaps the biggest fashion catastrophe is to wear baggy shorts unless they are meant to be baggy, for example, cargo shorts.

So, what to do if you find yourself facing this situation?

How Do You Fix Shorts That Are Too Long For You?

It’s quite simple really.

You can employ a few temporary methods as well as more permanent ones, depending on your choice.

Fold The Ends

This hack is more useful for shorts that have a looser fitting and are more suited to in depth cuts.

Fold the ends once or twice to adjust the length of your shorts. You can also do the same with the hem if you are wearing a shirt long enough to cover it .

Cut It Short

Perhaps the most obvious technique but can be quite risky if you do not know what you’re dealing with.

  • Fold the shorts so one side is completely overlapping the other, to ensure an even cut
  • Measure the length of your shorts and mark the length that you want to eliminate keeping an extra inch for later use
  • Using a pair of seamstress scissors cut off the extra length
  • Fold the ends once or twice and run a straight stitch over the fold

You don’t need to keep the extra inch if you want to fray the ends.

You can even go for an in-depth cut in shorts for a more flattering look.


Shorts can shrink or loosen up over time, depending on the denim used to make them, as well as the way you keep them.

Its length can also vary with your body changes, getting shorter if you have put on some weight or lengthening if you’ve lost some.

Since shorts aren’t confined to certain body types so make sure to love yourself in whatever form you are in. Just follow the advice above to boost your confidence in whatever shorts you choose to wear, since there is a variety of shorts to choose from.




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