Acrylic nails don’t just look fabulous; they save you the hassle of getting a manicure for weeks.

But, sometimes, your acrylics don’t turn out to be how you imagined by either ending up too long or too short.

While you always have the option to get professional services to get them fixed, you may not necessarily have the budget for it.

That’s when DIY tips and tricks come in handy.

Fret not! I will show you the easiest and most inexpensive methods for fixing these issues with professional quality results.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin!

How to Shorten Extra-Long Acrylic Nails?

If your newly acquired acrylic nails are too long for your liking, you can trim them down to your desired length.

However, trimming acrylic nails is quite tricky, and one wrong move can cause trauma to your actual nail.

Here is the proper way to successfully shorten your acrylics.

  • Clip the Acrylics

Clip the acrylic nails using a large-sized clipper. Whatever you do, do not use scissors as they can distort the shape of your nails.

If you don’t want to significantly shorten your nails, you don’t have to clip them. You can get your desired length by just filing them.

However, if you want to remove a considerable length, clipping is the way. Start by clipping from one corner, moving to the center, and then to the other corner. Repeat the process with all the nails.

To prevent any cracks or splitting, clip small chunks of nails at a time. If you cut big pieces altogether, you may end up with diagonal splits in your nails that won’t just look ugly but could also result in bleeding.

Also, make sure to not cut through the natural curves of your nails.

  • Smooth Out the Edges

At this point, your nails will likely have very sharp and jagged edges, which need to be fixed. So, it’s time to file your nails to give them a proper shape.

While there are many types of nail files you can use, for best results, it is recommended to use a thin file. If you don’t know which one to choose, just go for a glass file. You can get it for a meager price, and it’s highly efficient at its job.

Once you have picked the file, gently run it along the edges to smooth out all the irregularities. For an even smoother finish, run it diagonally over the edges.

Just ensure not to excessively file any nail, or it will end up smaller than the rest.

  • Polish the Nails

Now, it’s time to clean up the nails and put nail polish on them to give a finished look. But, before applying the polish, you must wash off all the dust gathered on your nails from all the filing.

After that, gently pat your nails dry and carefully apply a nail varnish that matches the rest of your acrylics.

For quickly setting the nail polish, dip your nails in the ice-cold water followed by blow-drying them, and you are done.

How to Lengthen Acrylic Nails That Are Too Short?

On the other extreme, if your acrylic nails are too short and you want to add some length to them, you will have to sculpt them using forms.

You can do so at home, but you will need proper tools.

I will talk you through the entire process of how you can do it.

  • Purchase the Supplies

First, you must have the necessary supplies to sculpt your nails. You can buy a whole DIY acrylic nails kit or separate tools, whatever works best for you.

If you are a first-timer, I’d strongly suggest getting a kit because it already contains everything needed to get the job done. Plus, you can reserve it for doing your full nails later on.

The biggest advantage of a DIY kit is that it already comes with instructions that make the process a lot easier.

  • Put on the Form and Decide the Additional Length

Place a form beneath your too-short acrylic nail. You may have noticed that form comes with measurements that help you decide the length of your acrylics.

Once you have decided the length, properly wrap the form around your finger and ensure it is touching the base of your nail.

  • Apply the Acrylic mixture

The next step is to put on the acrylic mixture. You can do so by dipping your applicator brush in the monomer and then dipping it into the clear powder. As a result, you will get an acrylic blob.

To avoid the acrylic getting too runny or too dry, gently tap the brush after dipping it into the monomer.

Now, put this mixture on your nail tip to the point you want to extend it.

Make sure to gently dab the mixture to smoothly incorporate it into the already sculpted nail and even out all the edges.

Keep wiping your brush on a paper towel after every stroke to prevent any clumps.

Repeat the procedure with the rest of the nails and try not to go overboard with the mixture application.

For best results, keep the layer thin and identical to the existing nail.

  • Wait for Acrylic to dry

Acrylic tends to set rather quickly in hot temperatures. So, be mindful of the temperature during the application.

Best apply it in a cool area so it doesn’t start setting during the application.

However, once you are done applying, you’d want it to dry quickly, so you should move to a warmer room.

It wouldn’t take more than ten minutes for it to completely set.

To check if it’s fully dry, gently tap on your nails. If they make a ticking sound, you can move on to the last step.

  • Give the Finishing Touches

Once applied and set, it’s time to give final touches to your nail extensions.

Luckily, you will not have to do a lot here because, other than the tips, your nails are already shaped and buffed.

Just take a nail file and smooth out all the rough edges around the tip to give your nails a salon-like look.

Now go on and enjoy your extended acrylics to your heartiest desire.



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