True miracle diamonds are essentially lab-grown diamonds that are framed and various fractals are included to focus on a single, to give them an illusion of a larger stone.

They are much cheaper than natural diamonds and can be bought at much lower prices at department stores like Macy’s

They have a large variety and many jewelers are now selling them, big names which include Orro, Carat, and Innocent Stone.

The true miracle diamonds industry has considerably expanded over the years due to their demand.

Credit might go to their fancy appearance and their attractive prices, which can instantly make you roll over and buy them since they are much cheaper than expensive mined diamonds, but are they even real?

Are True Miracles Real Diamonds?

Well, if you consider real diamonds to be the only ones that have been taken out of the mine, then sure. True Miracle diamonds are not real, fake as can be.

However, you’d want to consider a few factors before drawing a conclusion.

Conditions They Are Made In 

Did you know they are made under highly monitored lab conditions where the pressure and temperature in which they are synthesized imitate the natural environment in which they are formed?

This concludes their sturdy structure and great shine. Their chemical structure is also similar to that of mined diamonds pertaining to their strength and durability. 

Difference Between Natural Diamond And True Miracle 

One major difference between true miracle diamonds and mined ones is that synthetic ones have some kind of metal input in them, which can only be deciphered by a gemologist or jewelry expert. 

A real diamond will also have a yellow tinge to them because of the high amount of nitrogen that may be present in its structure when grown in a natural environment. 

A true miracle may be missing this tinge and give you a tell-tale sign of whether it’s real or fake.

How To Figure It Out

If you’re having trouble figuring out whether or not the diamond you bought is real or fake and it’s bothering you then it’s best to get it checked by a gem or jewelry expert. 

However, to the naked eye, a true miracle diamond is just as good as a real one and lasts just as long as one, so you don’t really have much to worry about.

Do True Miracle Diamonds Have Resale Value?

Since diamond prices are running low these days, there is a high chance that you might sell it at a price lower than you originally bought it. 

This is because most of the shop dealers sell them by putting heavy markups on their pieces of jewelry which often results in a reduction of their resale price, often to the disappointment of the wearer.

However, there are a few things you can keep in mind before purchasing a diamond and preventing cut-downs on your resale costs.

Go For A Bigger Piece

It’s better to go for a bigger one-piece true miracle diamond, rather than multiple pieces placed together. 

This is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye of the beholder and is a testimony to its quality. 

The diamond would have to go through lesser cuts and processes to get into the shape it is, thus keeping flaws and imperfections to a minimum.

Buy from established stores 

You can also give it a go online since true miracle diamonds are sold at much closer values to their cost price than being bought at retail stores. 

This will save you money as well as give you a good chance of getting a good price when you think of selling it again.

Get A Diamond Test 

Most true miracle diamonds will pass a diamond test since they are made under similar conditions in labs as the natural environment they are formed in. 

However, this depends on the quality of the true miracle diamond, leading to the retailer you bought it from, which is why buying from a certified leading store is important to avoid any frauds. 

Are Trumiracle Diamonds Synthetic?

True miracle diamonds are harvested under lab monitored conditions that make them very similar to those of real diamonds. 

Like natural diamonds, they vary in structure, form and size, because of the conditions they are formed in. 

They can be of high and low quality according to the conditions they are synthesized in but generally, they have high durability and can endure high pressures just like a natural diamond. 

However it is important to take note of the tips mentioned earlier to ensure the quality of your diamond and avoid any heartbreak that comes with it.


The next time you see a diamond jewelry piece being sold at half the price it would normally be, don’t get surprised.

True miracle diamonds shine and sparkle the same way a natural diamond does, and  saves you 30% of the money you’d pay in getting a natural diamond.