Are you the victim of a growth spurt, or is it just that the jeans you bought turned out to be short or long?

Don’t fuss over it; here in this guide, we’ve laid down a solution to this problem.

You’re not supposed to go anywhere, you can lengthen or shorten your jeans right in the comfort of your home.

Fashion evolves over time, and our focal point isn’t how trendy or in a particular style is.

All we would be centering our attention on is documenting how you can get it done by yourself without having to hire an expert.

Your outfit speaks for your personality. 

Put in everything you’ve got, and make the best possible effort to leave your mark.

That only is possible if what you’re wearing is in symmetry.

In this guide, we’ve done our best to comprehensively cover all the essential methodologies you can conveniently opt for and get away with the task at your disposal.

The first line of defense against short or long jeans is pretty straightforward. It doesn’t demand much attention to detail.

All you gotta do is react at the right time.

When you receive your order, make sure you wear it right away.

Because there’s a standard time set by the companies during which you’re asked to return if you’re unsatisfied with the product.

This may solve your problem straight away.

Either way, you’ll end up using these methods.

There is more than one way to go about lengthening or shortening the pair of jeans.

Read them all and then optimize as per your convenience.

There’s no right or wrong way. Our guide serves to present a basic idea of how things work!

Diving right in.

Here are the practices we have devised for our readers to lengthen their jeans

Method 1

Do you have a basin at your home?

If not, a tub would work too. It must have enough room to keep your pants in comfortably.

The general rule is to have at least 2x the space you’d want for a pair of jeans. It’s because your task is to soak your jeans fully into the water.

And sometimes, it gets congested in there; thus, ensure you’ve double the space required initially.

  • Fill the tub with warm water.
  • Add in shampoo.

A combo of warm water and shampoo will soften the fabric and loosen the material. The primary objective behind doing this is to stretch the jeans.

Let it stay in the water for at least half an hour. Ensure the jeans don’t come floating out on the water’s surface.

Put a weight over it if that’s the case.

It should fully be soaked in and none of its fiber should be water-free. Only then would it make a difference.

After it’s done, get it out of the water and lay it down on the floor or any flat surface. Don’t just squeeze to drain water out of jeans.

But gently roll a towel over the surface to let it evenly release water.

  • Now when the jeans is kinda dampen and smooth, stretch them with either the pins or with your fingers. One thing we highly stress is to ensure that you stretch both legs of the jeans. Otherwise, you’ll end up having an imbalance in your pair.

Method 2

  • Play with the hem

You can get a couple of inches out of rolled hem at the bottom of your jeans. This does work if you’re not really into putting that much effort.

  • Simply get a pair of scissors and cut down the rolled hem. It’ll definitely increase by some inches.

But the only issue we’ve seen popping up is the fraying at the edges.

This kills the look, so to cater to this, we recommend getting it sewn by a professional.

It won’t cost much compared to the damage you could possibly do if you tried to do it on your own.

  • Sew a fabric at the bottom of the jeans or in the middle of the leg.

Here’s how you can shorten the length of the jeans

If it’s too long, it’s a real mess.

Not just for the style but the jeans itself, it’ll drag on the floor and cut down its life by a couple of months or maybe years which obviously depends on a number of other factors.

Well, if it’s just a couple of inches.

There’s nothing you’ve got to do specifically. You can just roll it at the bottom and it’ll be good to go.

But again, not many are comfortable with the rolled-bottom jeans, so you gotta opt for other ways to fix this issue.

Another simple way to tackle this challenge is to wear your pants slightly above the point you normally set it at.

  • Use a shrinking method
  • Here in this method, you should run your jeans through warm water and let it shrink. It goes as you should wash with the hot temperature. Use the highest possible setting on the washing machine.

If it isn’t an option, use boiled water. It would definitely be an added work, but it’s worth the effort.

  • Let it soak in hot water.
  • After half an hour, let it dry in the open air.

Your jeans will automatically shrink.

This will help you deal with the problem coming off a long pair of jeans.

This pretty much sums it all up. If you still are left with any inquiries, we’re open to that. Leave a comment and give us a chance to clear any doubts if left.



Kristen Cavanaugh is a fashion author and blogger; she has been preparing fashion articles for different magazines over the years and apart from writing about contemporary fashion, Kristen also runs a clothing store that offers massive discounts on Name brands. She does agree that there is a big problem with how people dress, as people simply don’t know how to pair clothes to achieve the perfect look. According to Kristen putting on the right kinds of clothes will not only boost your confidence but will also enhance your personality, and for people to achieve the above they need information, the reason why she came up with the extensive and comprehensive excerpts on the different aspects as concerns fashion.