When it comes to purchasing or examining jewelry pieces, one may notice various markings on the items. These markings often indicate important information about the piece, such as the manufacturer, metals, designer, and carat weights. In fact, these markings can provide valuable clues about the history and value of the jewelry.

One such marking that may leave individuals puzzled is the silver mark “925 FAS” found on gold jewelry. In this article, we will explore the meaning and significance of this specific marking and why gold jewelry is often stamped with a silver mark.

Key Takeaways

  • Jewelry markings provide important information about the piece’s history and value.
  • The “925 FAS” silver mark found on gold jewelry has a specific meaning.
  • Stamping gold jewelry with a silver mark is a common practice.

What is the FAS Mark on Jewelry?

The FAS mark on jewelry is a small hallmark that is often stamped on sterling silver jewelry to indicate its authenticity. This mark stands for Fused Alloy Silver, which means that the particular piece of sterling silver jewelry has been infused with an alloy. The FAS mark is also labeled as 925, which is another indication that the jewelry is made of sterling silver.

Aside from representing the type of silver used in the jewelry, the FAS mark also stands for a company that used to create and design silver jewelry, known as Fantastic Antique Silver. Although this company no longer exists, its jewelry is still sold by various vendors across the globe, including China, Italy, and Thailand.

It is important to note that if the FAS hallmark is marked on jewelry that is not necessarily antique, then it is most likely a direct reference to fused alloy silver. Therefore, when purchasing sterling silver jewelry, look for the FAS mark or 925 stamp to ensure its authenticity.

What is the Significance of the Silver Mark FAS?

The FAS stamp on silver jewelry indicates that the jewelry piece is made of 92.5% silver and the remaining percentage is a fused silver alloy. This composition is commonly known as Sterling Silver or 925 Silver. The stamp is an assurance of the jewelry’s quality and authenticity. The use of copper in the remaining percentage is to strengthen the silver. Compared to pure silver, the use of Sterling Silver ensures that the jewelry piece is durable and long-lasting. The FAS stamp is a recognized standard in the silver jewelry industry.

What Does 925 FAS Mean on Gold Jewelry?

The mark ‘925 FAS’ is commonly found on silver jewelry and indicates the silver content of the piece. It is important to note that this mark does not refer to the gold content of the jewelry. Jewelry pieces marked with ‘925’ are not made of solid gold. Instead, this mark is used on 925 Silver Jewelry, which contains 92.5% silver and the remaining 7.5% is made up of other elements, which may include gold. Therefore, if you come across a piece of jewelry marked with ‘925 FAS’, it is safe to assume that it is made of silver, not gold.

Why Stamp Gold Jewelry with a Silver Mark?

It is not uncommon to come across a gold piece of jewelry with a silver mark, leaving you wondering why it is there. The reason behind this is to distinguish ornaments that are not actually made of gold. It is a solid indicator that the specific jewelry piece is, in fact, a silver piece that is gold plated.

The 925 number that is often seen on gold jewelry stamped with a silver mark denotes the purity of the underlying silver core but does not represent the purity level of the thin gold layer added to the piece. This stamp is usually engraved on Gold Vermeil, which is considered to be the best quality jewelry that you can find as an alternative to purchasing expensive solid gold.

If you have a gold piece in your jewelry collection box marked with a ‘925’ stamp, then you most definitely have gold vermeil, which is a great investment. In the United States, for any piece of jewelry to be sold as gold vermeil, its gold plating would need to contain about 42 percent of Gold or at least at 10 karats. Additionally, it would need to have a thickness of about 2.5 microns. However, this standard may differ across different countries.

In summary, stamping gold jewelry with a silver mark is a common practice to indicate that the piece is actually silver with a thin layer of gold plating. It is important to understand the purity level and thickness of the gold plating to determine the quality of the piece.


In summary, to determine if the 925 stamp on a jewelry piece indicates that it is gold plated, one should look for any additional stamps that may be engraved on the piece. It is important to note that the presence of a 925 stamp does not necessarily guarantee that the piece is gold plated. As a fashion jewelry manufacturer and metal expert, Tiger provides valuable information for those interested in jewelry metals. For more helpful posts on jewelry metals, readers can visit Tiger’s page.