A good pair of pants has the ability to make your outfit shine.

But, sometimes you are stuck with too short or too long pants that you cannot use.

While alterations can be done, not everybody has the time, energy, or supplies to do them.

Not to mention, not everybody is that crafty.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should give up on your pants because there are several ways you can style them to look good.

Keep reading to find them out.

How to Style Pants That Are Too Short?

If your pants are too short, here are all the ways to turn them into a striking outfit.

  • Choose the Right Top

Your selection of tops can either make or break your look. If your pants are too short, not every style of the top will go well with them.

For starters, pick the tops that enhance the curve of your body. This will aid in evening out your frame by pushing up your height.

Plus, it will give you a very voguish look.

Short pants also look stellar with long shirts that have a flare at the bottom, such as peplums.

Flared tops with short pants also make for a very comfy combo. Conversely, you can wear a short crop top for a cuter look.

Another great option is to go for a ruffled top.

It looks very chic and formal at the same time.

You can wear this combination to your formal events without looking boring.

Colorful and printed tops also go well with short pants.

You just need to pick the suitable print. As a rule of thumb, basic prints like polka dots suit any kind of pants.

  • Accessorize

Once you have selected the top, it is crucial to pick the right accessories that complement your overall look.

However, while choosing the accessories, make sure not to go overboard and pick something that looks both decent and nice.

You wouldn’t want to look like a chandelier now, would you?

The best is to mix and match pastel and vibrant accessories for a perfect combination.

Some accessories that can really jazz up your look include sunglasses, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, belts, and clutches.

If you have tanned and oxidized metallic accessories, you don’t have to pick anything else, as they work with every outfit.

  • Wear Heels

Short pants go remarkably well with high heels.

Since short pants can make your legs seem short, high heels can balance out this problem.

So, never wear flat shoes with short pants, especially if you are already short-heighted.

You can choose different styles of heels, depending on your preference and your pants’ style.

Usually, pencil and platform heels look the best.

You can also go for block heels, wedges, and high-rise boots.

Do not go for shoes with straps, as they tend to weaken the elongating effect.

If you are a tall girl, you can get away with straps, but if you are short, you should avoid straps altogether.

  • Loosely Tuck in your Shirt

You can loosely tuck your shirt in if you want to kick your style up a notch. This tiny action will suddenly transform you from looking casual to highly dressed up.

However, for this style, you need to pick a slightly formal-looking top with enough length to be pushed inside.

How to Style Pants That Are Too Long?

If your pants are too long, there are ways to both shorten them and style them. Here’s what you can do with your long pants.

  • Shorten Length without Sewing

Before trying to style your extra-long pants, there are ways you can shorten them without cutting or sewing.

The easiest and most common way is to fold your pants inside to the length you want.

To keep the fold in place, you can iron it to form creases. You can also use a hem tape to secure the fold.

Secondly, you can use a rubber band or headband to tuck the extra length beneath it. You can also create a cuff by rolling up your pants to the outside.

Lastly, you can try shrinking them. A lot of new pants can shrink after the first wash. But, you need to have the proper water temperature to do so.

For most shrinkage, don’t just wash your pants once.

Instead, run them through the washing machine a few times using scalding water and tumble dry every time.

This will result in shrinking your pants to some extent.

  • Wear your Pants High

If you don’t want to shorten your pants’ length and wear them as is, you can follow some tips to make them look gorgeous.

To avoid your too-long pants from mopping the floor, wear them higher up your abdomen.

Some pants sit on your waistline while others, below the waist. Either way, to style longer pants, you should wear them as high as possible. Use a belt if required.

If your pants are only a couple of inches long, you can raise them equal inches to make them appear shorter.

Not only would wearing them above the waistline solve your problem, but it will also make you look stylish as high waist pants are almost always in trend.

  • Overlay your Pants on your Shoes

If you want a way to style your pants that doesn’t affect their length, you can leave them hanging on top of your shoes.

For this, you will need to wear heels, not necessarily high heels, but long enough to not let your pants touch the floor.

However, you can also wear other shoes, such as boots, sneakers, or loafers. It eventually comes down to your preference and comfort.

Some long pants are already designed to be worn over shoes, especially flared ones. However, you can wear straight-cut pants this way as well. Just go for a pair of shoes that goes well with those pants.

  • Go Homochromous

Lastly, pick a tunic and shoes the same shade as your pants. One can never go wrong with the monochromatic look.



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