Patches are a great way to add uniqueness to your style.

These embroidered patches are a quirky addition to casual outfits which enable you to express your personality through the outlook of your clothing.

They are a great way to express individuality and empower signs that you stand with, such as Girl Power and/or LGBTQ community flag.

Patches have climbed to luxury fashion, such as Ralph Lauren and FDMTL.

They became a statement in fashion, marking street style and casual wear as their territory.

Embroidered patches have historical relevance, as military officers used them for personnel identification.

They hold significant historical ground as patches were revived by people protesting the Vietnam War in the 70s and 80s.

This article dives deep into the prospect of patches and what jackets are the best candidates for putting patches on.

Where can you get custom patches?

There are many websites that offer custom patches, such as and You can create patches with a variety of designs and shapes.

These websites offer free design, online proofs, quick turnaround time, and free shipping. 

They make custom patches of all shapes and sizes at a very low price and the fastest speed.

The only thing you need to do is upload your own artwork and wait for your patches to arrive!

Which jackets are the best candidate to put patches on?

Patches are a refined way of fixing a distressed jacket suffering from regular wear and tear, such as holes.

They are not only trendsetters but a classic and ancient way of recycling jackets.

The best jacket for putting patches on is denim. Denim jackets are sturdier than their counterparts, such as bomber or leather jackets.

The sturdy cotton material withstands hot ironing necessary for iron patches, whereas the material is soft enough for sewable patches.

Since patches involve the process of either sewing or ironing, denim is preferred as it provides long-term attachment.

Furthermore, Levi’s classic jackets, Coach and Canvas work jackets are great options.

They are of excellent quality, which allows patches to be attached easily. Similarly, windbreaker jackets are also a staple for cities with hot weather.

However, ironing patches only work for specific materials.

Iron-on patches work best for shirts and jackets made from cotton, polyester or blends.

On the contrary, nylon or rayon clothes are not good candidates.

Similarly, Vinyl and leather are not suitable materials because they do not withstand heat well.

Therefore the best candidate which gives the best quality and longest wearability are denim jackets.

Can you iron on patches to bomber jackets?

One of the most remarkable dapper things you can do is add a patch to your bomber jacket!

You can iron patches on a bomber jacket; however, the intuitive process. Ironing patches is the simplest form of putting patches on a jacket.

This is because they only require a hot iron and a few minutes.

The science behind it is that the backside of the iron-on patch consists of a film of plastic that melts into glue when the iron hits the patch.

Furthermore, the patch gets stuck to the jacket when you let it dry.

This is where the fabric of the jacket matters, as the one which holds the patch properly will be able to pass the test of durability.

Fun Fact: The way you iron on a patch is similar to how you can repair a patch.

However, ironing a patch to a bomber jacket is tricky.

Whether your bomber jacket’s material consists of nylon, polyester, denim, leather or suede, there is always a way to put a patch on it, but silk jackets are not a good option– they are too delicate to handle that much heat.

Patched bomber jackets have been found in the corners of the most luxurious stores such as Gucci and Dolce Gabbana. They use patches as a way of amplifying their style.

Where should I put my patches?

Anywhere you like! But, if you want to properly place your patches to give your jacket a cool and chic look– keep on reading.

Patches can be placed anywhere, from jeans to shirts to dresses but what matters is the placement of these patches.

On a jacket, clear spaces are your best option. For instance, an average size patch will look unique right above the breast pocket.

Similarly, when ironed on the sleeves, a large patch or multiple patches will draw attention to you in a crowd. Areas around the jacket that are not caught up with pockets or lining are great places to add patches.

They can be added to the collars of the jackets to give a more aviator look or on the breast pockets as well.

Another place to put patches is on the shoulder pads of your jackets, which amplify the look. They also look super chic on the back.

Patches also look chic on jeans, specifically on the thighs and the side pockets. This elevates the look and creates a unique style for the individual.

However, it all comes down to where you want to put the patch!

Where should I put my iron patches?

Across the existence of all types of patches, Iron patches have also outshined them due to their availability and cost-effectiveness. They are an inexpensive way to project a bold idea or reinvent a piece of clothing.

Iron-on patches can be placed anywhere from denim to phone cases. They are easier to use and more effectively placed without any room for error.

They can be placed on denim jeans and jackets, even on overalls. They are easily placed on backpacks and ironed on tees as well. They are also a great way of recreating your old phone cases.


In a nutshell, patches are a great way of reinventing or recreating urban ideas with bold ideologies representing individuality. They are easy to use and creative to incorporate your sense of style within the basic, everyday outfit.



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