Birkenstocks are a type of sandals or shoes that are either made of suede or leather.

This footwear is noteworthy because of its contoured cork footbeds.

These footbeds are made from either suede or jute.

Birkenstocks are considered great for people who have foot problems.

They are listed as one of the best solutions for orthopedic problems of the foot.

Their footbed is contoured, meaning that it is molded to form the shape of a conventional normal foot.

This makes it easier for your foot to relax on the molded arched design.

They are purposefully designed in that manner to fit the natural shape of your sole.

When you wear Birkenstocks, you will notice how the sandal helps your foot grip it as if you were wearing a closed shoe.

Which Birkenstocks Material is the Best?

Unarguably, leather is the best material for Birkenstocks.

Due to its rigid and tough nature, leather is the best sustainable option to make Birkenstock.

It can stand the toughness of time and is proven to be the best material for a durable sandal.

Birkenstocks are made of pure leather because no matter how roughly you use them, they can withstand all sorts of twists and turns and still be the same tough sandal!

Another great quality of natural leather is that the footwear made out of it is quite breathable and extremely soft.

And the most appealing quality one looks for in a sandal to wear daily is how pleasant it is on the feet.

Contrary to the basic material of the sandal, suede is also incorporated into the footbed. Suede is made by buffing the flesh portion of the leather.

The top layer of the footbed is made out of suede. It provides a flexible lining along with breathable nesting material for your foot.

Are Suede Birkenstocks Comfortable?

As per the reviews gathered off of the internet, suede Birkenstocks are highly recommended by a lot of people.

They claim that suede ones are more comfortable, and contrary to popular opinion, they do not fade or tear apart easily.

It all comes down to how well you maintain your pair of sandals.

If you store them in the right place and use a stain protector on the sandals, they will last longer.

On one side, the suede Birkenstocks are more comfortable and even better looking than the leather ones.

But people claim that the leather ones still last much longer than the suede ones.

Now, if you are someone who believes they can protect their sandals from rough use, you can surely invest in the suede Birkenstocks.

Do Suede Birkenstocks Stretch Out?

Again, as mentioned above, it all depends on how well you maintain and use your sandals.

Leather is definitely more durable when compared to suede, but in terms of comfortableness, suede wins the game.

Compared to the leather Birkenstocks, the suede ones are bound to tear at corners after some time.

This is because suede is made from buffing out leather’s fleshy parts. It can never be as rigid and as tough as the original pure leather itself.

While the suede ones may not be as good as the original ones, they will last longer than a few years with you. You may see little tears around the corners, but nothing in the initial months of wearing them.

So you can purchase them without already worrying that they might be of no use.

If your sole unravels or wears out, look for a shoe cobbler in your area who can substitute the sole for you.

Then you will not lose that wearing in, and you will have your Birkenstocks for a minimum of one or two seasons!

Can you Wear Suede Birkenstocks in the Summer?

Birkenstocks take a while to wear on your foot. But they are the best sandals you can get for the hot and humid summer season.

Once you are set in your sandals, you can last the whole day in them without worrying about any pain in your foot.

They are great footwear in terms of longevity. Thus, you can wear your suede Birkenstocks in summer. If you wear that the sweaty weather can damage the suede, you can always shift to the leather ones.

To wear your Birkenstocks throughout the summer season, you need to make sure that the straps are tight enough to support your foot completely.

For this, you might even need to replace your straps if they get worn out.

Are Birkenstocks Good for People with Flat Feet?

Birkenstocks are great for all seasons and all feet. They are especially helpful for people with flat feet, as the arch of the sandal helps their feet mimic the natural arch that they are missing.

Apart from conventional shoes, the molded arch on the Birkenstocks greatly helps people with flat feet retain the arch of the sole.

So yes, Birkenstocks are great for people with flat feet!


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