If you are somebody who likes to carry their whole wardrobe in their bag and still does not own a tote bag, you are missing out big time!

Tote Bags were introduced in 1944 by L.L.Bean to carry ice from one place to another.

The bag has, however, evolved significantly since then and is now one of the most sought-after and collected accessories in the world.

With canvas, the tote bag did not fit the image of a high-end fashion product. Hence, the need for more luxe materials ensued.

The luxury tote bags that we now see are made up of materials like leather, cotton, velvet, etc.

Luxury tote bags offer utility without compromising on fashion and style.

When celebrities, influencers, and supermodels alike are roaming around the streets making a statement with their gigantic bags, it is impossible not to jump on the bandwagon.

Since designer bags are considered an investment, finding the right one can be daunting!

So here is a list of the ten most expensive tote bags from different brands you should check out.

Sac De Jour, Saint Laurent

This Saint Laurent’s signature leather tote bag is considered one of the most expensive bags in the world, with varying costs that go up to a whopping $34,000, depending on the size and color.

SDJ is a rectangular bag adorned with bronze-colored hardware and has the potential to make you stand out wherever you go.

It was created in 2013 by Hedi Slimane, the then-Creative Director of Saint Laurent.

Sac De Jour has a timeless appeal with its chic yet practical design.

It is made up of 100% calfskin leather with compression tabs on each side and features a lock in a detachable leather case.

It is available in multiple sizes and colors.

This bag is definitely a classic considering its undying popularity even after ten years of its release.

SDJ collection is available on Saint Laurent’s online store, follow this link to the their website

Birkin 40 Tote Bag, Hermés

Birkin bags are not just a status symbol. They are also an investment.

Laden with luxury, the Birkin bag is one of the most sought-after pieces of accessories for the rich.

Birkin 40 tote bag is super spacious, elegant yet sporty with rounded top handles.

It is made up of Togo leather and adorned with gold-toned hardware.

It is extremely difficult to get your hands on an Hermés bag. You have to be exceptionally lucky, super-rich, and influential enough to get one of these beauties.

Resale of the bags is one of the easier options through which it can be acquired.

It is the perfect accessory that will get you through a busy day and is currently being sold for $26,879 on Farfetch.

If you want to buy this product, follow this link to their website

Double Sens 36, Hermés

DS looks super casual yet elegant with its minimalist design.

It is stylish, lightweight, and can hold all your necessities with ease.

Hermés Double Sens bag has a slouchy shape with long, parallel straps and the logo discreetly placed inside the bag.

The best part? It is reversible and available in many different colour combinations.

It uses a variety of materials such as Sikkim calfskin and Clemence for casual use and crocodile versions for a more exclusive experience.

This Hermés tote bag being sold at $25,679, is of the highest quality, possesses a great design, and is exceptionally roomy.

It’s a win-win in terms of both fashion and functionality.

If you want to shop for this product, check out this website

Burned Holes Monogram Tote Bag, Louis Vuitton

This expensive $20,987 Louis Vuitton bag was released in collaboration with Comme des Garçons, a luxury brand based in Tokyo and Paris.

It is a brown and beige leather bag with cut-out detailing.

The bag has a classic LV monogram pattern, but what sets it apart are the three large-sized holes burned right into the centre of the bag.

From a practical point of view, it may seem outlandish and insensible, but what’s that when it comes to fashion?

The bag has an idiosyncratic appeal and is bound to make you stand out.

Plus, it does come with a pouch bag inside to keep your belongings from falling out, so the impracticality also goes out of the window.

An interesting fact about this bag is that it is pre-owned and is an attempt to perpetuate the idea of making planet-friendly choices.

Click on this link to shop for this bag.

Black Jet Tote, Lana Marks

The XL Black Jet Tote costs $18,775 and is the most expensive bag from the Jet Tote collection.

It has black alligator skin with a single zippered compartment containing multiple pockets inside.

The bag has a minimalist design with simple gold details, which gives it a sleek look.

It has a lot of room to carry stuff which can make it an ideal travel companion.

The Black Jet Tote is a classy blend of fashion and practicality.

It is specially designed to meet your travel needs, so if you are a globe-trotter with a love for fashion, you will not find a better option!

You can shop for this bag through the following link

Positano Tote Bags, Lana Marks

These bags are a true personification of class and style.

Even though it’s priced at a whopping $14,500 the bags are definitely worth an investment.

The Positano collection comprises bags carefully crafted with exotic skins. These bags are especially perfect for the holiday season with their vivacious colors and golden hardware details.

There is no doubt about the fact that these bags will be able to stand the test of time and will remain stylish as well as classy for years to come.

You can shop for this collection at Lana Marks’ official website.

Book Tote, Dior

Dior’s book tote bags are headline makers.

They became an instant favorite when they debuted on the runway back in 2018.

The book tote bag has a rectangular shape with an oblique monogram canvas and the ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR’ label on the front. It comes in multiple color combinations, patterns, and sizes.

The bag can be styled with different outfits and is perfect for daily use and travel.

The book tote bag’s price ranges from around $3000 to $7000 and is a masterclass in pure creativity combined with delicate craftsmanship.

To shop for this product, check out their website

Chanel 22

Chanel has officially tapped into the big bag trend with the Chanel 22 tote bag.

This bag maintains a casual yet classy demeanor with its soft and supple quilted leather structure, gold metal chain strap interlocked with a ‘CHANEL PARIS’ medallion, and the brand’s label emblazoned on the front.

Chanel 22 is spacious and comes with a removable pouch.

It is available in multiple colors, from cute pastel pink to a fun lavender, and more sophisticated options such as black and white.

This must-have Chanel accessory ranges from around $5,000 to $6,000.

Follow this link to Chanel’s website if you want to purchase this bag.

On My Side MM, Louis Vuitton

This bag will cost you $5,200, but it will easily be one of the best purchases you have made.

The On My Side MM Louis Vuitton bag is made up of grained calf leather and shearling, which gives it a luxurious yet comfortable look.

The bag has four pockets on the outside, zipped pockets, and a closure system with a lock.

It also has a removable strap along with sturdy parallel handles.

The Louis Vuitton label is on the front, and the sides have a monogram tufting to give it the signature LV look.

It has a classic shape that will never go out of fashion and is a practical size.

This bag is perfect if you want to carry something cute but sophisticated.

Check out this bag on LV’s website.

Fendace Sunshine Tote Bag, Versace/Fendi

This bag is a collaboration between Fendi and Versace and is part of the Fendi By Versace Capsule Collection which features classic silhouettes from both fashion houses.

The bag is a reimagined version of the Fendi bag by Donatella Versace.

The bag features a Fendi Roma logo embroidered in gold on the front.

It has a Fendace Gold Baroque canvas and jacquard sides printed with the FF logo along with the signature hinged top handles.

The outer side of the bag is made up of 50% cotton, 25% polyamide, and 25% polyurethane.

This Fendace bag stands out because of its iconic print, which is an amalgamation of designs from both Versace and Fendi.

Fendace bag is bound to make heads turn. It is one of those pieces of accessories that is stylish and fun without losing practicality. The bag is priced at $3,750.

Tote Bags are versatile accessories and are deemed as a perfect compromise for a practical woman because they are stylish, elegant, and extremely resilient.

It can definitely make it to the list of things you wouldn’t regret buying.

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