The Sun is one of the main reasons why there is life on Earth.

It provides the necessary warmth and light for the natural processes on Earth to occur in harmony.

However, the sun is also the one releasing harmful UV radiation, which proves to be harmful to the skin as well as to the eyes.

To protect our eyes, doctors often recommend wearing sunglasses when out in the sun.

With time, wearing sunglasses has not only been limited for its protection but is also being used as a fashion statement.

Good, stylish, and trendy sunglasses can literally elevate your outfit and give your face a new sophisticated kind of look.

As sunglasses have become an everyday essential, the pressure for good quality, stylish sunglasses is increasing day by day.

To facilitate retailers, we have combined a list of wholesaler designer sunglasses brands in Miami so that they may have a resource on hand.

Plus, this list can also help you know where to get the best quality at the best prices.

Neiman Marcus

At Neiman, you will find classic, stylish, trendy designer sunglasses from every brand.

From designer brands like Dior and Zimmermann to classic brands like Gucci and Saint Laurent to everyday wear brands like Oliver Peoples. You will find any and every band here.

From thick-rimmed to thin metal wire, classy cat-eye style to the metal aviator, you will find any style that you may like.

As the brands they offer are all high-end pricey, the products available are also at a high rate.

However, they do offer special discounts for bulk orders.

Check out their website:

Designer Eyes

Designer Eyes is a family-owned business with the most sophisticated selection of designer sunglasses. It is on the list of the most sophisticated business dealers in Miami.

The company is known for selling high-end brands like Dior, Balmain, Cartier, Tom Ford, and many more.

It is one of the authorized sellers of high-end brands in Miami.

Designer Eyes keeps updating its catalog and has the most recent eyepieces worn by celebrities and influencers.

This means that anyone who wants to stay on-trend with the latest styles can buy from this brand. The customer’s heart can be at peace knowing that this brand only sells the best quality.

As they are one of the high-end companies, their products are a bit pricey. Although, understandably, the brands they are selling are on the luxurious side, and luxury never comes cheap.

Check out their website:


To provide stylish designs with premium craftsmanship, Illesteva was launched in 2010.

They modernized the idea of a simple pair of glasses by perfecting their metal and acetate framework.

Their acetate products are known to be biodegradable, making them environmentally friendly.

The best part about Illesteva is that you will find a wide variety of sunglasses available, with no two frames being the same.

In accordance with their supreme quality and stylish frameworks, their prices are fairly low.

Check out their website:

Lexor Miami

Lexor is the authorized dealer of high-end brands like Prada, Gucci, Miu Miu, Tom Ford, and many more.

This means that their products come with the manufacturer’s guarantee and warranty.

They have a huge collection of sunglasses, from the trendy to the classic iconic.

They also offer free transport services for their customers in Miami, based on availability.

And the best part, they offer a free gift with a purchase made. And who doesn’t love a free gift?

Check out their website:

Floats Eyewear

Apart from an extensive range of styles and a huge collection of sunglasses available, there is another exemplary fact about their products.

Floats Eyewear products are able to float in water!

This makes them a perfect designer eyepiece to carry on beaches and swimming pools.

So you may look voguish at any given time!

Their products are great for everyday use and especially for adventures.

Great quality with a fair price is what Floats Eyewear is known for.

Check out their website:

Sunglasses Hut

Sunglasses Hut is your place to go if you are on the hunt for high-fashion frames or something just classically cool.

With all high-fashion brands’ frames available in the store, they are Miami’s leading designer sunglasses brand.

Whether it’s the heart-shaped glasses for those young at heart or the classic aviators for the fashion gurus, they’ve got you covered.

The Ray-Ban Colorblock collection available at their place is one of the biggest hits for those who love dark, eye-catching colors.

They offer a 2-year warranty on their products and 1-year replacement coverage.

The prices are also reasonable in accordance with the high-end brands that they provide.

Check out their website:

Creative Eyewear

Creative Eyewear supplies seasonal collections that fit the trend and forever, evergreen classic styles.

Apart from sunglasses, they also sell prescription glasses, computer glasses, blue-light protection glasses, and so much more.

Their products are known for their amazing quality and durability.

They have a long catalog with every design and style so that they can accommodate any of their customers’ needs.

Plus, they are very pocket-friendly so that you may get amazing quality at a very reasonable price.

Wholesalers supply every style of sunglasses in a pack of 12. This makes the overall budget very economical for the buyer.

Check out their website:

Olympic Eyewear

Olympic Eyewear was introduced in 2006 with the aim of providing high-quality sunglasses at a very affordable price.

They are an independent brand that designs and manufactures its products themselves.

Despite this, their products are no less than those of high-end brands in terms of quality.

They offer an extensive range of sunglasses in every style and color that you could ever want.

They have a very modest price range, starting from $19 per dozen only.

As they claim, their price indeed makes their customers happy!

Check out their website:



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