Owning a baseball jacket means far more to a baseball jacket owner than simply making a macho fashion statement. Wearing the perfect baseball jacket demonstrates his enthusiasm for the sport and his support for all of the positive sports values it represents.

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It’s also important for the jacket to fit perfectly for it to appear attractive. In this article, some of the best wholesale suppliers, considering your values and love for sports, strive to supply the most affordably-priced baseball jackets in a variety of colors and sizes to meet all your needs.

List of wholesale baseball jackets vendors & suppliers:

  • Oasis Jackets
  • Wordans
  • Settlemier’s Jackets
  • PPS Apparel
  • Golden Bear jackets
  • Varsity City
  • Smile Vintage Wholesale

1.       Oasis Jackets

As a globally recognized wholesale company, Oasis Jackets creates baseball jackets that will envelop you in a new sense of style every time you wear one.

They are the leader in the fashion garment manufacturing area, from the chilly winters to the sunny bright summers, and all seasons in between. They are always ready with their widest collection to bring some new zing to your clothing.

True craftsmanship and excellent usage of cutting-edge technologies are reflected in their largest stock of high-quality baseball jackets.

 If you want to personalize a baseball sporty jacket, the committed staff of designers and distributors will assist you in achieving your goals all in one place.

You’ll be amazed to see the never-ending collection of baseball and varsity jackets, from fashionable prints to personalized jackets.

Contact info:

Tel: +1-855-525-2642

Email: info@oasisjackets.com

Website: https://www.oasisjackets.com

Address: Penthouse, 8730 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills California 90210, United States of America.

2.       Wordans

At Wordans, their main value is fair and decisive pricing negotiation, which allows them to offer you the best prices for sportswear, including high-quality baseball jackets.

If you’re looking to buy baseball jackets in bulk at wholesale rates, they are definitely the one!

When you shop for wholesale baseball jackets, you can get affordable designs in a variety of colors. It doesn’t matter if you play baseball, football or basketball, they have everything you need.

Contact info:

Tel: customerservice@wordans.com

Website: https://www.wordans.com

Address: USA

3.       Settlemier’s Jackets

All of Settlemier’s jackets have pure wool and are available in different colors and designs. Because they have no margins to hide behind and no details to disregard, they believe their quality and standards have been a big part of their success.

They offer wholesale baseball jackets and attempt to convey the same care to every piece they produce.

They wish to be a part of your success, providing direct, compassionate, and knowledgeable customer service that goes above and beyond to satisfy your requirements and queries.

Contact info:

Tel: 503.288.9156

Email: jktlady@aol.com

Website: www.settlemiersjackets.com

Address: 4929 N.E. Fremont St., Portland, OR 97213, United States of America.

4.       PPS Apparel

PPS Apparel offers a wide selection of blank garments to the general public with no minimum orders, at pricing often held for the wholesale market, re-sellers, or other big volume consumers.

To reduce the time it takes for your item to arrive, they send it from the warehouse closest to you with the available inventory.

They supply wholesale baseball and varsity jackets in many color combinations to make them a perfect jacket for schools and team sports.

If you’ve been looking for a respectable and trustworthy online dealer with consistently low prices and no minimum order requirements, you’ve come to the right place. 

Contact info:

Website: https://ppsapparel.com

Address: 1170 Richwood Ave, Morgantown WV 26505, United States of America.

5.       Golden Bear jackets

Golden Bear Jackets cuts and sews baseball jackets and supplies them at wholesale pricing. Because they offer low-cost products, they have become a part of many people’s lives.

They are happy to continue their tradition of producing high-quality, long-lasting baseball jackets that come in a wide variety of colors.

Every jacket at Golden Bear tells a story, and every crease brings back memories.

Contact info:

Tel: (415) 863-6171

Email: customerservice@goldenbearsportswear.com

Website: https://www.goldenbearstore.com

Address: 200 Potrero Ave., San Francisco, CA 94103, United States of America.

6.       Varsity City

Varsity City is the biggest supplier of authentic varsity and baseball jackets in the United Kingdom. They also offer customized baseball jackets, college jackets, and team jackets.

They create baseball, varsity, and other jackets for independent businesses in bulk. They have also designed custom jackets for many DJs and music videos.

They exclusively utilize superior grade wool and real leather arms in their jackets. Since they make customized baseball jackets, you can get a quotation for your jackets with logos by contacting them directly.

Contact info:

Tel: 0800 689 4951

Website: https://customvarsityjackets.co.uk/

Address: United Kingdom

7.       Smile Vintage Wholesale

Smile Vintage is a wholesale company with an international presence and an elite and specialized team.

They strive hard to keep the maximum number of products available at all times to provide their consumers with everything they require.

They sell wholesale baseball jackets to merchants and resellers at affordable rates. By buying their high-quality USA Baseball Jackets in bulk, you’ll receive a 15% discount coupon for your first purchase.

Their products have vintage fashion collections in each batch, all created to generate great looks and provide a comprehensive service to their clients.

Contact info:

Tel: +34 692 461 347

Website: https://vintageclothingwholesale.net



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