Wrangler is a platform for the most comfortable jeans. It is widely famous for its durable and comfortable jeans category. Think of the brand as a benevolent creator of classic cowboy jeans who has now adopted a more hip style.

The company was established in 1947 to create affordable and comfortable jeans for its audience. Wrangler has democratized the cowboy spirit, where anyone could channel such a spirit.

This article mainly answers the question, “Is Wrangler better than its competitors” The short answer is yes! The Wrangler pants are better than all the jeans in your closet! To find out more about Wrangler, continue reading our article.

Wrangler Vs. Levis

The Wrangler vs Levis is a battle between two greats, but our bid would be on Wrangler.

And here’s why: Wrangler is not only old-fashioned; the brand has kept its promise of providing comfortable wear to its customers.

Over the years, Wrangler has become a symbol, an expression of individuality and power. It relegates a family of loyal and devoted customers around the world.

Wrangler is a conscientious brand that cares about the planet’s conservation; therefore, they closely examine where their raw materials are extracted.

They have specific sustainability goals such as holding a pledge for 100% renewable energy, a 50% reduction in water usage by 2030, and 100% use of sustainable cotton by 2025.

However, Levis also encourages recycling through their popular SecondHand program that sells vintage jeans via their website, which ensures that all generations enjoy their products while being environmentally friendly.

However, they have made no significant environmental changes compared to Wrangler.

When we dive deeper into the comparison, we see that there are more similarities between the two brands than adverse differences.

For instance, the two brands include five-pocket, riveted, and double-stitched designs; therefore, both are equally optimistic about boasting sustainability, comfort, durability, and wearability.

The main difference between Levi’s and Wrangler is the styling of their jeans.

Wrangles tend to tilt towards a more aesthetic apparel line, specially designed for the working men, while their flared lines and signature blue tint make them stand out above the crowd.

Levi’s, on the contrary, is known for its fashionable, stylishly tailored, and modern fit.

Levi’s will always be associated with free will and rebelling against the establishment in different colors and styles. The brand has a broader array of options and costs a little more than the average cost of a pair of Wranglers.

The choice of the brand depends on the customer’s style. However, it must be noted Wangler is better rated and more affordable in terms of pricing and comfortability.

Conscientiously, price ranges and fashionable jeans are a restriction that is a deal-breaker for many customers, which is why regular customers prefer wangler.

Wrangler Vs. Lee

Another strong competitor to Wrangler is Lee. Does Wrangler also outperform Lee in terms of affordability and quality? Let’s find out!

Wrangler ensures the comfortability of their customers through soft and durable fabrics. Their jeans are for the everyday working class, requiring affordability and comfort in the same spectrum.

Subsequently, Wrangler has offered outlet stores’ availability whereas Lee doesn’t have this option yet. However, they do have numerous discount offers that outrank Wrangler.

Wrangler also has a specific style and sense of familiarity with their customers through a more comprehensive range of products than Lee.

Lee, on the other hand, has a shorter range but has a petite-size inventory and curvaceous options that immediately give people more options to shop from Lee.

Nevertheless, consumers mostly choose Wrangler; in terms of durability and comfort, which is why it’s safe to say that Wrangler outranks Lee.

This leaves the verdict on the individual buyer. Are you looking for comfort or style, or both? You already know which brand to shop from if you want comfort and style.

Is Wrangler a Walmart brand?

Wangler is available in Walmart and other retail stores. The Kontoor Brands Inc, the parent company of denim brands Lee and Wrangler, spun off VF Corp.

Instead, their business is divided into two segments: retailers, e-commerce websites, and personal outlets.

In 2019, VFC, 0.99%, did more than half of its business with mass retailers such as Walmart INC and Target.

Their business breakage was WMT, 0.20%, Target Corp aka TGT, 2.61%, Amazon.com Inc. AMZN, 3.22%, and Kohl’s Corp. KSS, -0.47%, which includes e-commerce and retail markets.

Therefore, Wrangler is a brand that is available on retailing marts, allowing more consumers and availability for their target audience.

They believe in the comfort provided to consumers by purchasing their favorite jeans from a nearby Walmart or Target.

Walmart, Target & other ‘discount’ stores have higher sale rates which cause brands such as Wrangler to ensure that their products are available in such stores.

With discounts and lower prices, brands like Wrangler can create a market for themselves through retail stores.

Is Wrangler more durable than Levi’s?

A short answer would be YES! Why? It’s simple.

Wrangler jeans are more rigid and sturdier, making them less soft than other denim such as Levi’s brands, but they are rugged, durable, and made of a heavier twill that fades evenly, making the jeans look better for longer.

However, Levi’s has the flexibility and appearance of 100% cotton denim, but in fact, they are made from Cordura fibers, allowing them more outstanding durability and exceptional abrasion resistance.

Nonetheless, in an actual wearability test, Wrangler would outrank Levi’s due to the nature of fibers and materials used to manufacture them.

Conversely, Wrangler jeans include a double-stitched outer seam that adds to their durability.

However, the materials used in the construction of Levi’s products incorporate Lycra fibers that retain their elasticity over time for optimum comfort and durability.

Hence, while both brands perform exceptionally well, Wrangler outperforms Levi’s in terms of durability due to the nature of the fabric used.

In a nutshell, Wrangler is the affordable option; however, the only con to this brand is the lack of fashionable updates.

Yet, its customers often love the brand for its consistency and understanding of comfort that is important for their targeted audience.



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