Versace 1969, a luxury brand founded in 2001 by Alessandro Versace,  is one of the most prominent luxury brands of its time.

It doesn’t fail to show its Italian decadency and style, its classy culture making it a favorite among the European and American crowds. 

Almost all of its manufacturing procedures are completed in Italy, and in eastern Europe. 

Despite its fame, v1969 has dealt with a lot of controversies, including the case against the brand for using the trademark-protected “Versace”. 

This might create confusion among followers as to which one is v1969 an extension of the Versace by Gianni?

Well, let’s find out.

What Is The Difference Between Versace And Versace 1969?

Versace 1969 sells clothes and accessories often accused of using the name Versace to sell its articles. Cases have been filed by both parties to claim their rights over the name. 


The brand “Versace” was founded in 1970 by Gianni Versace, who was later murdered and now the company’s shares are now held by Michael Kors Holdings, while Donatella Versace still remains head of creative design.

It is a luxury brand and is favored by world elites and has held an eminent position in the world of fashion throughout the years.

Its relatively new rival Versace 1969 had to face a lot of criticism, firstly due to the name it shares as well as the refusal of bluefly to sell their products which disrupted their sales and hurt the reputation of the company. 

Logos And Missions

The logos and missions of the two companies are also completely different where the Versace brand proudly flaunts the Greek creature Medusa’s head. 

Whoever looked at Medusa fell in love with her, and Gianni wanted the same case to be with his brand Versace.

One who uses the brand should be able to fall in love with its quality and come to it again and again.

V1969 Style

1969 Italia by Versace on the other hand flaunts their Italian designs and origins proudly and has launched its own clothing lines, accessories as well as homeware.

Their style is aesthetically modern keeping up with fast fashion and current trends as well as heart-pleasingly classic, reminding us of the brand’s rich Italian origin.

What Is 1969 Italia By Versace?

The market of 1969 Italia by Versace, has expanded considerably over the two decades it has been in the fashion industry.

This pertains to its cutting-edge style, policies for quality control as well as efficient marketing strategies that have allowed them to maintain its hold on the public.

Sales And Shipping 

Most of its sales are conducted online, where they provide free shipping to many countries across the world.

Many online retail websites also conduct sales for the company including Tradeinn and Amazon, improving their market, where delivery is fast and easy and customer service is available 24/7. 

Policies And Products 

It also makes use of eco-friendly processing and manufacturing and creates clothes for men and women as well as cosmetics. 

Recently, they launched their homeware including bed sheets and cutlery, where they incorporated Italian designs and rich fabrics to accentuate their collection. 

Customer Reviews 

Customers appreciate the quality and authenticity of the brand, however much of them still get confused and even angry at using the name Versace since it does not have any affiliation with the brand. 

Along with that it does not specify it’s identity on any of this social media platforms or websites which continues to be a source of tension and confusion among consumers and brands alike. 

Is Versace A V1969?


What people need to understand is that Versace and 1969 Italia by Versace are two separate brands and should be treated as so. They have their own unique style and status in the fashion industry which ought to be respected. 

Even though the origin of both brands lies in Milan, Italy they have their individual set ups and production lines and manufacture their products accordingly.

Verifications And Lawsuits

Moreover, Versace products have specific codes lying in their under pockets, especially their handbags which can be verified from their websites. 

However, the court did side with Versace when they filed a case against v1969 for using their name due to the confusion it created, as well as the lower quality of products concerning the latter brand.

As a result, v1969 suffered a drop in their sales and refusal for websites to sell their products which obviously hit hard on their business as well as reputation. The case is still ongoing and the judges are yet to reach a decision but the brands are operating as per their usual routine. 

Is Alessandro Versace Related to Gianni Versace? 

Despite their similar last names, which have caused quite a dissension betweent the two parties, Alessandro Versace is in no way related to Gianni Versace or to his younger sister Donatella Versace. 

They were first reported to be long distance cousins but later the news was claimed to be completely erroneous. They are both Italian and have prestigious family background, and are excelling in what they are doing. 


Even though Donatella doesn’t own any much of the shares of her late brother’s company, she is still head of the creative design team with her daughter along side the way.  

They both have quite a huge range of versatile, high quality products implying their status in the fashion industry where they are growing each day. 

Retail Stores 

However, Versace has much more stores around the world, than v1969 and this could be due to its longevity, higher quality as well as a greater consumer preference which has allowed them to expand. 

V1969 has also expanded, however on a lower scale than its dominant predecessor. They have opened a few stores in the US, the latest being in the Mall of America. 


V1969 is an Italian brand that continues to grow everyday and is increasingly favored in public due to their unique style and identity, as well as the fact they have stayed true to their Italian origin. 

No brand or company can expand and earn a reputation as good as V1969, despite being brought to courts and filed cases of defamation and treachery without staying true to their style, something v1969 has managed to not only accomplish but also excel.