Although most brands try to keep their prices universal in countries across the world, it is not always possible due to different laws and customs duties.

Van Cleef, being a luxury jewelry brand that has existed for more than a century now, is also accustomed to these rules and regulations. 

This is why you might find different prices on their items if you’ve had the pleasure of traveling, especially Hawaii and Europe.

So why are luxury brands so cheap in Hawaii, including Van Cleef, the famous jewelry brand that operates worldwide?

Well, it’s time to find out.


Why Are Luxury Goods Cheaper In Hawaii?

All brands offer a discount on their goods in Hawaii. Whether it’s Louis Vuitton, Burberry or Prada, you’ll always find that their prices are cheaper in Hawaii than back in your hometown. 

Tourist Potential 

This could be because the city is a tourist hub, which allows the fashion house items to be sold all over the world, allowing them international coverage which could never be bad for business. 

Due to the lower prices, Hawaii is more abundant in stock than the US, meaning the brand’s goods are sold at faster rates than they are in the US.

Lower Taxes

Even though the taxes are higher than they are in Europe, it proves to be much cheaper for buyers from the US, serving as a luxurious shopping destination. 

It saves them the travelling costs of Europe, giving them the chance to spend on luxury items they could easily find in Hawaii.

Different Discounts And Offers

All brands will have different discount policies according to which they sell their products, so you might as well do your research before investing in them. 

Does Hawaii Have Van Cleef?

Van Cleef at Hawaii will offer you a large variety for you to choose from, due to the abundance of stock most brands leave there so that it is continually refurbished. 

It’s store lies in the capital of the Hawaii state, Honolulu, in the most prime shopping locations of the city at Royal Hawaiian Avenue, which is a duty free shop. This means that the jewelry that you will pick from there will be free of taxes, cutting down on the already lowered prices of the luxury brand.

You will never be disappointed by the quality or variety you will be shown there, which is consistently updated to meet the requirements of their international customers. 

There are also various other locations in Hawaii you can try out too, where Van Cleef has their stores, picking up a spot closest to where you are staying.

Is Van Cleef Cheaper In Hawaii?

Van Cleef being the home to luxury jewelry and apparel for men and women all over the world has gained a special place in the world of fashion, due to its unique designs and authentic jewelry pieces. 

While its headquarters may lie in the capital of France, Paris, the roots of the brand have spread all over the world pertaining to its classic, timeless pieces it continues to provide for its customers. 


Their jewelry is unparalleled in terms of quality and variety where it has travelled down generations and worn by royals and common folk alike. It doesn’t come as a surprise that it is still counted among luxury brands of the current era. 

Authentic Metal And Gemstones 

All of the luxury metals that they use are no less than 18 carat, meaning 75% pure silver, gold, platinum are used to carve their jewelry, to preserve their shine and quality. 

They take pride in their 100% original gemstones that have been mounted in royal jewelry pieces like their sapphires and pink diamonds which are still used in their jewelry today. 

Van Cleef Jewelry In Hawaii 

You can find Van Cleef jewelry stores in Honolulu, Hawaii, where they offer a large variety for you to choose from. They will offer discounts at much of their jewelry items, watches and wedding jewelry. 

The lower taxes will also reduce the prices of those items that do not offer a discount, so you don’t have too much to worry about when it comes to buying jewelry from Van Cleef in Hawaii.


Shopping at Van Cleef in Hawaii could prove to be relatively cheaper than at your hometown. 

If you are travelling from the US, it would fare you well to buy their jewelry in Hawaii due to the travel costs. You will also see that they will have more variety than your hometown as they are always updating their collection at their stores in Hawaii.