Whether you are one of the soccer freaks or a celebrity fan keeping an eye on the news, you would have already heard about the Umbro brand.

The one with the finest collection of all soccer-related goods and clothes. Bella Hadid and Justin Beiber were seen flaunting their Umbro shorts. Ring any bells?

Ah, for those who are still living under the rock, let me lift the curtain and introduce you to one of the biggest brand-names in the world of soccer.

Umbro is a Manchester-based British sports equipment brand that specializes in football and rugby sportswear. Today, its products are marketed in over 100 countries.

Now let’s take a dive into the origin and history of this iconic brand.

History of Umbro’s Birth & Rise!

The history of this brand goes all the way back to 1924 in Wilmslow, when the Humphreys Brothers Harold and Wallace realized the love of football spreading across the nation.

They picked the ‘UM’ from their surname and ‘BRO’ from brothers (ofcourse) and decided to put knowledge of English tailoring and fashion together into a brand.

That is how Umbro was born. Today it is known to be included among the top names in soccer-world.

“Whether it’s football, futsal or rugby, come rain or shine, relegation or promotion, you’ll find the double diamond”, they say.

They started-off with a logo depicting a double diamond which represents the two founders of the brand.

In 2007, the footwear giant Nike bought Umbro (which kind of proves its worth).

But now since 2012, the company has been working under the umbrella of the American company Iconix Brand Group.

In case you are interested, you can scroll past the detailed history of Umbro, its rise and achievements here.

The Variety Of Range: From Soccer Kits to Casual T-Shirts

Umbroo kicked off with a huge revolutionary step of introducing individual kits for the players when previously only team kits were available.

This makes it fall into the good category for me.

The Umbro has been known for their leading designs in the market. Their diverse range includes: shirts, shorts, boots, shin pads, and even the goalkeeper gloves.

Their products are finished with perfect stitching throughout and perfect hems. Umbro has got you ready for the game day.

Their gear is ideal for not only the on-pitch but also the off-pitch activities, no matter if you’re training, playing, or cheering on your team.

It will fit in your best size and will be your best buddy during the game play.

You might consider the sportswear boring and bland; but, with Umbro, the best part is that it does not compromise on the aesthetics and come out with modern yet traditional crafts.

What Kind of Brand is Umbro?

The thing that makes us all fall in love with this brand is that it remains authentic to its roots.

Their aim is to combine the modern football culture with the contemporary designs.

They have been living up to their aim and expectations of the people. This very fact got them such a solid global presence. Search it up and you’ll surely come across their name in top soccer brands.

Brands like Puma and Adidas have been jumping on the “high tech” band wagon. But Umbro, interestingly, sticks to the original idea and crafts the most comfortable cleats on the market, and that’s what makes it such a great brand.

Here’s a list of Best-Selling Umbro Cleats in 2022.

Target Consumers: Who Wears Umbro?

Are you a teen looking for something casual or a hardcore athlete hunting for the best kit on the market? In either case, Umbro got you covered.

Originally, Umbro started off as a British sportswear brand with a strong soccer connection all over the globe.

However, with the increasing interest of people nation-wise, Umbro began targeting a huge base of sports enthusiasts who don’t actually play the sport but have an incredible passion for it.

Umbro is a predominant player not only specialized in the space of sportswear but also covers the needs of sports’ fans.

Basically, the product range includes mostly menswear. In fact, it contributes to 80% of the profits, and only 20% is by womenswear and kidswear.

Nevertheless, as more women are expressing their inclination towards sports, this ratio is supposed to change.

Now, if we look at the apparel, 80% is leaned toward the core fashion range or we can also call them lifestyle products; 20% comprises training lines.

Some might misunderstand it as a brand with just sports products, but in fact no matter what outfit you are searching for, casual or sporty, Umbro has you covered in their best gear.

Does Umbro’s Quality Justify The Price?

Many of you may not be down for shelling out huge money on sports gear, what if I tell you that you can still grab the original Umbro jerseys for as low as 10$? Yes, the brand has some inexpensive options too.

And as far as the quality is concerned, well, their products are top-charted. Their soccer ball has been awarded with the FIFA Quality Pro badge.

Competing with sport-wear beasts, there is a constant challenge to upgrade the quality of the products. But, Umbro’s products always come with authenticity and over-the-top quality.

One Of The Coolest Brands Out There!

Did you think Umbro is a brand reserved for athletes only? Well, not anymore. Even the popular fashionistas flaunt their outfits.

The supermodel Bella Hadid and everyone’s favorite Justin Bieber chose Umbro shorts as their outfit of the day; the brand got some real spotlight.

Hence, if you seek my opinion on whether Umbro’s outfits and footwear are lousy as hell OR great as they can be; I’ll definitely go for the latter!

I guess there’s always a special corner reserved for things classy and ancient.

Although Umbro is far from being a brand that the Egyptians wore, its commitment about sticking to the original and staying authentic is really touching.

Feel free to skim past Umbro’s best-selling list of products and see whether their products sing to your heart or not.



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