The rise of online shopping has been a game-changer for the retail landscape. Not only has it made shopping more convenient for consumers, but it has also opened up new opportunities for entrepreneurs. 

In the past, starting a retail business required a significant investment in erecting physical infrastructure. But now, with the advent of e-commerce, anyone with a great product and a bit of web knowledge can launch an online store. 

This has given birth to numerous online brands, many of which are quickly gaining popularity with shoppers. 

From fashion to tech to home goods, there are now endless choices for consumers who prefer to do their shopping from the comfort of their homes. 

And with the added convenience of free shipping and returns, it’s no surprise that online shopping is here to stay.

However, while online shopping is highly user-oriented, it has also led to a rise in the number of scams and fake brands.

And if you are not very internet savvy or have just explored online shopping, chances are, you won’t be able to tell a fake brand for real.

Lately, we have been hearing a lot about a new brand, Teeground. There have been various rumors concerning its legitimacy.

So, today, we’ll be exploring Teeground to discover the truth.

Let’s start!

About Teeground

Teeground is an online apparel brand specialising in women’s wear, including dresses, tops, t-shirts, and more.

The brand is relatively recent and first appeared in 2020. You can find a wide range of products in different colors, designs, and fabrics on their website.

Is Teeground Legit?

Upon deep digging, we learned that Teeground works on a dropshipping business model. Now, if you don’t know, most dropshipping businesses these days are scams.

If you do a lot of online shopping, you might have fallen for this scam at some point in your life. For example, have you ever ordered something online and never received it? 

Or, you ordered something that looked pretty good on the website but received a knock-off product that bears little resemblance to the item you thought you were buying? 

If so, you have already endured the trauma of being scammed by a dropshipping site. 

Please do keep in mind that not every dropshipping business is a scam. There are a lot of legit ones as well. But, for a new company, it’s hard to tell by looking at the limited information you have access to.

In the case of “Teeground” we discovered that there is no concrete information about the company anywhere, including their website, which is a red flag.

What is Dropshipping Scam?

Dropshipping is a type of e-commerce where businesses sell products without actually stocking them. Instead, they partner with a supplier who ships the product directly to the customer on their behalf. 

While this arrangement can benefit both parties, it also leaves customers vulnerable to fraud. 

Dropshipping scams often occur when a fraudulent seller partners with a legitimate supplier and creates a fake website. They then post photos and descriptions of products they don’t have in stock. 

When customers order from the site, they either never receive their purchase or receive an inferior product. 

In other cases, scammers list fake products at low prices to entice customers to place an order. Once the order is placed, they’ll either never ship the product or send an empty box. 

Dropshipping scams are becoming increasingly common, so it’s essential to do your research before placing an order on any e-commerce site. 

If you’re considering buying from a new site, check for reviews and look for red flags like unrealistic pricing or unprofessional-looking images. 

You should also verify that the site has a privacy policy and contact information. Taking these precautions can protect you from falling victim to a dropshipping scam.

Customer Reviews about Teeground

Teeground generally has negative reviews all over the internet. Most customers have complained that they never received their parcels, despite waiting for months.

The customers have also mentioned that the company doesn’t provide any tracking number to locate their en-route packages.

The customers who did receive any items from the company have mentioned that they were cheap replicas of what they ordered.

Overall, Teeground has a terrible reputation all over the internet, and the company seems to be least bothered about it.

Customer Service of Teeground

For most people, good customer service is a benchmark of a brand’s authenticity. Teeground miserably fails when it comes to customer service.

It seems that the customer service of the company is non-existent. They do respond to your queries until you have placed your order.

Once you have ordered from them, they will ghost you. No matter how frequently you keep asking the company regarding your order’s status, you won’t get a response. And, forget about the returns.

Also, they haven’t even provided many options to reach them. While they do have a Facebook page and an Instagram account, none of them is very active.

Is Teeground’s Website Genuine?

The website of Teeground has been marked unsafe on numerous platforms. The website targets people from various locations, including the USA, UK, Australia, and some Asian countries.

The business owner’s identity is not provided anywhere on the website, nor is any other essential information.

The website keeps getting blocked and doesn’t always open when you enter its URL in the address bar. That may be because of the scam reports against it.

The Final Word

It’s no secret that online shopping has taken over in recent years. But, with so many retailers competing for attention, it can be hard to know who to trust.

So how can you tell if a brand is fake? Here are some red flags to watch out for.

First, if you see a product whose price seems too good to be true, chances are it’s not the real thing. 

Second, the website looks amateurish or has incomplete information. Finally, it has negative customer reviews and poor customer service.

Teeground has shown red flags in all of these domains, so there is no denying that the company is nothing more than a scam.