Teebee is an e-commerce store that claims to sell affordable clothes. Teebee sells its products in different countries.

Many e-commerce stores claim to be authentic but when a customer gets the product, they realize that the brand was a scam.

Teebee claims to sell authentic and affordable products but is the brand reliable and legit? 

What do the customers say about the products of Teebee?

Are they satisfied with the products they received?

As the prices of Teebee’s products are affordable.

So do they compromise on the quality of their clothes or do they have good-quality products? 

Moreover, what are the ethical policies of Teebee?

Do they have policies regarding the environment and garment workers?

If you are planning to purchase anything from Teebee, you might have a lot of questions regarding its legitimacy. 

In this article, we have explained whether Teebee is a legitimate brand or not. We have also answered some of the questions you might have regarding this brand. Keep on reading to find out!

About Teebee

Before digging deep into the legitimacy and reliability of Teebee, let’s have a look at its basic information.

Teebee is an e-commerce fashion store that mainly sells affordable clothing and shoe items. The main reason for founding this brand in 2013 was to provide affordable clothing to more people.

The founder of Teebee is a fashion designer and shopaholic. The founder was not happy with the extreme prices of the major brands. 

So they decided to launch an online store to provide affordable clothing and shoes. On the website, Teebee has mentioned that;

“We Believe That Premium Clothing & Sneakers Shouldn’t Be Reserved for the Privileged Few.”

To work on this mission, Teebee consigns its clothes from different brands such as Supreme, Amiri, Stone Island, Vlone, Kaws, and many others.

Teebee has accounts on different social media platforms. Nearly 15k people follow them on Instagram. They also have many followers on other social media platforms.

Teebee claims that they have shipped 700k+ orders to more than 180k customers. Teebee has more than staff members who take care of the shipping process. 

This e-commerce fashion brand claims that its team has the capabilities to pack more than 200 orders in a day. The shipping team performs a quality check on every product before shipping it.

Teebee mainly ships to different European countries, the USA, Korea, Japan, and many other companies. 

Although Teebee claims to ship products that are not damaged, if a customer still gets a damaged product, they can return it within 30 days of purchase.

Teebee has t-shirts, hoodies, pants, jackets, shorts, and many other clothing items. They also have accessories such as necklaces, bags, rings, rugs, phone cases, etc.

Teebee also sells mystery boxes of clothes. Their summer tees mystery box comes with three t-shirts, two accessories, and one hoodie. They also have other mystery boxes such as an off-white hoodie mystery box.

Other than selling affordable items, Teebee also offers dropshipping to businesses. Dropshipping is an e-commerce model, where a third person exists between customer and retailer. 

Teebee ensures the businesses that they would send the products to customers of drop shippers without using the logo or website of Teebee.

What do the Customer Reviews of Teebee Tell Us?

The customer reviews of Teebee are mixed. Some customers were extremely satisfied with the products, while some were not satisfied with this e-commerce store.

Teebee has an average rating of 3.7 on Trustpilot. 67% of the customers said that Teebee is an excellent company and has 5-stars. 

However, 21% of customers gave only a 1-star rating to the company and were extremely unsatisfied with it.

One customer who gave a five-star review said that;

“Great shopping experience, this is my first time buying replica hype items online. I knew this website from YouTube, everything is great.”

Many reviews of Teebee seem positive but they don’t look legit. Many customers have also pointed it out. One customer wrote;

“Don’t trust all the 5 star reviews. Notice how most of them are from members who have only left 1 review on the entire site. That means they have set up an account just to leave a 5 star review for this one website. This screams FAKE REVIEWS.”

Many other customers also pointed it out. Many customers were also not satisfied with the products. One customer wrote;

“I ordered some hoodies off there and their images are misleading. When you get the item it’s usually printed crooked or way too small.”

Since the reviews are mixed and the positive reviews seem to be fake, you should not trust this brand. 

However, some customers have also given reviews on Instagram. But these might also be fake reviews.

Since the reviews of customers are not positive, this brand doesn’t seem legit.

Is Teebee Ethical?

Teebee stands in the grey area when it comes to its ethical policies. Teebee has not provided any information regarding its ethical policies.

They have not mentioned any policy they might have to protect the environment. 

They also haven’t shared the sustainability report which indicates that Teebee might not have any eco-friendly policies.

Moreover, Teebee hasn’t shared its policies regarding the rights of garment workers. 

This also indicates that they might not have any rules and regulations for their suppliers and manufacturers to follow.

Is Teebee Legit?

Teebee does not seem like a legit brand.

The website of Teebee looks reliable and its mission of selling affordable clothing also looks attractive. Teebee has also shared some pictures from their factory.

The shipping and return/exchange policy of Teebee also seems promising. As they offer a return policy of 30 days if the customer receives a damaged product.

But the reviews of the customers tell a different tale. There are different positive reviews of Teebee’s customers, but most of them are very similar and they look fake.

There are many negative customer reviews as well. Most customers said that they didn’t get what they saw on the website of Teebee.

Also Teebe claims that they have shipped more than 700k orders to 180k+ customers. However they have a very few followers on social media and their aren’t many reviews on reviews.