Tee-off is an e-commerce website and app created for golf lovers around the globe.

The brand’s About Us page claims that Tee Off aims at making the game of golf cheaper and more accessible.

It lets the golfers explore the golf courses near them and offers hundreds of deals. 

Thanks to Tee-off, people can book a tee time at the time that suits them best and get the lowest prices.

One may also call Tee off helpline to make reservations. A customer care representative is available round the clock seven days a week. 

You can look up the most popular golf destinations on the company’s website or ask the helpline to guide you. 

It’s good to see that Tee off has one whole section educating its viewers about top golf spots.

You can book any of the golf courses mentioned on the website at discounted prices.

Deal Times in Atlanta for example offers up to 80% off. Candler Park Golf Course located in Atlanta has deal time offers for as low as USD 11.99. 

The taxes are expected to be USD 1.02 but the company does not charge any booking fee.

The best golf course in Atlanta, with a 4.5-star rating, is Echelon Golf Club. Tee-off offers tee time at this club for as low as USD 64.99.

The company allows you to book a tee time 14 days in advance.

Every time you book a golf course through Tee Off, you get bonus points. Once you’ve earned 100 points, the website converts them into USD 10.

You can then use that money to book tee time in the future.

Tee-off has many well-known brand partners including NBC Sports, Golf Channel, Golf pass, GolfNow Complete, SportsEngine HQ, and GoMotion. 

Another thing worth appreciating is the company’s effort to get more customers. Along with a well-structured website, TeeOff has apps for iPhone and Android.

In short, Tee Off sits well in the criteria for a legit brand.


There are a lot of companies out there that claim to be perfect in every way but do not cooperate with buyers.

Before you spend your money on any brand, make sure they have a legit telephone number and email. 

Tee Off has a FAQ section on the website, where the first thing they have is its contact information. 

The landline number and email address are 100% legit. The customer care representative is active 24/7, 7 days a week. 

So if an issue comes up, you can hit up the helpline and get assistance.


Cancellation and refund policies:

If you’ve booked a Tee time and wish to cancel or change it, you need to contact Tee Off’s customer care service.

The brand mentions that any change in tee time or refund depends on the type of tee time and course.

If you wish to cancel DEAL time, know that you will not always get a refund. The brand is not responsible for your lost money except under certain circumstances.

First of all, make sure you cancel DEAL time at least 72 hours before tee time. Otherwise, you will not get your money back.

The second exception for refunds is a closed golf club. If by any chance, a golf club shuts down on the day of your booking, you get a full refund.

Lastly, if you are a Golf Plus member, you can use a free tee time cancellation option to get your money back.

Weather policy:

No one can predict the weather accurately. There are days when it rains unexpectedly. 

Most golf clubs offer full refunds on such days but some don’t. You can contact Tee Off on their landline number and get details from it.


These days, people prefer reading reviews about the brand before buying something.

 It wouldn’t be wrong to say that reviews play a massive role in deciding the fate of the business.

Good reviews help engage more clients while bad ones push them away.

Tee Off’s website layout and policies sound very legit but what do the brand’s real buyers say? Let’s find out.

One reviewer wrote that every time she visited Florida, she found it hard to find the right tee time.

She used to make long calls to the golf courses to check if they had any slots available. But with Tee Off, she had no such issues and looked happier than ever.

Another happy customer wrote that he does not understand how someone can not like Tee Off.

The brand’s website runs smoothly, allows you to filter through hundreds of golf courses, and has no booking fees. 

Julien, who is another verified buyer, claimed that she loves to play golf but rarely finds cheap tee times. 

The woman added that she was over the moon when she discovered promotional Tee time deals. 

One buyer who used to be a fan of Gold Now left the company after discovering Tee Off’s decent and inexpensive services.

People also love the Tee Off app and claim they are far better than other tee time booking apps.

One person wrote that the Tee Off app is perfect. It does not glitch and you find good deals at low rates.

He further wrote that the thing that sets the Tee Off app apart from others is its no booking fee policy. 

There are some bad reviews about Tee Off as well. Some people think it’s fraud and others say there aren’t enough golf courses on the website.

But always keep in mind that no brand is perfect. You will find people complaining about the most popular brands, Tee Off is just a small venture.


Tee Off website gets a massive number of viewers every year. The company is famous among the people for its good policies and reasonable prices.

The reviews about the brand are astounding but just like all other brands Tee Off also has some negative reviews.

So, it is safe to say that Tee Off is 100% legit.