Suzy Levian jewelry is an online jewelry store based in New York City. Its corporate headquarters are located in New York.

Suzy Levian was passionate about making jewelry sketches from a very young age.

She has a legacy in jewelry designing and she used to create jewelry sketches for her father when she was young. Suzy Levian is working hard to bring honor to the legacy of her father.

Suzy Levian is not a highly popular jewelry brand and it has an average customer rating. The quality of jewelry pieces available at Suzy Levian is not bad.

Some of its customers complain that the ring they bought from Suzy Levian was of such bad quality that the stone engraved in the ring fell out only after a week.

Although they loved the design of Suzy Levian’s ring, the poor quality of the ring was shocking to them. They did not think the stones would fall only after wearing the ring for a week.

However, that might not be the case with every product and jewelry item available at Suzy Levian.

Most of its customers are satisfied with the quality they got from Suzy Levian. 

Is Suzy Levian the same as Le Vian?

Suzy Levian and Le Vian are two different brands. Suzy Levian is a small jewelry brand as compared to Le Vian.

Le Vian is a family-owned business and it has a rich history of several centuries. Le Vian is a luxury and high-end brand that has a decent reputation among jewelry lovers.

All of the jewelry pieces of Le Vian cost thousands of dollars.

The jewelry pieces available at Suzy Levian are also expensive but still, its jewelry items can be considered more affordable than the jewelry of Le Vian.

All Le Vian siblings are partners in this family-owned business. There are two sisters Liz (Sr. VP Merchandise) and Suzy (Manager of New Products).

And three Le Vian Brothers, Larry, Eddie, and Moossa are fulfilling their duties as the Chairman, CEO, and President respectively.

Suzy Levian is the daughter of Abdul Rahim Ephraim Levian. She is the youngest daughter. She is paving the way for the modern future and also protecting her legacy while doing so.

Suzy Levian wanted to take her love for jewelry making to the next level and empower women through her jewelry designs.

All the masterpieces of Suzy Levian have a secret diamond hidden in their design. By this gesture, Suzy Levian wants to remind every woman that they also have a diamond hidden in their selves.

She encourages women to also shine brightly like a diamond with confidence and show their beauty, power, and strength to the world.

The Products Available at Suzy Levian.

The jewelry items available at Suzy Levian include rings, bracelets, necklaces & pendants, earrings, and brooches.

Other products available at Suzy Levian include home décor items like picture frames, vases, and champagne flutes.

Suzy Levian has diamond jewelry items, gemstone jewelry items, and cubic zirconia jewelry items. Suzy Levian offers gift items for different budgets to its customers too.

Suzy Levian jewelry can be considered affordable but it is certainly not cheap. Some of its products are too expensive and not everyone can afford them.

One of the vases from Suzy Levian can cost you thousands of dollars. Its jewelry pieces usually cost between 300 dollars to 1000 dollars.

However, you can also find jewelry items that are way more expensive than this, especially the collection of diamond jewelry available at Suzy Levian.

Suzy Levian offers its customers a limited lifetime warranty on all of its jewelry pieces. This warranty is only valid if your jewelry piece is damaged because of a manufacturing defect.

Suzy Levian also offers its customers a 30 days refund policy. You can return your item only if it is in its original condition and also in the original packaging.

Keep in mind that you will have to pay for the shipping costs of returning your item and it will be deducted from your refund.

Suzy Levian also offers an exchange policy to its customers but only if the item you received from Suzy Levian is defective or damaged.

Is Suzy Levian Jewelry Ethical and Sustainable?

Suzy Levian is not very transparent about its ethical and sustainable policies. It does not inform its consumers if it uses ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones in its jewelry pieces.

An ethical and sustainable jewelry brand will always use recycled and ethically sourced diamonds and other precious gemstones in its jewelry pieces.

We are not sure if Suzy Livian is planning to reduce its harmful impact on the planet and eliminate the use of chemicals that are harmful to the environment in the process of making its jewelry pieces.

Suzy Levian should ensure its customers that its products are manufactured in a safe work environment and good working conditions.