If you are keen on eyewear- especially sunglasses- we are sure you have probably heard of the Sunglass Outlet.

However, if you have not, we have dedicated this article to telling you more about Sunglass Outlet and whether it is legit or not.

Now, this website claims to sell discounted branded sunglasses.

For brands such as Gucci, Ray-ban, and Prada, we are all well aware that their price range is incredibly high.

It begs the question of how this company can pull such a thing off, and one may also question the quality and legitimacy of the products.

Read on further to see how Sunglass Outlet is able to function this way, and we will also discuss the legitimacy and authenticity of the company.

What is Sunglass Outlet?

Sunglass Outlet is a small online business based in Florida that sells a large collection of discounted branded glasses. Their orders are all shipped from their plantation in Florida.

It claims to be the go-to for sunglasses online shopping and has been in business for more than twenty years.

It is known to be a legitimized, authorized retailer, and it sells a wide variety of sunglasses from different brands such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, Gucci, Costa Del Mar, Celine, and others.

The brand offers more than 300 Oakley frames.

When you go on their website, you receive a diverse variety of sunglasses, and there are multiple filters that allow you to hack down to your choice and what you’re looking for.

This is both time-saving and efficient- you can find whatever sunglasses you like in a matter of a few clicks.

Since Sunglass Outlet is not the authorized retailer of the brands, it can set its own sale prices, hence the low prices. Now, how does this help benefit them?

Their sales increase because Sunglass Outlet buys large quantities of overstocked, closeout, or discontinued products and sells them- the savings are then passed onto the customers.

Moreover, they sell whichever items are newly present in their warehouse- which means your order will be shipped within one business day.

Pros and Cons of Sunglass Outlet

Below, we have listed various pros of purchasing sunglasses from the Sunglass Outlet:

  1. If you order from Sunglass Outlet before 3 pm EST, you can get same-day shipping.
  2. Sunglass Outlet offers free shipping on its orders!
  3. If you find a lower price for a sunglass that Sunglass Outlet sells on another online website, the company will price-match with that online website.

And then, after your request has been approved, you get a coupon code that you can apply to your cart and get your parcel for that price.

If you doubt it, you can always take your pair to a local retailer and match them against their display models. This is something the company itself asserts.

  1. You can find all the top brands on their website- Gucci, Prada, Oakley, and Ray-ban.
  2. You also get to return your pair if you don’t like the quality or the outlook. This can be done for free. You will get a full refund for your returned product!

However, if the product itself is damaged by the user, then there won’t be a refund.

  1. You can expect your order in 2-5 business days.
  2. You can choose to boost your shipping period if you want to get your parcel earlier; Sunglass Outlook offers USPS and FedEx expedited shipping services.
  3. You have a wide range of payment options; these include PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, or via a debit or credit card. That certainly makes it easier for most of us!

However, Sunglass Outlet does not ship outside America!

One more thing is that since Sunglass Outlet is not responsible for the manufacturing of the products, it cannot offer the manufacturer’s warranty.

We’ve found only these minor cons when it comes to this company- thus cementing its legitimacy.

Is Sunglass Outlet Worth Your Money?

We believe that buying branded sunglasses from an online website for half its price and with excellent quality is definitely something worth spending your money on.

On the internet, there are 5,767 positive reviews on the Sunglass Outlet.

You will find various customers attesting to their quality and praising their ability to keep prices low.

One of their customers claimed that they bought two pairs from the website and absolutely loved the condition of the sunglasses.

She also claimed that she loved their deals and the occasional sales that they had.

Is Sunglass Outlet Legit?

According to Sunglass Outlet, all their products are a hundred percent genuine and authentic.

They promise the exact product pictured with the original manufacturer’s packaging. You can also sell the product later if you want to.

We scoured the internet for claims of this online business’s legitimacy, and according to ScamAdviser, this website is likely not a scam.

They believe it is fully legitimate and reliable. According to their algorithm, the reviews of this store gave it a very high score.

On top of that, the website claims that every transaction their customer makes is a hundred percent safe.

They also say that if you purchase sunglasses from them, you’ll automatically receive an enrollment into a 30-day Norton Shopping Guarantee.

We believe that as far as legitimacy for different websites goes, Sunglass Outlet is a pretty reliable authorized online company.


According to our research, we believe that Sunglass Outlet would be a good place for you to purchase high fashion branded sunglasses that you would otherwise not be able to own due to their extremely high prices.

If you are someone who likes to “keep up with the season” and would not appreciate sunglasses that have either been discontinued or belong to the last season, you’d probably not want to buy from here.

However, if you don’t mind such things, you can always get these fashionable pieces for discounted prices and at the same high quality.

We hope this article helped you determine the legitimacy of Sunglass Outlet!



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