Stylerunner The Label is an athleisure brand based in New South Wales, Australia. They cater to women and offer them active essentials and lifestyle staples. 

I think we all understand what a struggle it is to find good athletic wear. Plus, athleisure clothing is so expensive that you can never find anything good under a budget. 

People often prefer to buy athletic clothing in person because of the sizing issue and also to check the material. However, there are many stores that are based online. 

These stores are usually the ones that offer discounts and have something for you within your budget. But choosing these cheaper, alternative stores can end up being risky. 

People always have the fear of getting scammed, especially with clothing and in the case of sports wear, you’ll be wasting a lot of money if you do end up getting scammed. 

Therefore, it becomes hard to trust e-commerce clothing stores. One such case is with the online retailer Stylerunner.

If you’re curious to know whether this retailer is legit or not, then you’ve come to the right place. 

In this article, I’ll be discussing all details regarding the brand, Stylerunner. We will also take a look at how legitimate it is. 

So let’s get right to it!

About Stylerunner 

Stylerunner is a place where fashion meets function. This athleisure clothing store is located in Alexandra, New South Wales, Australia. 

It was founded by the two sisters Julie and Sali Stevanja in 2012. The store is known for retailing a huge variety of sportswear and activewear for women. 

The brand Stylerunner was later acquired by the Accent Group in 2019. They claim that the store is one of the first online retailers of its kind all over the world. 

Stylerunner celebrates an active lifestyle and also uses it as inspiration to create their products. They infuse their love for fitness with their love for fashion. 

The brand claims to create clothing which is durable and perfect for every condition. Their clothing has a modern and feminine style and is able to adapt to every situation. 

Stylerunner believes that customer satisfaction is their top priority which is why they thoughtfully curate and design each piece so that it can seamlessly fit into the customer’s lives. 

They believe that those who wear their clothing can actually live in it and perform multiple tasks in it, from pilates to groceries. 

Moreover, Stylerunner The Label is based around the theme of empowerment and claims to help women become their best version through their clothes. 

Their aim is to focus on technical fabrics and precise construction so that every item they create looks as well as feels flawless when worn. 

If you have any query, you can simply visit their website and find all the necessary information. 

You can also contact them through social media platforms or via email. They’ll be happy to assist you as customers are their priority. 

Apart from clothing, Stylerunner also sells a range of accessories as well as footwear, like sneakers, trainers, etc. 

The brand is mainly known for offering exclusive deals and free deliveries. This is the main attraction for customers that visit their website. 

Is Stylerunner actually legit?

If you visit the website, then by the initial looks of it the site seems to be a legit one. However, looks can be deceiving and therefore, aren’t supposed to be trusted alone. 

One factor which makes us believe that the store is a legit one is the fact that it has been in running for almost a decade now. The brand was launched in 2012. 

If it were to be a scam, then it wouldn’t have managed to run for this long without getting exposed. 

Moreover, Stylerunner was acquired by the Accent Group in 2019. This corporation began in 1988 and has a big name in the market. So this should be proof enough that the store isn’t a scam one but is definitely legit. 

However, the reason why people mostly regard this brand to be a scam one is because of the fair share of negative reviews it has received. 

If you visit their blog, the reviews you see are filtered and you’ll only be able to see the positive feedback which we aren’t sure if is true or not. 

So I went onto trusted review pages and sites to gain an insight into the customers’ experience with this brand. 

Unfortunately, on Trustpilot, Stylerunner has a “bad” rating of 100% and no “good” or “excellent” rating at all. This indicates that generally customers aren’t happy with their experience at this store. 

Although the store doesn’t have many reviews, the few that are there are all negative. A customer actually described their customer service to be a “disgrace”. 

Ironically, the store has an entire page dedicated towards return policies. However, it seems like they don’t follow through with them. 

The customer complained that the store didn’t accept their return, even though the items were brand new and never worn. Plus, the customer care department also stopped replying to them. 

Additionally, the customers are also disappointed that they have to pay a hefty amount when making a return. 

This leaves some of them with no choice as sometimes the return shipping can cost more than the product.

Generally, all complaints regarding this brand were in terms of their customer service. People believed it was terrible and inefficient. 

On another website, known as Product Review, the brand has an overall rating of 2.3 stars out of 5. Customers on this site have complained about sizing issues and material quality. 

Final Verdict

In conclusion, to answer the main question, no Stylerunner isn’t a legitimate store. The reason I say this is because of all the negative reviews it has. 

Although the store is real, it may not be a good one and it definitely doesn’t seem like the one where you should be wasting your money. 

If, however, you are able to find its store in person, you are most welcome to try them out for yourself. 

But I would suggest not buying from them online as they’re not worth the risk. All reviews regarding this brand were negative and people have shared how poor of an experience they had with this store. 

Well, now the decision is yours. I hope this article helped answer your queries regarding the brand, Stylerunner!