From being used as a means of bargains in biblical times to being a multi-billion dollar collectible industry, shoes have certainly come a long way!

Whether it’s a young teenager, a man in his 50s, a hooded boy in the corner, or a well-known celebrity, sneakers are the absolute favorites of every age group and personality.

Sneakers are auctioned at incredibly high prices, with the most popular examples being the famous Kanye West’s Yeezy”s or Air Jordan’s expensive game wear.

With this emerging sneakers addiction, many brands have come forward with unique and trendy designs.

In this article, we will be discussing Stadium Goods, a relatively new sneakers retail brand.

Are they good? Are they luxury? Are they worth the price?

Keep reading to find it out!


Launched in early 2015 by business partners John McPheters and Jed Stiller, Stadium Goods is an online retail e-commerce website.

They sell original aftermarket sneakers, hoodies, and t-shirts of high-end brands that were sold off very quickly or are not available anymore at premium prices.

They even sell authentic products of small-scale sellers on their behalf.

Basically, they sell every apparel that you might wear in a stadium, thus the name Stadium Goods!

In 2018, LVMH invested an amount as heavy as $11.5 million in its website to bring it to fruition.

In 2019, Farfetch bought a share of their company for an undisclosed sum.

Sources say it was bought for a whopping $250 million.

Before starting this venture, McPheter worked as the vice president for Fight Club and was heading Nike’s social media.

Stiller was the owner of many nightclubs and restaurants in New York and a talent agency.

They had done a few startups together before launching their combined company, Stadium Goods.

They started out Stadium Goods as a physical retail shop and an online website in 2015, and have since, expanded exponentially.

They are now also available on platforms like eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, and many other outlets.

They recently did a deal with Farfetch to sell exclusive aftermarket products to only Farfetch’d customers.

How Did Stadium Goods Become So Popular In Such A Short Period?

When it comes to Stadium Goods having their original, authentic products, the company doesn’t have them.

Instead, they rely on known brands like Nike, Air Jordan, and Adidas to provide them with research, design, development, and supply of products.

So, how did they become a multi-million business when they don’t even manufacture their own goods?

Realizing the craze behind people collecting premium sneakers for crazy luxury prices, the co-founders decided to make their entire experience-rich and premium.

The key factor that made them so popular in a click, quite literally when compared to other companies, is that they buy and pre-authenticate the sneakers instead of waiting for the transaction to take place.

This means that the shoes are ready to be shipped to the buyer as soon as they are bought.

This is a hit for luxury customers, as they certainly do not want their order to be canceled just because the shoes do not exist or are not authentic.

Another move that made them a hit was having an efficient, constantly updated, serialized inventory.

Every shoe on its website may have a different consignor. This means that the same pair of shoes, but with different consignors, can have different prices and conditions.

So having an updated inventory helps them successfully integrate with their backend systems and also with other retail channels.

Another thing that they did, which proved to be very beneficial, was that they allowed even the small sellers to list their brands on their website.

This, combined with Stadium Goods’ positive reputation, allowed the sellers to have a chance to launch their products into the bigger market.

Applying all these tactics and keeping the mindset of focusing on the process rather than just “doing what needs to be done,” Stadium Goods have become one of the biggest giants in retailing of sneakers.

Can Stadium Goods Be Trusted?

The company was a startup of two individuals who had expertise in sneakers and streetwear.

Apart from putting all high-end products under one roof, they also made sure that they were providing stuff that was 100% authentic and unused.

They inspect every piece that they buy before selling it to their customer.

They have over 6000 reviews on their website, with 68% being positive.

The rest are just some complaints about their express shipping.

I mean, a company cannot achieve a milestone of $60 million of revenue in its first year if it were fake and lousy in its business!

Which Is Better, Stadium Goods Or GOAT?

GOAT and Stadium Goods are both globally recognized online retail sneakers companies.

According to the customer review available on different websites, Stadium Goods appear to be a better company to shop from.

They have a 100% product quality review, whereas GOAT falls behind with 60-70%.

The prices are mostly the same, but the Stadium Goods fall behind GOAT, in terms of customer reviews.

GOAT has better customer feedback, and reviews since their shipment and customer care are better than that of Stadium Goods.

When judged from the perspective of the employees, GOAT takes away the prize for having a better relationship between its employees and the CEO and the overall culture at their workplace.

GOAT has a better score in terms of gender diversity, perks and benefits given, and the professional development of its employees.

However, from a customer’s point of view, Stadium Goods is a better option to shop from due to the quality of its products and their pricing.

Plus, GOAT is known to sell replicas of the product, although of high quality, but often very expensive.

Stadium Goods Shipping Services:

They have a very prompt shipping service.

Mostly, the goods are delivered within 3 to 5 working days in the US, but for international deliveries, it may take up to 15 working days.

The cost is usually $10 for normal deliveries and $50 for express delivery.

Customers can track their products anytime they want through the tracking number assigned to them via email.

Stadium Goods’ Very Own Apparel Line:

Covid did change a lot of things, one of them certainly being how people style themselves.

Now, most of us prefer to wear something that is comfortable, relaxed as well as cheek in our day-to-day lives.

In an attempt to mark its presence in luxury streetwear apparel, Stadium Goods have launched its own “daily-life” clothing collection.

The collection comprises 11 types of streetwear pieces, such as hoodies, tracksuits, sweaters, and basically anything that is comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

They all are in a price range of $85 to $400.

A critic has described their collection as apparel for the ambitious, which amalgamates culture and sneakers into street style.

The collection is available on Stadium Goods’ website, their retail shops in New York and Chicago, at Farfetch’s website, and in selected retail stores.


How To Use Stadium Goods Coupon Code?

Below your cart items, a tab to enter the promo code will be given.

Just enter the code, and your applicable discount will be calculated automatically.

How To Pay For My Orders?

You can pay for your orders in various ways: by using your credit/debit card or by cash when shopping in person at the store.

The complete list can be found on their website.

Can We Make Bulk Purchases At Stadium Goods?

Yes! You can make bulk purchases at Stadium Goods.

Email them for your purchases, and their customer care will guide you about the process and the details.

Who Will Be Responsible For Paying the Taxes and Duties When The Shipping Is International?

The company is not responsible for the payment of any taxes or duties in the case of international shipping. The customer has to pay for himself.

The amount can be calculated from their website by clicking the country they want to deliver their goods to.

What Percentage Does Stadium Goods Take On Its Products?

Stadium Goods take 20% of the price of the product. The remaining 80% is given to the brand owner/seller.

Does Stadium Goods Have A Return Policy?

If you have bought the product online, you can request a return or exchange if the shipment is in the US.

International buyers cannot request a return or exchange of the products.

Do Stadium Goods Offer Free Shipping?

Stadium goods offer free shipping only on special occasions or sales.

For the remaining time, you will have to pay the shipping fee.

However, special discount coupons are available that cover the shipping costs.

Can You Cancel Your Order With Stadium Goods?

After confirming your orders, you cannot cancel them. The orders are packaged to ship immediately after you place your order.

However, you can return or exchange the product by inferring their return/exchange policy.

What Is Stadium Goods Return Policy?

You can request a return within three days from the delivery date.

The product should be in its original intact form, with its authenticity tag on the footwear.

Items bought during sales or promotional periods are not applicable for a return or exchange.



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