If streetwear wasn’t as famous as it was before, it surely has picked up popularity ever since Sprayground came into being. The edgy, freestyle brand is attracting hundreds of thousands of people to wear the most innovative and unique clothes and accessories.

However, there have been some concerns about the credibility of the brand. This article will discuss what Sprayground is, who its owner is, if it is fake, and what it offers.

What is Sprayground?

Sprayground is a brand dedicated to creating, designing, and selling streetwear that people would find edgy, rebellious, and coming-of-age.

These products are often branded as a statement that people can use to showcase their opinions. They are thought-provoking, innovative, and creative.

Sprayground aims to stand out from the brands that sell the same products everywhere.

Is Sprayground a Designer?

Yes. Sprayground is a designer brand dedicated to creating unique backpacks, apparel, and accessories. The brand harnesses the power of customer adoration for individuality to sell products that are recognizable from a mile away.

However, these products can seldom be copied by others due to their distinctiveness.

The aim of the brand is to merge the three most important aspects of products; quality, design, and functionality.

Sprayground aims to produce products that are of top-notch quality, unique and innovative designs, and easy to use with durability and longevity.

Once you invest in the brand and its idiosyncratic ideology, you will not be able to unhook yourself from the perks of having one-of-a-kind items.

Your backpacks and accessories will stand out among the millions of copies of products recreated every day.

Sprayground is known for its art-inspired backpacks and has collaborated with many celebrities such as Shaquille O’Neal and Spike Lee to promote their content and products.

Who is the Owner of Sprayground?

David Ben David is the founder of Sprayground as well as the creative director of the brand. DBD is the mastermind behind the “bag renaissance” that is all the rage in the world at the moment. He graduated with a degree in graphic design from the School of Visual Arts.

He was inspired by the street art scene that eventually also gave birth to the name of his brand – Sprayground.

True to its name and aim, DBD transformed the outlook of backpacks and came up with excellent ideas that turned around the way we perceive backpacks.

These backpacks were a hit amongst the hip-hop community, who love to make a fashion statement by their get-up. David’s nod to pop culture and his bold proclamations were a shock to the fashion industry but quickly became popular.

He is the person behind all the ideas behind Sprayground and its products. He started using references from the street art scene and began printing them on the bags.

People found it inspiring and innovative and quickly gave in. He is not one to stick to the trends. Instead, he goes against the grain and isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

All of these traits are evident in the bags Sprayground produces.

Is Sprayground Associated With Bape?

Sprayground is not officially associated with Bape.

However, allegations against Sprayground suggest that the brand has been stealing designs from various brands, including Bape, for years.

The brand in question has been accused of stealing designs from Bape, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Off-white, and so on.

People have raised the question of why Bape hasn’t sued Sprayground for stealing their designs, but speculations suggest that it is due to the pricey litigations that Bape decides to let go of the transgressions of the said brand.

There are no collaborations between Sprayground with Bape, so Sprayground is not associated with Bape.



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