Since 2006, SmartBuyGlasses has been one of the leading eyewear companies in the market.

Tony Zhuang, David Menning, and Doron Kalinko together started this retail eyewear company which is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Here’s where you can find your perfect pair of eyewear at great pricing, with a wide variety of styles, designs, shapes, colors, sizes, and much more.

Although SmartBuy Glasses is among the best eyewear retailers, many people are unaware of this company, and, even if they are, they aren’t sure if it’s legit, reliable, and worth their money.

This blog post aims to give the best possible answers to these concerns by ensuring that newbies are completely satisfied with SmartBuyGlasses before purchasing from them.

A Brief Outline

SmartBuyGlasses is currently serving in Asia Pacific, Europe, and the United States of America.

SmartBuyGlasses is an online shop where you can pick the best option from countless pairs of eyewear sourced from the top brands at rock-bottom prices.

They offer over 180 world-class eyewear brands, including Gucci, Ray-Ban, Guess, Prada, Versace, and Tom Ford.

The following are the websites of SmartBuyGlasses in the US and Australia:



What Kind of Eyewear Can You Find at SmartBuyGlasses?

Sunglasses, eyeglasses, and contact lenses are all available at SmartBuyGlasses, and they

come in the following shapes and styles:


They offer more than 80,000 frames for men, women, and children.

  • Shape: Aviator/ Pilot, Wayfarer/ Square, Oval, Rectangle, and many more.
  • Style: Full Rim, Semi-Rimless, and Rimless
  • Lens Type: Blue Light Glasses, Multifocal/ Progressive, Reading Glasses, Mirrored, Photochromic, and Single Vision.


  • Shape: Round, Browline, Cat Eye, Oversized, and many more.
  • Style: Clip-On, Full Rim, Rimless, Semi-Rimless.
  • Lens Type: Mirrored, Photochromic, Single Vision, Multifocal/ Progressive, and Polarized.

Contact Lenses

  • Lens Type: Aspherical Lenses, Extended Wear Lenses, Toric Lenses, and a few more.

They have many more deals, colors, features, and materials for their glasses. Visit their website to discover more exciting stuff.

Is SmartBuyGlasses’ Products Quality Good?

All in all, their glasses are of high quality and durability, with excellent cuts, shapes, and features.

Their customers appear to be very supportive and are pretty satisfied with the products they have received.

SmartBuyGlasses has a Trustpilot rating of 4.7 stars out of 5, indicating that their services and products are pretty up to the standards expected of a reliable company.

How Much Do SmartBuyGlasses Products Cost?

SmartBuyGlasses is mainly known for its low costs and high-quality glasses.

They provide competitive prices as well as free and swift shipment. That is why so many people enjoy shopping at SmartBuyGlasses.

They guarantee the lowest prices among eyewear retailers.

Here’s a rundown of their basic eyeglasses and designer frames:

  • The prices of their eyeglasses line range from $7 to $1562.
  • Their extensive sunglasses assortment range in price from $24 to $1218.
  • Their high-quality contact lenses range from $25.15 to $132.25.

Is SmartBuyGlasses Legit?

SmartBuyGlasses is a well-known retailer of authentic designer eyewear. is the tenth most successful eyewear website, with total revenue of $31 million.

In a couple of ways, SmartBuyGlasses is a legit, genuine, and trusted eyewear supplier. They have a slew of other perks, such as:

  • SmartBuyGlasses donates eyewear to those who have lost their sight.
  • They have a great team of opticians with whom you can concern via a toll-free phone line.
  • Their designer glasses offer an anti-scratch, anti-reflective coating, and UV protection.
  • Virtual try-on is an amazing feature that allows you to virtually try on various frames and choose the ideal one for you.
  • The Lens Scanner App allows you to scan your recent lenses to check your prescription.

Customer Service & Policies


As previously stated, SmartBuyGlasses is quite popular for their free and speedy shipment.

Orders for prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses will take 5 to 8 business days to arrive, while orders for contact lenses will take only 3 to 5 business days.

However, delivery time may vary if they don’t have your chosen frame in their stock or if you choose add-ons.

Standard shipping will take 5 to 8 business days, and if you pay $10.40 for Express shipping, it’ll take 1 to 2 days for you to get your order.

The processing time for orders is around 5 to 11 business days.

Return Policy

SmartBuyGlasses offers a 24-month warranty on both prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, as well as a three-month warranty on contact lenses.

If you still want to return your eyewear, you have 100 days to do so to get a full refund. You can also get it exchanged for another pair within this time frame.

You can return your order by simply calling the company to get an RMA (return merchandise authorization) number for the receipt.

Coupons & Deals

You can enjoy a 50 percent discount on your first order for a pair of glasses.

By simply enrolling and verifying their student status with Student Beans, students may receive up to a 60 percent discount as well as an additional 17 percent off selective frames.

You can get a 35 percent discount on orders for progressive lenses by simply using the code: SENIOR35.

Get a 10 percent discount on orders from SmartBuy Collection, SmartBuy Kids, or SmartBuy Readers by simply using the code: SBC10.

Visit their website to unlock many more exciting offers:

Contact Number: 8889792177

SmartBuyGlasses Reviews:

Let’s wrap up this post with some positive feedback from SmartBuyGlasses’ happy and satisfied customers:

  1. “I loved my new glasses! So many frames to pick from. Sizing is an easy process, and no waiting! Great prices on designer frames and the lenses.”
  2. “Amazing experience and better quality and quicker than going into big name brand optical place. Prefer the lenses from Smart, but. Better transition to multifocal lenses.”
  3. “Very happy with the service; received glasses on time, and the delivery was extremely fast, thanks, and will recommend.”



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