Shirts in Style is an online retail company based in Buffalo street, New York, USA, that sells shirts for men with aesthetic prints and styles.

Its factory is based in China and several other websites share the same email address like My Comfy Shirts, and My Comfy Outfits, suggesting they have a similar origin.

There is an abundance of negative reviews regarding the company, claiming it’s no good, and just another scam website to lead you in the wrong direction.

So, is there more to this company other than these negative reviews or is it really just a scam?

Let’s find out.

Is In Style’s Website Legit?

There are several reviews on the website, claiming that it is an absolute scam, and they have good reason to back up their claims. 

Fishy Addresses And Policies 

Why you may ask, are there two Terms And Conditions? At many inferences, you might find that they have been taken down from other websites and pasted on their own. 

The rules and regulations listed are from two countries from Canada as well as the US, adding to more suspicion of the nature of the website.

This redirects us to the security level of the website, which seems a bit tacky at this point. 

The policies are governed by two completely different addresses, meaning that none of the information you provide on the website will truly be safe, including personal and financial. 

Website Design And Domain 

The website design and information provided also seems a bit tacky so you might as well have to reconsider your decision of buying from the site. 

The only way you can contact the company is through their website and email, and social media pages, which take forever to respond. Making the process all the more frustrating.

Shirts in Style also shares a domain with several websites like My Comfy Shirts, Honesty Star, Molly Dress and Pearlzilla Shop which have similar problematic features. 

Customer Reviews 

Apart from that, majority of the customer reviews suggest that they were not happy with the package that they received.

Mainly, because what was given to them was completely different to what was shown on the website or their various social media pages. 

Added to that the late delivery of the package, just proved to be the final nail in the coffin for many customers. 

Many even claimed that their order was not only NOT up to the mark, but also was worn down, used, and stained with pen marks, leaving their money down in the waste.

The Main Issue

The biggest problem yet, behind the demise of the online retail company seems to be the lack of response by its staff. They are super slow on their services and most of the orders just seem to get lost in the midst of the tracking route, which adds to the frustration of the customers. Their helpline is almost non-existent. 

The requests for returns and exchanges take forever to be acknowledged, that they might as well be not answered, so the customers just end up giving up, accepting their loss of money but never ordering from the company again. 

This just confirms the suspicious outlook of the company, adding to their bad name. 

Is Shirts In Style A Scam?

After going through multiple reviews, and weighing all the pros and cons, we have come to the conclusion that the company might be more incompetent rather than a fraud or scam.

How Long Does Shirts In Style Take To Refund?

30 Days Refund Period

No time period is specified, however you do have until 30 days to request a return to the company which should be sent on the email mentioned on their website. 

They do not accept returns without requests so you need to file in before sending any package back. 


Make sure the shirt you want to return is unworn and undamaged before returning the package, since Shirts In Style do not accept any such returns. 

This would enrage a lot of customers who received the orders in such conditions, but couldn’t make a return or request a refund due to the same reasons. 

That is why they specifically request their customers to check their packaging upon receiving their order so that any issues can be addressed immediately. 

A perfect example of inefficiency, if you ask me. 

Things You Need To Take Care Of

Apart from that, you’ll also need to have your receipt and the tag should be in place when returning your order.

Once the company has inspected your parcel, and approved of the condition of the returned package, only then will you be able to get your money back. You will receive a notification, via email. 

Your money will be relayed to you through your original method of payment. It could get delayed by the company or the bank in processing the payment. 

How Does Shirts In Style Work?


Shirts In Style functions through their website where most of the sales are done through the medium. 

They require basic information and have given a detailed review of the cookies to access your browsing details, like your browser, time zone, and region for a better experience on the website. 

Basic Information 

For your order, they will require a few personal details necessary for them to deliver the package as well as ensure the payment procedure, so nothing too major. 

However, the risk lies in giving the information because of the security issues that revolve around the website, which makes your data unsafe around the website. 

Before you decide to fill in the information, do your research well and tweak the settings of the cookies to necessary ones.


Most of the data and information that we have collected, points to the website not being competent enough for a brand of its calibre and the reach it has over the customers. 

However, people continue to buy from the website and receive their orders where a significant number is also satisfied with their purchase from the company.

If only they could work on making their policies and customer services a bit better.

Their quality also has much room for improvement, their image could be redeemed among their consumers.