Buying jewelry online can often be stressful.

Online shopping is met with many challenges, including low-quality merch, the problem of legitimacy, and also scammers.

You often find yourself being restless, waiting for new designs and inventory to arrive.

Did I make the right choice? Is the shop legit? Will the jewelry be authentic? The mind likes to think about a lot of things.

A major disadvantage of online shopping is that you can’t feel or see how the product will look on you. Thus, questions are raised about the quality of the merchandise.

Yet, despite all the criticism, online shopping has become much more popular in the last few decades.

Many people prefer shopping in the comfort of their homes rather than going to stores to buy jewelry.

The reason is that now, many e-stores have outdone storefronts with their more diverse inventory and lower markup rates.

You just need to choose the right store.

One shop that has been becoming popular with many people is Sarraf Jewelry.

The online shop has a great collection of carefully curated gold and diamond jewelry.

But is Sarraf Jewelry legit? Read this article to infer an opinion about the company yourself.

About Sarraf Jewelry

Sarraf Jewelry has been in the jewelry-making industry for about 50 decades. It was founded in 1986. They have a lot of experience with the art of making fine adornments.

They currently have an operating showroom in Los Angeles, where they are involved in the retail of wholesale jewelry.

Their first and foremost priority is the satisfaction of their customers.

This is why they have kept a large inventory consisting of over 20,000 premium, customized, and, best of all, affordable jewelry.

They are so committed to making their shopping experience excellent for their customers that it got them an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau.

And as if this wasn’t enough, they got an overall “Good” rating at BizRate, highly indicative of their dedication and commitment to quality.

Why Choose Sarraf Jewelry?

The people at Sarraf Jewelry really want to brag about their superior customer satisfaction. This is reflected in their core policies.

They are so confident in their product’s durability that they offer their customers a lifetime guarantee.

Their expert and skilled artisans have many years of experience in producing beautiful jewelry pieces. Their products are free from defects.

However, if any defects are found or the jewelry is flawed, you can return it back to them and get a refund or get the set repaired.

All Sarraf rings also have a lifetime refinishing policy.

Additionally, they also have a 30 days return policy if you’re unsatisfied with your product. This only applies to non-engraved items.

For any retailer, having a long-term buy-and-sell relationship with their customer is very important. Sarraf wants its customers to buy from them for a long time.

They ensure that the voice of their customers is heard. Their customer service is super friendly and willing to resolve your problems at any time.

Prices at Sarraf Jewelry

Sarraf Jewelry claims to have the best prices in the market. They say that they are super competitive when it comes to jewelry prices.

Sarraf just wants the best prices for its customers.

To ensure that their consumers get the best product at the best prices, they constantly monitor the market and keep the lowest prices.

Their prices don’t mean that their products are low-quality or worse than other shops.

With regards to their policy of providing the best customer shopping experience, they have included these prices that give you the “best value.”

They want to make your in-home shopping the most comfortable experience ever so that you don’t need to go to your brick-and-mortar store.

Just easily browse through their collection and decide what you want to buy.

They also have an open invitation for anyone who can prove that other shops have a better deal on the same piece of jewelry as them. More information is on their website.

So is Sarraf Legit?

Sarraf Jewelry has definitely made some bold claims. Is the shop really what it looks like?

We have determined that Sarraf is legit.

The customer reviews for Sarraf are super positive. People seem to be happy with the jewelry that Sarraf provides.

Their prices follow the trend of the gold market. For the customer having a better deal than all the other shops in the market is the best thing.

Customer reviews say that the jewelry is good in quality, is durable, and they have no complaints.

Minor issues are observed with their replacement policy. If a flawed product does get to you, getting it repaired or changed can be a bit of a hassle. You can always contact their customer service.

Final Verdict

Sarraf is legit.

It has gathered many loyal customers over the course of 50 years that it has been in business.

They produce and sell good-quality and affordable gold and diamond jewelry.



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