Are you wondering if Rise Footwear is legit?

Rise Footwear has been up and running for less than a year, but it has gained a lot of popularity in this short amount of time. 

It sells sport shoes, athletic clothes, and other exercise equipment. Rise Footwear claims to be a fitness brand to integrate style and technology of shoes into custom-designed footwear. 

Here, we’ll look into Rise Footwear’s legitimacy.

What is Rise

Rise Footwear is an online store with a selection of shoes for men and women, all under one cover.

The company has been around for just a year, and it specializes in athletic footwear. 

The Rise Footwear website is easy to navigate. You can search by brand or by style. There are also categories such as sale items and new arrivals. You can even use the size chart on the site so that you know what size shoe will fit you best.

Is Rise Footwear Legit?

Rise Footwear is a company that sells designer shoes at affordable prices.

They claim to be one of the largest providers of designer shoes on the internet, with over 500 brands from all over the world.

The website does not have any customer reviews, which is a red flag for me. No reviews mean no proof of their quality or reliability as a seller.

Also, there are no testimonials on the site either. There is no way to know what customers think about Rise Footwear or how trustworthy they are as a seller.

Rise Footwear gets classified as a scam site by Trustpilot due to their low trust score and lack of customer testimonials 

I found that it had an average of just 2.4 out of 10 based on 140 ratings by consumers who had bought merchandise from Rise Footwear in the past 30 days. That means that more than half of all buyers believe this site is a scam.

Rise Footwear Reviews: Are they authentic?

The website has a lot of reviews while being very young which is a concern. The website also has an email address that you can contact. It also has a phone number but you won’t be able to call it as it’s not working.

This website doesn’t have any other contact methods except for the email address. The company doesn’t seem to want to be contacted directly by customers or even potential customers. 

This could be due to their product being sold on Amazon or through other online retailers and not directly through the company itself.

This is a little disappointing as the product seems like an interesting one, but the lack of information makes me think twice about buying from this site.

Is Rise a scam?

Rise seems to be a scam.

Why? Because of the following reasons:

  1. The owner of the website is anonymous

The identity of the owner is hidden behind a privacy protection, which means that it is not possible to determine who owns the site.

This can be a sign that this website has something to hide or may be operated by someone who wants to hide their identity.

This also makes us wonder who exactly runs it and whether or not they’ll be around for long enough to handle returns if customers need them (or even want them).

  1. The age of this site is young

This site was created on 07th March 2021, which makes it very young compared to other sites with similar content.

We do not know if this is good or bad yet because we do not have enough data yet, but usually newer websites have less history and are less trustworthy than older ones.

  1. The Tranco rank is low

The Tranco rank for is low, which means that this site has little or no visitor traffic at all.

By having an internal review system, this site has the appearance of being a scam.

Pros of buying from Rise

  • Mostly positive reviews have been left for this website
  • There is a “money back guarantee” on this website.

Cons of buying from Rise

  • Website owner’s identity is hidden
  • Low ratings on trustpilot, tranco etc
  • There are a lot of reviews on this website for such a young site
  • The site uses a system for reviews


The unfortunate verdict is that Rise Footwear has a few serious flaws.

By now, you should be well aware of their deceptive marketing tactics and lack of customer service, but they also employ a worse way to construct their shoes according to some of the reviews.

This poor construction can cause the shoes to collapse faster or even break apart. The brand itself is not very good either, so it may not be worth your money even if you get a good pair of shoes.