If you are outdoorsy or happen to love adventurous things, there is no reason why you shouldn’t check out Regatta and the extensive range of products that they have to offer.

The brand itself believes in having fun exploring outdoors while they provide you with the right gear and attire to do so.

Whether you are planning something action-packed such as a camping trip, hiking, or running, or simply want to take your dog out on a relaxing walk, Regatta will have you covered!

About Regatta

Regatta is an all-rounder brand when it comes to anything related to the outdoors.

It has successful clothing lines for men, women, and kids that mainly aim to provide affordable apparel options to wear outdoors without compromising on quality.

It also offers camping gear such as tents and rucksacks, workwear, activewear, dog accessories, and so much more.

Anything that you might need going out, you may find it here.

The company has a decent social media following and continues to produce products that meet the highest standard in terms of quality and design.

Is Regatta a UK Brand?

Regatta was founded in 1981, in Manchester, by an English family.

It started as a small company with only 12 employees but has now expanded by multi-folds.

Regatta is driven by a workforce that consists of thousands of people working underneath its banner.

It is also one of the most popular brands when it comes to clothing for leisure and outdoors.

While Regatta is primarily a UK brand with its headquarters also located in New Hampshire, in the US, it is not limited to just those places.

The brand exports to over more than 55 countries and has an exceptionally wide customer base.

Is Regatta Made In China?

Regatta is a UK brand, as mentioned earlier, but apart from the UK, its products are manufactured in China, Pakistan, and Bangladesh as well.

Regatta has a long history with China.

The name Regatta, in fact, is a courtesy of the country when Lionel Black, the owner of Risol Trading, took a shipment of waterproof jackets from China that had ‘Regatta’ written on them along with a picture of a boat.

The then-owner, Lionel Black, imported these from China and created his own version of outdoor clothing.

The trade with China, hence, started early on, and now China is one of the places where the products are originally manufactured to be shipped worldwide.

Are Regatta Jackets Really Waterproof?

Regatta manufactures a variety of products, from fleece and trousers to boots, rucksacks, tents, waterproof jackets, and anything that might be needed in an outdoor setting.

Regatta jackets are hard-wearing, durable, and waterproof.

It doesn’t matter how harsh the elements of mother nature are; with a Regatta jacket, you will always be protected.

The brand has core principles set in place so the customers can inspect the resilience of the product against these principles.

It has a Waterproof Rating System with three ranks, namely:

  • Waterproof
  • Water repellent stretch
  • Waterproof breathable

The waterproof products use isotex and hydrafort technologies.

Regatta allows its customers to check the isotex rating of the product. The higher the rating, the more resistant it is to the water pressure.

For e.g., a 5,000 mm rating means it can withstand water pressure of 5,000 mm.

The rating starts from 3,000 mm in isotex, which resists the least amount of pressure, and goes up to 20,000 mm, producing the finest quality waterproof jackets that can resist the pressure of the most relentless rainstorms.

The best part? All Regatta Jackets are waterproof! You can select the one that is best suited to you.

Is Regatta Sustainable & Ethical?

Regatta has marked its name as one of the most highly ethical and eco-friendly brands with the current policies that are in place.

Regatta doesn’t believe in style over sustainability or vice versa. Rather, in fact, it offers both at the same time.

Regatta has opted for recycling as one method to combat environmental problems.

It reuses plastic bottles for insulation in jackets and fleeces.

All its fabrics are recycled and procured from mills that are Global Recycle Standard certified.

Regatta also believes in leaving as little carbon footprint as possible and has tried to achieve that by using railway lines to bring in supplies from China to London.

Their Earth Positive clothing range has successfully reduced the carbon footprint by almost 90%.

Other ranges like Salvage also offer products that are made through 100% recycled means.

Regatta is also part of the Ethical Trading Initiative as well as one of its founding members.

It also has a strict policy to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking from existing in its structure.

They also have Social Impact Programmes that aim at giving back to society and people in general.

Is Regatta Worth It?

Regatta is definitely one of those brands that are widely becoming popular because of their unique range of products paired with affordability, quality, and sustainability.

One of the many reasons why Regatta is favored is because of its reasonable price range.

People from different economic classes can engage with the brand and get high-quality, fashionable stuff.

It also offers a wide assortment of products to choose from. Customers find it fun interacting with a completely outdoorsy brand.

The product quality is top-notch according to the pricing that they offer. All their products are durable. They almost cover the whole ground when it comes to needing something going out.

Moreover, their ethical and sustainable policies are also highly regarded.

In this day and age, people are and also should be conscious of the choices that they make because of the impact those choices can have on society and the environment.

Brands need to be politically correct, and Regatta is one of those brands that are actively trying to promote the betterment of society and the environment.

It’s difficult to find a brand that ticks all boxes, so buying from Regatta is definitely worth it because it does pretty much offer everything.

In conclusion, we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t check out Regatta because it is one of those brands that have something for everyone.




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