Reebok is an athletic shoe company known for its sports-inspired apparel and equipment. The company offers high-performance products that serve as a vital companion to athletes worldwide.

When it comes to the leading brands in the athletic shoe market, Reebok takes the first lead or at least used to in the last century.

Reebok is owned by the Adidas Group, which is responsible for leading many sportswear companies. The brand is best appreciated for its classic designs in shoes and the high-quality materials they offer, along with the high performance.

While the brand was hugely popular in the 70s and 80s, it gradually disappeared from the world of athletic shoes.

More and more competitors rolled in with better and more attractive advertising strategies, pushing Reebok to the sidelines.

This article will discuss the downfall of Reebok, how it is as a brand, and compare the various attributes of Nike and Reebok.

Is Reebok or Nike Better?

When comparing Reebok and Nike, you have to keep various attributes in mind. The material, the manufacturing practices, the prices, social responsibilities, and trend-setting. With these factors in mind, let’s discuss which brand is better.


One of the significant factors you need to consider while buying athletic shoes is what kind of material they are made of.

The boots’ material decides how durable they are, how much they will support you, and how long they will last.

Reebok is mindful when it comes to manufacturing. The brand utilizes synthetic materials such as polyester and rubber but mostly depends on recycled materials to keep their environmental impact minimal. In this regard, Reebok and Nike are not all that different.

Reebok’s Zig collection is a testament to the brand’s growing interest in technological development. It uses the ZigTech outsoles and zigzag midsoles that serve the purpose of better cushioning and more comfort.

Over time, Reebok has worked towards strengthening its technology and has genuinely invested in this aspect.

Since Reebok is not so famous for its style and trend, its prices are not skyrocketing. They may even cost less than Nike shoes.


One of the major selling points that set Nike apart from Reebok is that Nike sells both functional and stylish shoes. The brand is relatively newer than Reebok and gained popularity in the 1990s.

What made Nike popular among the athletes was the superior level of advertising to sell their products.

The brand collaborated with celebrities such as Michael Jordan, and this endorsement had a cultural impact on the youth of the time.

Apart from the advertising, Nike was consistent in its quality and superior performance and offered many unique features that no other brand could offer.

These features would both add to the functionality of the shoes, such as more cushioning, better grip, etc., and make the product look good such as cleats on soccer shoes.

Like Reebok, Nike eventually started paying attention to mindful manufacturing practices that reduced environmental impact.

They also improved their work conditions and provided better care to their employees.

Among the technologies they incorporated in their manufacturing were EVA foam, ZoomX, etc.

Why is Reebok Not Popular?

Reebok used to be a market leader in the sportswear industry. However, the brand has since lost its popularity due to many reasons.

Reebok lacks the advertising skills, marketing tactics, and public support that one requires to stay on top of their game.

The brand does not have the correct or sufficient exposure to its target audience, which keeps them from targeting a considerable chunk of its customers.

Moreover, Reebok is inconsistent with its quality and keeps changing the quality of the shoes they offer. Customers are looking for consistency in designs, grip, and support which Reebok can no longer provide.

What Went Wrong With Reebok?

During the ’80s, Reebok acquired the title of the best athletic shoe company. A decade later, Nike came into power and challenged Reebok’s long and remarkable regime in the sports industry.

Reebok was on an all-time high due to the various collaborations with celebrities and the endorsement it was receiving.

However, in the early ’90s, the beginning of the end of the renowned company was kickstarted.

Paul Fireman is the man who took Reebok to the most incredible heights. The man motivated, inspired, and executed the milestones of Reebok and made it the number one brand in the sports industry.

He had the market knowledge and understood consumer behavior to present to the customers exactly what they needed.

As much as Fireman is celebrated for the brand’s rise, he is also criticized for his role in Reebok’s downfall.

One of the significant reasons Reebok failed to thrive was because Fireman became obsessed with maintaining the company’s sales. He stopped working towards more innovative products, building strategies and promoting the brand.

Eventually, during a regime change, Reebok partnered with Adidas. This partnership cost Reebok its shares in the market. Along with the doomed collaboration with Adidas, Reebok was also facing incredible competition in the form of Nike.

The products were inconsistent, the ideology distorted, and the loyalty disbanded. Reebok eventually lost its individuality and brand image.

Which is a Better Brand: Reebok or Puma?

Reebok and Puma are both high-quality brands and have great names in the market.

While Reebok is a versatile brand offering classic designs with good functionality, Puma mainly offers football shoes.

When deciding whether Reebok is better or Puma, we have to consider every angle.

Puma is a carbon-free company that looks for alternatives in its materials to manufacture its products.

It uses a mixture of natural and synthetic materials and recycles most of them.

Like Reebok, Puma has also transformed its policies to meet environmental conservation guidelines.

Puma has developed numerous technologies to improve the performance of its products.

These technologies include the Vulcanization Production Technique, which provides a superior shoe grip, and Puma Disc Technology which provides a better shoe fit.

Comparing the two brands, Reebok takes the lead with its versatility, functionality, and popularity among athletes.

If we only compare soccer shoes, Puma would probably take the cake, but Reebok is a superior brand.



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