Rebellious Fashion is a Manchester-based fashion company that sells trendy clothes for women. They are very popular among the masses on Instagram and other social media platforms.

They claim to sell trendy, inexpensive, and authentic fashion items. However, do they sell what they have shown on their website and social media?

In this article, we have explained whether Rebellious Fashion is a legit fashion company or not. 

If you are also planning to purchase anything from Rebellious Fashion, you might have questions about its legitimacy.

You might have questions like, is Rebellious Fashion a legitimate brand or is it another scam site that doesn’t deliver the shown product?

Also, is it an ethical company i.e. do they have any policies for the environment, and do they take care of the rights of their workers?

To make it easy for you, we have addressed all of the queries you might have about the legitimacy and ethics of this brand. Keep on reading to find out!

About Rebellious Fashion 

Rebellious Fashion is a company that is based in the UK. It was stated in 2014. They have different clothing items, shoes, and accessories for women.

Rebellious Fashion claims to sell trendy clothes that are popular in catwalk shows or on social media. On their website, Rebellious Fashion has mentioned that;

“Rebellious is the one-stop shop for all the latest trends and show-stopping looks inspired by your favorite insta-babes, celebs, and catwalks.”

The clothes of Rebellious Fashion are also inexpensive and they always have a sale or discount code for some of their products.

Because Rebellious Fashion sells trendy and inexpensive clothes, this means that they are a fast fashion brand.

The social media following of Rebellious Fashion is huge. Rebellious Fashion has one million followers on Instagram, more than 35k followers on TikTok, and more than 70k likes on its Facebook page.

This huge following of Rebellious Fashion on Instagram is due to influencer marketing. They target their customers through influencers because their products are based on trends.

Although the products of Rebellious Fashion are inexpensive and they always have sales on some of their products, they also offer a 15% student discount.

Rebellious Fashion is based in the UK, but they ship their products to different countries around the world.

The return policy of Rebellious Fashion also seems very promising. Because customers can return their products within 45 days of purchase.

However, if they return the products in 14 days, they wouldn’t have to pay any charges.

As we mentioned earlier that Rebellious Fashion sells trendy products, they have a large variety of clothes, footwear, and accessories.

Clothing items of Rebellious Fashion include dresses, jackets, co-ords, jeans, tops, bodysuits, knitwear, sweaters, hoodies, etc.

The footwear products of Rebellious Fashion include boots, heels, and slippers. They have sunglasses, jewelry, scarves, hats, and bags in the accessories section.

They have also provided size charts on their website so that it would be easy for customers to find the perfect fit for them.

Is Rebellious Fashion Legit?

Yes, Rebellious Fashion is a legit fashion brand.

The website of Rebellious Fashion is very interactive and seems interesting because they have added a lot of elements to it.

Rebellious Fashion has a large number of followers on Instagram

Many influencers have promoted their brand. 

Many customers have also posted their pictures with the outfits they purchased from Rebellious Fashion.

Moreover, the customers have given many positive reviews on different review sites.

All of these factors insisted that Rebellious Fashion is a legit brand.

Customer Reviews 

The majority of the customer reviews of Rebellious Fashion are positive.

More than two thousand customers of Rebellious Fashion have given their reviews on Trustpilot and the average rating is 4.7. 

81% of customers have given 5-star ratings, while only 10% of the customers have given a 1-star rating.

Most of the positive reviews are about the excellent customer services of this brand. Customers appreciated that their team replied fastly.

One customer who gave a 5-star rating to the brand wrote;

“Very happy with the response of the team after I needed to change my delivery address. Very prompt response and very happy to help! Thank you!”

The customers have also given positive reviews about the quality of the products. A customer wrote that;

“Asked for an upgrade to next-day delivery not expecting it but rebellious fashion worked so quickly to get it done for me! The dress is of great quality and true to size!!”

These positive reviews from the customers show that the brand is legit and sells what they show on its website.

10% of the customers have also given negative reviews on Trustpilot, but the customer support team of Rebellious Fashion has replied to them and has tried to resolve their problems.

This fashion brand has a large number of followers on its social media account. Many well-known influencers have promoted the products of Rebellious Fashion.

Many customers and influencers have posted their pictures in the outfits of Rebellious Fashion on Instagram, which also shows the legitimacy of the brand.


Rebellious Fashion has not mentioned anything about its ethical policies on its website.

It is a fast fashion brand and fast fashion brands are known to cause harm to the environment. 

It is uncertain whether Rebellious Fashion is eco-friendly because they are not transparent about its policies. 

They have not provided details of their suppliers or manufacturers. Rebellious Fashion is also not transparent about its labor policies.

Since Rebellious Fashion has not provided much information and is not transparent about its policies, it is not an ethical brand. 


Rebellious Fashion is a UK-based company that sells trendy clothing, accessories, and footwear items to women.

Rebellious fashion is not transparent about its policies regarding the environment and workers. That is why it is uncertain whether it’s a legit brand or not.

However, it is a legit brand as the majority of the reviews given by the customers are positive and most of these customers appreciated the brand for good quality clothes and excellent customer service.