Founded in 1967 by the American fashion designer Ralph Lauren, this brand has taken over the market with its several ranges of products and brands.

Its headquarters are situated in New York City, and it produces both luxury and mid-range products.

This brand is known for its marketing and distribution of a wide range of products; home, fragrances, apparel, and accessories.

Now, for those who aren’t entirely clear on what a luxury brand means, we’ll explain that to you.

A luxury brand sells high-quality products which are characterized by exclusivity and have high price tags.

If we take a look at Ralph Lauren’s products, product quality, and pricing, we can most assuredly tell you that this brand is indeed a luxury brand.

However, this is also dependent on the sub-brands within Ralph Lauren. Some can be considered premium, while the others are high-end.

In this article, we will further discuss whether Ralph Lauren is a luxury brand or not. We hope you find this informative.

Is Lauren by Ralph Lauren a Luxury Brand?

This brand started as a fashion brand in 1967 when its owner Ralph Lauren sold ties for men.

Now, in 2022, the brand has grown significantly and sells a wide range of clothing for men, women, and children.

They also sell perfumes and colognes, which are greatly sought after.

While Ralph Lauren is renowned for its luxurious products and commitment to quality, some people believe that the brand’s reputation has been diluted due to the introduction of various sub-labels, reducing its prestige.

According to Wikipedia, this New York-based brand produces products ranging from mid-range to luxury.

The company has a wide range of brands, these include; sub-premium Lauren, mid-range Chaps brand, Double RL, Denim & Supply Lauren brands, Ralph Lauren Childrenswear, and many more.

Having such an extensive line does not always ensure that the brand will remain a luxury brand considering the many factors that weigh into this business.

Out of all the sub-brands, the Collection line and the Ralph Lauren Purple Label can be considered a luxury.

The other brands do not make the cut, as they aren’t considered a luxury- rather, they’d be listed as premium or mid-range.

Is Ralph Lauren Considered to be a Designer Brand?

Ralph Lauren is considered a designer brand. Ralph Lauren’s vast history and products are accredited to forming the quintessential American lifestyle.

According to the man himself, “I’m interested in longevity, timelessness, style- not fashion”, thus giving birth to a certain lifestyle that governed how his consumers acted.

He even started his home accessories that a wide range of people loved.

It is also responsible for spearheading various trends, and its classic designs are the inspiration for many other brands.

The revenue generated from this company in the year 2017 was USD 6.7 billion!

The creator Ralph Lauren himself is considered to be one of the most influential designers, and his Sportsline Polo Ralph Lauren is one of the most sought-after brands, the shirts being most men’s staple outfits.

His clothing line was used in the movie “The Great Gatsby,” which helped skyrocket its popularity.

Now, all this proves that at its prime, Ralph Lauren was indeed a famous luxury brand with great prices that not many could afford.

It was and is still known for its amazing quality, and its products boast of their longevity.

As we discussed before, this brand sells at great prices. The cheapest item among their apparel is dress socks which cost up to $23!

The most expensive item, on the other hand, is a crocodile leather duffel bag which will cost you $25,000.

Is Ralph Lauren a Quality Brand?

We believe that Ralph Lauren is indeed a brand that produces great quality products.

Being greatly synonymous with the American lifestyle, it strives to make products that most of its target audience loves and invests in.

When we talk about brand quality, we keep in mind the recognition of the product’s quality which influences the consumers purchasing habits.

Many Ralph Lauren customers boast of its good quality and service, praising the style and versatility of the clothes.

The Ralph Lauren Corporation is considered to be a global leader in its design and marketing as well as its distribution of premium lifestyle products into different categories like; apparel, home, fragrances, hospitality, and accessories.

As we discussed before, the company generated $6.7 billion in one year, and it is going to make even more as the years progress.

Since it cleverly shaped its brand to fit the American lifestyle, it adapted it to change over the years, and that is why it remains a good quality brand among others.


In the end, we’d like to conclude that Ralph Lauren is a good quality luxury brand that includes other sub-brands which might be considered premium or mid-range.

But overall, it has a good production as well as satisfied customers.



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