An overwhelming list of brands on the internet is available for you to shop from.

Sometimes, it’s a real chore to determine if the brand you’re buying from is worth your money or not.

There goes a list of parameters that you need to look into before you make a decision.

The brand we’ll unfold throughout this post is Quince and we’ll, down the road, see if it’s a good brand – A place you should consider buying from?

First things first, the brand’s long-term vision does matter a great deal. In Quince’s case, it’s pretty fine.

Do you know why we believe so?

The brand endorses sustainability on multiple platforms.

And it ain’t a statement coming from politicians where the only purpose is to seek attention for a while.

But, Quince practices the very thing on its own.

If you’ve been to Quince’s website, you would already know that there’s a long list of products that Quince sells.

It ranges from pieces of cashmere, sheets, jewelry, and bags to Loungewear.

To see if Quince is really aligned with its asserted mission, we probed in and exposed ourselves to the fact that it does!

The sheets listed at Quince were made of Bamboo, that’s an energy-efficient material.

So, the claim Quince backed wasn’t merely a fired shot in the air but an actual practice that the brand incorporates in its approach.

This makes us add a point in favor of Quince.

Well, it’s sustainable in terms of its efficacy in interaction with the environment. This is a big deal and we acknowledge this achievement.

The second factor that we base our study on is to look out if the brand under consideration hits both genders to shelter both of them in one spot.

To our amazement, Quince did cast its umbrella to both the genders, that too keeping the quality.

The question here is, how are we so sure of the quality?

First, it’s all coming naturally, so it’s more real. There’s one more reason for it, and we’ll delve into it below in the article.

Price is another paramount factor in associating the “Good” label with the brand.

YES! There are several brands in the market offering quality, and most of them are luxurious enough to sap everything out of a middle-class man’s pocket.

The achievement at this stage is to provide the quality, that too with the price kept low.

It’s a task that Quince took iron-handedly and it so far has achieved its mark.

The prices are reasonable and affordable at Quince because the brand’s purpose has never been to have it accessible to just the top stratum of the society but to have it delivered to every other house.

The only way to get it done was to keep the prices insanely low, so anyone from any background could buy.

And when Quince did so, rest is the history.

Our Verdict: Based on the argument presented above, Quince indeed is a good brand.

Is Quince a Reliable Brand?

With the inundation of brands in the market, there’s a dire need to explore the brand’s reliability.

The only way to know prior to buying is to see how things turned out for other customers.

A brand is reliable only if it sells the very thing it states. if there’s an apparent contradiction in the promise they make and the delivery one receives – The reliability, in that case, shatters, pulverizing onto the ground.

To validate this factor, we dug into the reviews people have left for Quince. And we were blown by the fact that Quince had 34000+ positive ratings on its website.

That really is a huge number, making us sure of the quality Quince delivers.

There must be an overwhelming number of people coming back, buying the second time, which concludes how their first experience with the Quince went.

So, if we were to say – We would definitely wave a green flag over the reliability thing of Quince because it’s not us but the people across the globe who vouch for its quality.

Is Quince real Cashmere?

The Cashmere section of the Quince ranges in price from 20 USD to 100 USD at max.

Price-wise, it’s doing great, but often people are confused about the validity and the quality of the cashmere products that they see enlisted on the website.

As quoted, Cashmere at Quince is said to be of 100 Grade A fabric which we believe stands true.

The reason is – most of the reviews that the brand has earned are about the content, the quality, and coziness of its fabric which directly is interlinked with the quality.

Hoping on to the next question.

Is One Quince an Ethical Company?

Ethics are an absolute measure to define the legitness of a brand.

Any governing body does not impose these protocols; it’s the feeling of abstaining oneself from a particular thing or doing something to benefit the surrounding in any way.

As documented earlier, One Quince is an ethical company. One of the prime reasons behind this statement is the sustainability factor that Quince considers.

Keeping the cost at the rock-bottom level, and that too by not at the expense of the environment is an attitude to admire.

If all the brand had done to seek was monetary gain, in the short term, it might have served the brand, but in the long term, it would have damaged the reputation of the brand.

Thus, this could end up or culminate in a boycott from people.

On the grounds mentioned above, Quince is ethical.

Is Quince an American Company?

Quince is an American company, but it’s a brand with its paws spread out, creating a web across the globe. No one country manufactures all of the products at Quince.

Quince aims to find the best in the market and import it all the way from there.

For example, towels are imported from Turkey and Leather from Italy – But originally, Quince is based in San Francisco.

So yes, it’s an American company.



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