Climbing and camping through the mountains on a trail hike is not only a great way to put your mind at peace but can also serve as a way to connect with nature.

However, once you are up there, any little problem with your gear or any unexpected weather intervention can mess with your plans.

You need to carry with you handy tools and sturdy outdoor gear that will stick with you through thick and thin without giving up on you.

However, with so many brands claiming to provide the best outdoor gear at questionable prices, it can be difficult to choose one that provides good value for money. So who do you trust?

Allow us to introduce you to Quechua- a brand specializing in making equipment that you can trust blindly to be your best companion throughout your hike!

In this article, we shall discuss its products.

We’ll also discuss whether the brand’s products are comfortable to wear and are worth your money.

Is Quechua an Indian Brand?

At the base of Mount Blanc in France, a group of nine people came up with the idea of Quechua, a brand made specifically for mountain lovers.

So no, Quechua is actually a French brand that originated in France.

With their utmost hard work, they were able to launch their products at the stores of the French company, Decathlon.

Decathlon is the parent company that still owns Quechua.

The name Quechua is a tribute to the Quechua people who live in the mountains of Peru.

It serves as a reminder of how well humankind and nature can be brought together to bring out the best in all of us.

Is Quechua only a Tentmaking Company?

Quechua is a company that makes products for hikers and campers.

The company has focused a lot on technological advancements to its products to maximize efficiency and comfortability.

The company sells shoes, jackets, tents, fleeces, backpacks, and all other products related to hiking for various types of environments.

In 2005, the company revolutionized the tent pitching process by introducing a brand new concept, the ‘2-second tent’.

This was a very easy-to-use, new throw-and-build tent that literally took just as long to stand up as the name suggested: 2 seconds.

Soon, technical adjustments were made to this new form, which was made waterproof, ventilated, and supremely comfortable.

Today, it is one of the best-selling products of the brand.

Other variants of the same concept have been introduced too, with “easily inflatable huge tents” bagging most of the orders.

In the field of backpacks, the company introduced the “self-ventilating backpack,” which had some pretty cool properties, such as a highly sophisticated advanced ventilation system.

Through this ventilation system, the backpack not only sits a fair distance from your back to keep the airflow going but also keeps you safe from all unwarranted sweat that builds up on your back during hot hours.

Other products from the brand include special types of shoes for both extremes of hot and cold environments.

These shoes have various ventilating and insulating materials and textures embedded into the soles.

This optimizes the friction levels and makes the long walking hours bearable for you.

Apart from this, technologically advanced lighting and cooking gear, as well as various other outdoor products, are sold by the brand to fulfill all your hiking needs.

Are the Quechua products even comfortable?

Quechua does invest a lot to make its products not only the most efficient but also the most comfortable for its customers.

The tents made by Quechua are made from highly engineered fabric layers that reflect the harmful rays of the sun on hot days.

It blacks out 99% of the unwanted light while also retaining the heat inside the tent.

This ensures a fresh environment inside where you can sleep with ease.

The room under the available tents is very spacious too, accommodating many individuals simultaneously.

The tents are able to withhold extreme environments and are long-lasting due to the sheer amount of strong substances used in their manufacturing.

The materials used in all of Quechuas products are carefully chosen and well stitched together with room for lots of ventilation, so you remain cool and comfortable during rest hours.

The design and aesthetics are focused on the most in products such as shoes and hiking jackets.

Subtle touches like the patterns on the sole of the shoes are also thoroughly thought upon to maximize the aesthetics of the shoes while keeping their functionality intact.

The team’s head designing unit is based at the base of Mount Blanc, so all testing is done right then and there in the natural environment.

Feedback is taken from actual hikers and campers, and their suggestions are then incorporated into the products.

Is it worth investing in Quechua?

Quechua’s products are actually pretty affordable, considering all the ingenuities and small details that have been packed into their products.

They sure are a good value for their money as the products can last you for many decades.

Besides this, all their products come with warranties for a couple of years and free shipping too! Why would this brand not be recommended then?

Head over to their website: and check out their products yourself!



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