A lot of factors come into play when it comes to deciding if a particular brand is any good or not.

Well, Peter Storm is the brand based in the UK that pretty much engulfs each outfit category.

Down the road, we’ll dive deep into the metrics that would help us conclude if Peter Storm is worth giving a shot.

Noel Bibby launched this clothing brand in 1954, and he’s known to be a guy who thought of Peter Storm and realized his dream of launching his own brand.

His passion for hiking and adventures compelled him to create something that’ll leave its mark in its truest sense.

For a brand to be any good, there has always got to be a purpose behind its launch.

If any brand is just out there for the money, the odds are it wouldn’t last for long.

Because the graph of the money keeps fluctuating.

Sometimes, it’s just the purpose, that stays there and keeps pushing the label to serve people.

When we tried to probe in and find out the actual mission of Peter Storm, this was relieving because we did find one.

We’ve seen brands that made into the market for nothing and we, too, have seen them dwindle over time. So, the purpose we believe is very crucial.

If you’re interested in exploring the “Purpose” behind Peter Storm, do read this article till the very end, because then you’ll know the “Why” behind Peter Storm!

The second metric that we strongly rely on is the availability of all goods in one place.

If that is so, and the particular brand meets the demands and needs of its consumers single-handedly, this then makes it qualify for the word “Good”.

In Peter Storm’s case, we found that Peter Storm covers clothing categories for men, women and even kids.

So, if you’ve got an event to attend where you’re just short of time and energy to look for other sources, Peter Storm is the way to go because it’ll help you avoid the hassle of switching between websites and managing orders.

Peter Storm would make it easy to order and manage because it encapsulates every age group and does have all one needs as far as outfits are concerned.

Return policy is another metric that adds credibility to a brand.

We went through Peter Storm’s FAQ section to determine if they offer any return policy to its customers.

To our happiness, we found that they certainly do.

And the customers who choose Peter Storm and place their orders have 14 days to test their products.

They’ve got an ample amount of time to check their ordered items and if any of it isn’t what was expected, there’s a policy that paves the way for customers to return the products to the company.

Return Policy validity within 14 days is something we would give a thumbs up to.

Another very pertinent parameter defining the worth of a brand is the public response to its products.

While skimming through their official website, we couldn’t get our hands on anything fishy or something we could report.

And everything seemed to fit right in the puzzle.

The quality apparently was great, but this one thing disturbed us.

As said, response matters a great deal.

We checked Peter Storm’s rating on TrustPilot and we found that Peter Stormed is awarded a 1.7 Star rating, with 76% of people rating it a bad experience.

Many of them were seen sayin’ the products they received were different to the ones they ordered.

A guy had ordered a waterproof bag, but to his surprise – He tried it out in the rain and the water seeped in.

That made him write a review that speaks for the quality of Peter Storm.

Final Verdict: Based on the ratings Peter Storm has earned, it absolutely won’t be our recommendation because many have had a poor experience with the brand.

Yes! It’s purpose-driven and it’s been around for a while but it’s quite unfortunate to see people posting negatively about such an old clothing brand.

This surely is fueled by the quality they might have compromised on. So, for now, we won’t endorse Peter Storm.

Is Peter Storm a British Company?

Remember the purpose we talked about up here in the text? For Peter Storm, it always has been to assist people in staying waterproof with their outfits and accessories.

Peter Storm is a British company launched by a guy named Noel Bibby in 1954.

Seeing the varied condition of weather in England made him realize that there must be an outfit meeting the needs of this particular part of the world. This thought then morphed into a reality when he, in 1954, came up with Peter Storm.

Peter Storm has genuinely expanded to the whole of the world.

In Britain, it takes mere 3-5 days for the delivery of your order and at max, it takes 10 days to deliver the product anywhere in the world.

So, it wouldn’t make a false statement to call Peter Storm an international brand.

But originally, if we were to talk about the roots of the brand, the place where it started submissively, then it would any day be Britain where it started from waterproof clothing to a brand known for anything needed to wear in the rain, without any gender-based division because,


Are Peter Storm’s Trousers good?

Water-repellant comfy, lightweight trousers that absolutely are perfect for the weather here in Britain.

Peter Storm never fails to meet the low-temperature standards to assist its customers.

They’ve got both options with them; one with the belt and the other one with the zipper. So, you may go with an option that you’re comfortable with.

Having this variety and durability makes it an incredible option to have on your list. You would hardly see brands offering this many variations in a pair of trousers.

The customers’ response was pretty reasonable, having 63% of the customers rating it 5-star.

So overall, a good option!



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