Diane Von Furstenberg once said, “Jewelry is like the perfect spice-it always compliments what is already there.”

And we couldn’t agree more. Jewelry is and always has been the best way to enhance your appearance.

Finding the right jewelry is not easy though.

Gemstones, gold, and diamonds are too expensive, and you can’t buy them to match your outfits on every occasion.

It is not safe to roam around wearing such stones either.

Many brands sell hella cute jewelry for as low as five dollars, but the quality is below average.

Sometimes the necklaces break as soon as you put them on, and sometimes their stones come out before trial. 

The blackening of those pieces is another story.

Many sellers claim to have nickel-free, gold or rhodium plated jewelry, but they turn black after wearing one or two times. 

Allergies from these inexpensive articles are another story.

Many people develop contact dermatitis from such artificial jewelry. It is a condition in which the skin becomes dry, red, and extremely itchy. 

So you can’t afford gold and diamonds, and inexpensive jewelry has poor quality. Then what, should one stop wearing jewelry?

Absolutely not.

We say the best solution is to do some research before buying from any brand.

It’s better to spend time researching than wasting money on useless jewelry, right?

To make your research a little less time-consuming, we have gathered information about one very well-known jewelry brand- Park Lane.

Park Lane Jewelry has been around since 1995.

Is It An MLM? Well, yes it is but not all MLMs are bad.

The co-founders, Arthur and Shirley LeVin, laid its foundation in their four-room apartment in Chicago.

The couple’s main aim was to gain financial stability for their family by selling jewelry pieces that they defined as “The American Dream.”

During its journey of sixty-six years, Park Lane jewelry spread its roots from the United States to Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Scotland, and the United Kingdom. 

The brand sells everything from necklaces and earrings to bracelets and rings for women and men.

One can also shop from the monthly style drops menu that contains their latest designs.

The prices vary from twenty to four hundred dollars, meaning you can find some cute, affordable stuff in your range.

Park Lane Jewelry also has a lookbook on their website that you can scroll to find how to dress with certain jewelry pieces. 

All this sounds pretty amazing, but it all comes down to the quality they sell.

Is Park Lane Jewelry Real & high quality?

To find out, we did some research that you might find helpful when buying from it.

The brand claims that the base metal for all its products is either brass or jeweler’s white metal.

Jeweler’s white metal is a broad term that can mean anything from platinum to stainless silver.

Considering the prices of the articles, we believe that Park Lane probably uses inexpensive white metals.

Brass and stainless steel are metals that do not tarnish, so it is safe to say that the jewelry can last for decades with proper care.

These metals are also famous for being hypoallergenic, meaning that they do not cause dermatitis or any other condition upon skin contact.

The pearls ParkLane uses in its jewelry are made either with glass, lucite, or acrylic.

Gemstones, on the other hand, can be faceted glass, genuine Swarovski crystals, or zirconia.

Park Lane also has very user-friendly policies for returning or exchanging products.

For watches, the brand offers free exchange within thirty days of purchase. Even after those thirty days, you can get your product exchanged with a twelve-dollar fee.

For other jewelry articles, you can get a full refund upon complaint within thirty days of purchase. The exchange policy is more lenient and allows a free replacement for four months.

All this makes the products sound high quality, but the buyers have mixed opinions.

Does Park Lane Jewelry Tarnish?

One lady claimed that in the beginning, all her Park Lane Jewelry was pretty decent, but later their quality became poor.

She received two tarnished rings and a necklace that broke as soon as she took it out of the box. She went as far as saying that Walmart has better jewelry than Park Lane.

Another lady narrated a similar experience.

Her earrings turned green after the fifth or sixth wear.

She was livid and advised the buyers to shop elsewhere because Park Lane sells Chinese jewelry.

It turns out that the brand’s claim of using hypoallergenic metals is also false because one woman had a terrible allergy after wearing Park Lane earrings.

The brand’s so-called friendly exchange policy has also come under fire. Many women experienced no response or late response from the brand’s representatives.

On the other hand, some people have had pleasant experiences with the brand.

One woman claimed she had been buying Park Lane jewelry for years but never faced any issues.

Another loyal customer said that she has been buying from the brand for the last twenty years, and although she received some broken items, the representatives listened to her and exchanged them for her.

So, the conclusion is that Park Lane does not have one standard for all its products.

While some are amazing, others need loads of work.