Designed and manufactured in California, One One Swimwear headquarters lie in the city where free shipping is provided on all orders above hundred dollars.

It has made quite the hype on social media and Instagram where various models and celebrities are sporting bikini designs by the brand.

However, where and how do they make their swimwear?

And are they as legit as they claim to be?

Let’s find out.

Where Is One One Swimwear Located?

While the brand mainly operates online, its designs are created in California according to the needs of fast fashion

The designs are then taken and manufactured in Florida & Colombia where it is manufactured, shipped back to California, and then shipped and distributed according to the customer’s needs. 

One one has been in the market since 2016 and is primarily an online retail brand, and handles all its sales on its personal website as well as a few others such as Poshmark and urban outfitters.

Is One One Swimwear Sustainable?

No Dead Stock

One one swimwear claims to use recycled pet bottles and include no dead stock. This means they don’t have any extra swimwear pieces to hold onto and sell, a reason they claim to be behind their late delivery. 

Companies typically employ strategies such as discounts and sales to get rid of this extra stock and succeed to a certain extent but not fully. 

Thirty percent of the clothes in this category have to be burned every year contributing to greenhouse gases, waste and global warming. 

It also uses recycled raw material and waste material from their bikinis to create their bikinis, reducing waste and consumption. 

On Demand Production 

One one holds onto a sustainable production system called on-demand production which makes products on demand. An innovative strategy adopted by the introduction of the online industry, where you order the design and they make it.

 A big plus point of this method is that waste is reduced to extremely low levels, where the company makes effort to recycle and no inventory excess where the product is more than the consumer’s demand.

Ethical Work Standards

It fosters a healthy working environment for employees by ensuring equality and maintaining ethical standards of living and working. Over 300 females are leading and managing the company in their headquarter state back in Medellin, Colombia. 

One One Swimwear Bottoms

“One, One”

One of the best things about the company that makes it a favorite among customers, is that they offer separate swimwear articles for you to choose from, and can be bought independently of one another, pertaining to its name, “one, one”. 

This gives you the freedom to customize your swimwear and wear it according to your style and persona. 

Luxurious Designs

There is a wide variety of designs to choose from in One one, and textures fabrics and solid one-pieces to striped and block colors to make their collection luxurious and versatile. 

Apart from offering separate swimwear pieces, they also have creative one pieces to choose from, where they ensemble creative and sexy designs and cuts to make your experience with the company worthwhile.

One One really has elevated the game for swimwear in such a short span of time. 

However, customers have complained about their sizing being off where the One one’s just don’t seem to fit.

So how should you choose your size to ensure you don’t face any hassle post delivery?

Should I Size Up Or Down For their One-piece Swimsuit?

The thing with swimwear fabrics is that they tend to stretch when exposed to water.  Since sizing can vary between different swimwear brands it is best to size down when choosing your swimwear. 

The sizes in which their swimwear is available are explicitly mentioned in their sizing charts, where they give you a cheeky and extra coverage option in One one bottom. 

Make sure you know your fitting and order according to your comfort level. 

However, if you still feel that the fitting is off you can always return or exchange it within a thirty-day period. Do not wash the fabric. 

Use another fabric on your body while trying on your one one swimwear to avoid getting it stained or damaged in any other way. 

Is One One Swimwear Legit?

The brand has been making waves since the day it has been launched, yearning for its easy return policies, great fabrics, and exotic sultry designs.

Apart from that, it has made good use of its policies, never transgressing ethical boundaries and making the best use of waste and raw materials to produce its bikinis with the lowest carbon footprints on the environment. 

Women all over the world enjoy its style and confidence and give it to its wearer while keeping them comfortable in their own skin and bodies.

There are a few issues concerning its late deliveries and sizing fallacies, however other than that there hasn’t been any other factor that we could pinpoint to the company’s demise.

Right now, One One Swimwear feels and looks as legit as ever.

How Long Does It Take One One To Ship?

It typically takes 4-5 business days for your order to be delivered if you’re from the US and 10 days in Europe.

Add 1-2 more days for your order to be processed by the company.

However, there are constant complaints of delays by customers which creates a lot of confusion and anger.

Tracking Orders

You receive an email if your order has been processed, and another when it has been shipped out of the warehouse. They keep you updated concerning the details of your order as well as its current location.

Customer service is available on-site through several contact numbers and emails, but the same issue of late responses occurs again. 

Taxes And Duty

Taxes do not apply to customers living in the US, however, anyone living outside the US has to pay their customs and duties, for which they do not claim any responsibility. 

Their return policies are pretty easygoing where you don’t have to return the whole swimsuit and are mostly free. However, they do not accept returns after 30 days and require them to be damage free.