Are you tired of changing shoes every month because they just keep wearing out?

Are you sick of unreliable brands that sell you their products at a very high rate, but the quality of the merch is questionable?

It’s high time you stop shopping from brands that claim to be the best but are far from good.

Obermain is a brand that values the satisfaction of its customers above everything else.

They do this by producing high-quality goods such as footwear, bags, accessories, and innerwear that are all supremely comfortable.

Obermain is a very old and well-known brand that has put up a good competition against similar brands.

It is famous in Asian countries, particularly in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

But is Obermain a good brand? Are its products durable and comfortable? Is the brand worth buying from? How much do its products cost?

These are some of the questions that consumers have repeatedly asked about the brand.

In this article, we aim to eradicate these queries regarding Obermain. Keep reading to find out more about the brand.

About Obermain

Obermain is a German brand that started in 1888. “Comfort Redefined” is the motto of the company.

The legacy began in Burgkunstadt. The town produced high-quality leather and was renowned for its skillful artisans.

These skilled masters of craft specialized in the art of shoemaking. This is what the company is primarily known for.

The goal of the brand is to provide elevated reliability so that the products you buy from here run for a long time.

The main problem with Obermain was that it couldn’t adapt to the changing world.

The pioneer company was left behind in this era of constant flux and rapid development.

The brand was soon labeled as boring, uninteresting, and old-fashioned.

Although people desired comfort, looks mattered more.

Obermain produced high-quality shoes that looked elegant and had sophisticated designs.

However, the demand of the people was comfy shoes that were also aesthetically pleasing, which Obermain found increasingly difficult to meet.

Nonetheless, it has been able to survive till now. This is because of “Louken Group, ” a brand transforming agency.

One of the great feats of this Singaporean agency is that it was able to transform the old shoemaking brand into a modern label that could compete with other brands in this digital era.

At a time when businesses were shutting down due to the pandemic, not having an online store in such times of peril would not be a smart choice.

Louken Group solved this problem for Obermain by establishing the brand as an e-commerce store online.

Not only did it create a user-friendly and appealing website, but it also helped Obermain to overcome its ancient designs and outdated ways.

Because Obermain was willing to change, it has retained its roots now in history.

They transformed their shopping experience and upgraded their products, which helped them survive the competition.

However, one thing has not changed in these many years.

Obermain’s loyalty to its customers and its devotion to producing reliable, functional, comfortable, and high-end products.

Is Obermain A Luxury Brand?

The brand can be classified as a luxury brand.

The company has been running for a long time and producing high-quality, long-lasting shoes and bags.

Although their products are not cheap, given the quality, they’re deemed quite affordable given the quality.

A price tag of $100 can get you good quality, durable footwear.

Leather shoes may range from $200-250.

Bags and accessories also range from $90-250.

The price is the same for both men’s and women’s products in similar categories.

The brand also offers apparel options. This mainly includes t-shirts and innerwear.

What Makes Obermain Stand Out?

The brand’s motto is “Comfort Redefined.”

The manufacturers are constantly aiming to improve the comfort of their shoes to facilitate the consumer.

In recent years, they have been keen on improving their designs and reinventing some of their old items to appeal to the modern consumer.

The brand has been researching and finding new ways to reinvent comfort.

Their shoes are made to be used on a daily basis, unlike those other uncomfortable luxury shoes that cost a lot and aren’t easy to wear.

To achieve a comfortable sole so as not to hurt the foot of the user, they have introduced multiple layers of polyurethane base and foam.

They also use leather that doesn’t “bite” the feet.

Their bags are evergreen and can be used for any occasion, whether formal or casual. These come in a variety of designs and colors. Most importantly, they are practical.

Their innerwear is also pretty soft and durable.

They also sell one of the trendiest sportswear for women of all sizes.

These products provide superior comfort with their soft and stretchy fabric.

In addition, they are strong and won’t tear easily.


Obermain is a German-based brand that produces high-quality, comfortable, and durable footwear, bags, and innerwear. Their main product is their shoes.

The brand has been running for a long time and always prioritizes its customers.

The price of the products is also affordable.

For people who want a long-running product for a low cost, this brand may be the best choice.

If you’re looking for a brand to use on a daily basis, then Obermain should be your go-to.



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