Nani Swimwear is an American swimwear brand that was founded in 2016. Nani Swimwear sells trendy and active swimwear.

Nani Swimwear has mentioned on their website that they ethically manufacture their swimwear.

When summer is coming, people rush to buy more swimwear items. Nani Swimwear also sells swimwear brands for these people.

But if you are planning to buy any swimwear item from Nani Swimwear, you might have several questions in your mind about the legitimacy and ethics of the brand.

You might have questions like, what do the reviews of the customers tell us? Is Nani Swimwear a reliable and legit brand or is it another scam site where you don’t get what you order and see on the internet?

Also, is Nani Swimwear Ethical? Do they have any regulations about the rights of the labor and do they care about the environment? 

Moreover, where is Nani Swimwear made? Is it made in the USA, China, or any other country? 

In this article, we have tried to answer all of your questions about the legitimacy and ethics of Nani Swimwear. Keep on reading to find out!

About Nani Swimwear 

Nani Swimwear is a women-owned business. It was founded in 2016 by three women Janna Barlow, Marissa Barlow, and Amy Rasmussen.

The idea of starting this business came in 18 year’s old Marissa’s mind when she and her age fellows couldn’t find swimwear that was trendy and appropriate for their age.

So she started to design some swimsuits when she was a teenager. Then she pitched her idea to other co-founders and the brand came into being.

Nani Swimwear manufactures and sells swimwear that is not only trendy and comfortable but also suitable for all ages. 

The swimsuits of Nani Swimwear are available in almost all sizes. They have a size range from extra small (XS) to large (L).

Nani Swimwear claims that it is a size-inclusive brand as they don’t Photoshop their photos nor do they hire any professional models for their photoshoots.

‘Nani’ is a Hawaiian word that means ‘beautiful’.

The reason for giving this name to the brand was that Nani Swimwear created swimwear that will empower women and make them feel beautiful.

Nani Swimwear was founded by three women, hence it’s a women-owned business. On their website, Nani Swimwear has mentioned that;

“All suits are designed in-house from start to finish. For women, by women.”

Moreover, Nani Swimwear claims to be sustainable. Nani Swimwear manufactures swimsuits ethically and uses sustainable methods to create their suits.

Nani Swimwear has mentioned that they use recycled plastic water bottles to make all of their swimsuits.

Nani Swimwear has several likes on its Facebook page and has nearly 90k followers on Instagram.

If we talk about the products of Nani Swimwear, they have various collections of trendy and comfortable swimsuits that are available in one piece, top, and bottom.

Nani Swimwear also has active swimwear that can be used for swimming as well as hiking and biking.

Other than selling swimsuits, Nani Swimwear also sells several accessories such as bucket hats, lip balms, bags, and beanies.

Is Nani Swimwear Legit? 

Yes, Nani Swimwear is a reliable website to purchase swimsuits.

Reliable brands have good reviews from their customers. Many customers of Nani Swimwear have given their reviews on Facebook

The average rating of Nani Swimwear is 4.8 on Facebook. Many customers have given their reviews on Instagram as well.

One customer who recommended Nani Swimwear on Facebook wrote that;

“I absolutely love Nani’s swimsuits. Not just their swimsuits but everything they stand for. They truly believe in the power of women and making swimsuits that you can actually move around in. Their swimsuits are not only functional but gorgeous. They have done something that no other company has done.”

Many customers have posted their pictures with the swimsuits of Nani Swimwear which also shows that Nani Swimwear is a legitimate and reliable brand.

Another customer who recommended Nani Swimwear and also shared some pictures of their swimwear wrote;

“FEELS SO GOOD TO WEAR NANI! Thank you for helping me feel confident and beautiful as a mom! I’ve never been disappointed by my Nani suits and I will recommend them forever. Please don’t go anywhere Nani.”

There were only a few negative reviews we could find on the internet.

Most of the bad reviews are due to minor issues such as the return policy of Nani Swimwear.

The products of Nani Swimwear can only be returned within 30 days of purchase.

Brands that are not legit or reliable don’t show their insights and stories. However, Nani Swimwear has shared its story, history, and other details on Instagram and its website.

The swimsuits of Nani Swimwear are also high in quality and fit everyone.

Positive customer reviews, the high quality of the products, and the clarity of the brand show that Nani Swimwear is a reliable brand.

Is Nani Swimwear Ethical & Sustainable? 

Yes, Nani Swimwear is an ethical brand.

A brand is ethical if it uses sustainable methods to manufacture its products.

An ethical brand takes care of its workers and sets some regulations for its suppliers and manufacturers.

Nani Swimwear has mentioned on its website that they have been using recycled plastic water bottles to manufacture its swimsuits since 2021.

They also use biodegradable i.e. eco-friendly packaging so that no waste can harm the environment.

This shows that Nani Swimwear is a sustainable brand.

Nani Swimwear has not mentioned a lot about its workers. But they have mentioned that they manufacture their clothes ethically.

Nani Swimwear is also a size-inclusive brand. They don’t hire professional models for their photoshoots. 

They also don’t Photoshop their photos to show that swimwear can be worn on bodies of all types.

As Nani Swimwear is a sustainable and size-inclusive brand it is a sustainable brand.

Where is Nani Swimwear Made? 

Nani Swimwear manufactures its swimsuits made in the US.

Nani Swimwear is a women-owned brand. They hire artists from all around the world to design their products. 

However the co-founder, Marissa mentioned in an interview that they manufacture their products in the United States.


Nani Swimwear is a women-owned business that was launched in 2017 to make swimsuits that are trendy and comfortable.

Nani Swimwear has a lot of positive customer reviews. They have products that are high in quality. Moreover, it’s a sustainable, size-inclusive, and ethical brand.

All of these factors show that Nani Swimwear is a legit brand.