If you are into women’s clothing inspired by indie and vintage culture, you would love shopping at ModCloth. Based in Los Angeles, this brand is known for its apparel, shoes, and accessories that fit women of all sizes and preferences.

At this store, you can find one-of-a-kind pieces at this store that allow you to express yourself in the most innovative way possible.

The brand features its signature collection of vintage clothes and hand-picked products from other designers that let people pick out their favorite items without losing their touch of uniqueness.

This article will discuss the specifics regarding ModCloth, its owners, and if the brand is ethical, along with some frequently asked questions.

Is ModCloth Ethical?

While ModCloth sells phenomenal clothing that inspires women to express themselves individually, its sustainability rating is nothing to be proud of.

ModCloth’s customers have consistently raised concerns regarding the brand’s ethics and how its products are created.

However, the brand does not provide sufficient information about its practices, production, and employees relationship to gauge an idea.

Their customers have a right to know and understand their production policies and practices to analyze their impact on the environment.

The company doesn’t think so, so one cannot comment on how ethical the brand is.

Does Walmart own ModCloth?

In 2017, Jet.com, Walmart’s most vital E-commerce asset, bought ModCloth. This move was part of ModCloth’s strategy of acquiring some of the brands that have a robust online presence, are a part of E-commerce, and can lead digital marketing campaigns.

ModCloth’s relationship with Walmart received a significant backlash from the brand’s fans. The personalities of both these chains were utterly different.

Walmart with its commercialized products that appealed to everyone, and on the other hand, ModCloth with its persistence in having a distinct, one-of-a-kind image.

After two years since Walmart acquired ModCloth, the former decided to part ways with the latter and many other brands it bought over the past two to three years.

On January 8th, a Los Angeles-based brand known as Go Global Retail took over ModCloth.

It turns out that the decision to shift power was favorable for ModCloth as Go Global Retail had grand plans for the brand.

Go Global Retail planned on restoring ModCloth to its former glory by bringing back its classic, independent style and giving the customers what they wanted.

This comeback successfully was the brand’s eagerness to listen to its customers and understand what kind of stuff they were looking for.

The loyal and vocal customer base of ModCloth allowed the brand to acquire its former place in the market.

In 2021, ModCloth was once again sold to another company. Now it is owned by Noggin. Inc, a Tustin-based company that brings something entirely different to the table – tech.

Where is ModCloth Clothing Made?

During the various sustainability surveys that included many famous brands, the question of where ModCloth clothing was made remained a mystery.

The brand has never disclosed where its clothes are made, who makes these clothes, and the environment under which these clothes are made.

There is no mention of their factories, the conditions of their employees, security, and what they pay their staff.

The only thing that the brand answers to these questions are that they take part in regular audits to ensure they follow the code of conduct and not misstepping any boundaries or rights.

However, the brand still fails to share the results of these audits and the contents of its code of conduct.

When their products were analyzed, only a tiny percentage of these items said: “Made in the USA,” and most of the products read “Imported” – from where? That remains unanswered.

Is ModCloth a Chinese Company?

No. ModCloth is an American online retailer based in Los Angeles.

In comparison, the brand imports a lot of its products, the company’s origins are not from China. There are no allegations or evidence to think otherwise.

Are Any Fast Fashion Brands Ethical?

Finding brands that are mindful of anything but their profits is difficult.

Most of the brands we come across are self-indulged and only care about how much they earn by selling thousands of trending items, regardless of the way they are produced.

So what makes these brands ethical? Ideally, you would want to shop from a brand made out of natural fabrics, handmade, and free of toxic dyes and pesticides.

Along with caring for the environment, you would also want the brand to be considerate of its employees, pay them fairly, and have good working conditions.

Sadly, no brand follows all these conditions, the most minor fast fashion brands.

However, some brands walk in between the extremes. They care about their profits, but they are also mindful of sustainability to some extent.

While these trustworthy brands are hard to come across, they certainly exist. The most popular brands claiming sustainability nowadays include Zara and H&M.



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