ModaXpress is a fashion brand that is based in Florida. The main aim of ModaXpress is to sell clothes that are in trend.

They have clothing items such as dresses, activewear, and sleepwear. ModaXpress claims that they ensure the safety and satisfaction of their customers.

However, is ModaXpress a legitimate brand? If you are planning to purchase anything from ModaXpress, you might have questions about its legitimacy.

You might have questions like, is ModaXpress a legit brand or is it another scam website that doesn’t deliver what it shows? Moreover, is it an ethical brand?

In this article, we have explained whether ModaXpress is a legit brand or not. 

We have also answered some of the queries you might have about the legitimacy and ethics of ModaXpress. Keep on reading to find out!

About ModaXpress 

Before moving towards the legitimacy and ethics of ModaXpress, let’s understand what ModaXpress sells.

ModaXpress is an American brand that sells clothing items for women. ModaXpress sells clothing items that are in trend. 

ModaXpress is based in Florida. They claim to make clothes that have a fashion sense of Miami.

On their website, ModaXpress has written that;

“Moda Xpress is inspired by the exotic atmosphere of sunny Miami, where bold fashion statements are made.”

ModaXpress has its presence on almost all social media platforms. ModaXpress has nearly 50k followers on Instagram and more than 100k likes on its Facebook page.

This huge number of followers shows that people trust ModaXpress. Also, the reviews of customers on different review sites are positive.

ModaXpress ships to different states of the United States. Other than that, they also shop their clothing items in some selective countries.

The shipping costs differ for different situations. For example, the shipping cost of standard delivery is less than priority shipping and express shipping. 

For the ease of their customers, they have provided the details of shipping costs on their website.

ModaXpress accepts payments through Visa Card, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Discover, Google Pay, etc. 

ModaXpress claims that they believe in 100% customer satisfaction. But if the customer gets a damaged or wrong product, they can return it within 30 days of purchase.

To make it easy for customers to return their products, ModaXpress has a return portal. Customers can describe their issues and upload pictures of the product on this portal.

ModaXpress sells bottoms, tops, dresses, activewear, sleepwear, and loungewear. They have different types of tops such as casual tops, sweaters, jackets, bodysuits, and basic tops.

ModaXpress claims to sell authentic and trendy clothing items. But is ModaXpress a legit brand?

Is ModaXpress Legit?

Yes, ModaXpress is a legit company.

ModaXpress has satisfied customers who have given positive reviews on different review sites. 

Moreover, ModaXpress has a return portal that helps those customers who got shipped damaged or wrong products.

Customer Reviews 

Customers have given positive reviews about ModaXpress on different review sites.

ModaXpress has listed reviews of more than 2500 customers on its website. The majority of these reviews are positive and have a rating of 5 stars.

Many customers have also given reviews of ModaXpress on different review sites. The average rating of ModaXpress on Trustpilot is 4.1 which shows that the majority of their customers were happy with the purchase.

78% of these customers have given 5-star reviews, while only 12% of the customers have given a 1-star rating to the brand.

One customer who gave 5-star reviews wrote that;

“I’ve been shopping in this store for years! Never disappoint. This is the only online store where I can find jeans that fit lol. My order came in less than a week.”

Most of the customers who gave positive reviews have mentioned that their products have been delivered on time. These customers were also happy because the clothing items of ModaXpress fit them perfectly.

There were a few bad reviews as well. The customers who gave a 1-star rating to the brand complained that the customer service team of ModaXpress is not responsive.

An unsatisfied customer wrote that;

“Do not conduct business with this company. I purchased some items for my wife which were too small so I called the company and got no answer so I called again a few days later and still no answer.”

The average rating of ModaXpress is 3.68 on SiteJabber. Again the customers were happy with the delivery time. 

Those who wanted to contact the customer services team of ModaXpress couldn’t get any reply. Customers complained that the response rate of the company is very low.

The average rating of ModaXpress on Reseller Ratings is 4.87. Again the customers were satisfied with the delivery time but complained that the company did not respond.

Overall, the average ratings of ModaXpress on different review sites show that it’s a legit company.

Quality of Clothes 

The quality of the clothes of ModaXpress is reliable.

The quality of their clothes is reliable. Many customers have given thumbs up to the quality of the clothes of ModaXpress.

One customer wrote on Trustpilot;

“I love the jeans, they are great quality and fit perfectly. The order arrived sooner than I expected. Love love Moda Xpress.”

Customer Services

The customer services of ModaXpress are average.

ModaXpress ships its products within the expected time. They also offer quick shipping services.

ModaXpress makes sure that customers don’t receive damaged products. But if a customer receives a damaged product or a clothing item that doesn’t fit them, they can return it to the company.

ModaXpress has a return portal where customers can apply for the return process. They can describe their problem and upload a picture of the product they want to return.

Although ModaXpress has a return portal, if someone still needs to contact them, they have provided an email for that.

However, the response rate of ModaXpress is very low which results in a negative impact on the customer and they’ve given some bad reviews due to this reason.

Is ModaXpress Ethical?

ModaXpress stands in the grey area in terms of ethics.

In the FAQs section of the website, ModaXpress has mentioned that they don’t use animal fur in their dresses. They believed that the fashion industry can do wonders without being cruel to animals.

ModaXpress has not mentioned anything about it being eco-friendly. It also has not mentioned the policies it might have regarding its workers.

Since the brand is not transparent about a lot of its policies Hence it stands on the gray line in terms of ethics.


ModaXpress is a fashion brand that sells various types of trendy clothing items for women.

ModaXpress is a legit company as its customers are satisfied. However, the response rate of this brand is low.

ModaXpress has taken steps to stop animal cruelty in the fashion industry, but it doesn’t seem to have any policies regarding the environment.