If you’ve ever shopped on Moda in Pelle, you know that the site can be a little bit confusing.

They offer an enormous range of clothing and accessories at competitive prices, but they’re also known for their strange marketing tactics. 

They’re one of those companies that seems to have a lot going on behind the scenes—and it’s hard to know whether or not their products are actually good quality.

So is Moda in Pelle legit? Or is it one of those sketchy sites that’s just out to make a quick buck off of gullible customers? We took a look at the company, their products, and what they stand for before writing this review so that you don’t have to!

Who owns Moda in Pelle?

Stephen has been with Moda in Pelle since it opened. He specializes in leather goods, luggage and accessories. 

He has a love for all things Italian and has traveled extensively throughout Europe.

Stephen’s favorite item is the Bottega Veneta bag because of its timeless design and quality craftsmanship. 

Moda In Pelle is based on three core principles: Quality, craftsmanship and design. 

Stephen Buck believes that quality should never be compromised for price and that if you want something unique it must be handmade by someone who cares about what they are doing.

Stephen is also an avid collector of vintage books about Italy, as well as antique maps, globes and atlases.

What does Moda in Pelle mean?

Moda in Pelle is a fashion brand that specializes in leather bags, belts, wallets and other accessories. 

The brand is based on the concept of “design and produce with love”. The Moda in Pelle collection offers sophisticated products with a touch of Italian elegance.

Moda in Pelle means fashion in leather. A modern, elegant and sophisticated brand that designs and produces unique accessories in Italy.

The name Moda in Pelle comes from the Italian expression “moda e pelle” meaning fashion and leather. 

Moda in Pelle’s products are 100% Made In Italy, from the design to the manufacturing processes, so they can be distinguished by their quality, originality and uniqueness.

Is Moda in Pelle legit?

Moda’s website promises “the best selection at the lowest prices,” but some customers say that isn’t true. 

The site allows shoppers to browse brands by category, search for items by name or browse through their most popular styles.

There are more than 200 reviews and 1.8 ratings which is quite poor on trust pilot from customers who say they were disappointed with their Moda purchases. 

Customers report receiving damaged items, slow shipping times and an unhelpful customer service team.

Moda has also been accused of being a scam by some of its reviewers due to the fact that after they paid by PayPal or credit card, they never received their order.

Other reviewers complained about the long wait time for refunds when they requested them: “I ordered 2 bags on Dec 25th and as of today Feb 5th I have not received anything.”

Moda’s website shows that it accepts returns within 30 days of purchase if there’s something wrong with the product or it doesn’t look like what was advertised online — but only if you have proof of purchase (an order number). 

If you don’t have proof of purchase, then you have to email Moda within 30 days.

Where are Moda in Pelle shoes manufactured?

Based in Italy, the company manufactures its products to a wide range of markets throughout Europe, Asia and Brazil, but it is based in Italy.

 It features a variety of styles of shoes for women and men including sandals, boots, pumps, sneakers and loafers, along with a range of children’s shoes.

Is Moda in Pelle a sustainable brand?

Moda in Pelle is a company that produces leather goods. They claim to be a sustainable brand, but are they really?

Moda in Pelle claims that their products are made with the highest quality leather and are vegan. 

They also claim to use local artisans and ethically sourced materials.

Moda in Pelle uses Italian leathers that are vegetable tanned and dyed using natural dyes such as indigo or madder root dye (which gives them their unique color). 

These eco-friendly dyes are safer for our environment than synthetic ones because they do not contain toxic chemicals like formaldehyde or heavy metals like cobalt or chromium.

The first thing we noticed about this brand was the price tag on their products. 

The website says that their wallets cost around $150 each, which is quite expensive for a wallet.

We decided to do a little more research on the company, which led us to their About Us page on their website. 

The company claims that they’re “not just another fashion brand”, but rather an ethical luxury brand with a focus on social responsibility and sustainability. 

Moda In Pelle’s mission statement reads: 

We believe luxury should be accessible for everyone – no matter what your budget or lifestyle might be! We want to make sure our products are available to everyone at an affordable price point so that everyone can enjoy our pieces without breaking the bank!


So is Moda in Pelle a scam? No, but their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. 

They need to work on improving the customer service and on their product quality. 

It is not without its problems and caveats, but we truly believe that, with enough time and information out there on these shoes and their backstory, the fashion community will make an informed decision when purchasing from this company. Overall, 

Moda In Pelle does have some nice handbags and wallets, but I wouldn’t buy from them unless you want to wait about six months for your handbag; otherwise, save yourself the hassle and buy from an ethical brand.