Buying something from an online store is always risky. If you wish to stay safe from online scams, shop from reliable brands. 

If you see a website that makes you drool over its exciting deals, do not forget to research it.

A lot of sellers have offers that are too good to be true. One such seller is Moda de Andrea.

The Parisian retailer claims to offer luxury brands at discounted prices but is selling real stuff?

Let’s find out.


Moda De Andrea is a fashion retailer that caters to men, women, and children. 

The store was launched in 1982 and with its founder’s dedication, it grew over the years. 

Today Moda De Andrea’s physical store is located close to the Galeries Lafayette, which is one of the leading venues of fashion and luxury in Paris

Moda De Andrea claims to have the most remarkable collection of world-class brands. 

From the most trending bags to hot celebrity outfits, the retailer has everything available at up to 60 percent off. 

The brand claims to be the one-stop shop for Paris’ elitist class and international tourists. 

Some of the most well-known brands available in the Mona de Andreas store and website are Valentino, Saint Laurent, Golden Goose, Phillipp Plein, Salvatore Ferragamo, Giuseppe Zanotti, Gucci, Hogan, Philippe Model, Jimmy Choo, and Fendi.

In total, the retailer sells collections of 70 brands. 

Currently, the most expensive item on the website’s women’s section is a Gray Dolce & Gabbana dress limited edition N ° 131/150.

The original price of the silk dress is USD 4,039 but since Moda de Andrea promises its customers the best deals, one can get it for USD 3,017 on its website. 

The retailer also allows its buyers to pay for the clothes in 4 interest-free installments. 

The lowest-priced item, on the other hand, is an Off-White Mini Industrial yellow belt with a black inscription

The original price of the accessory is USD 184 but Mode de Andrea is true to its claim of selling at discounted prices. So, you can get it from the website for USD 142. 

The retailer has an enormous collection for men and women but we wouldn’t say that for the kid’s section. 

We only found a few pairs of shoes for kids on the website. So if you are searching for a brand that offers a variety for children as well, Moda de Andrea is not the perfect choice.


The shipping policy for the brand is pretty simple. 

Once you’ve added your desired items to the cart, you can pay with Visa, Mastercard, China UnionPay, American Express, or PayPal.

Once the payment is cleared, the order is shipped through some reliable courier company like UPS, DHL, DPD, USPS, or China Post.

For France, the order takes 1 to 2 days to reach the buyer. The clients located elsewhere get their shipment in 2 to 4 days. 

Moda De Andrea’s return policy is also straightforward. If you are not satisfied with the product, ship it back to the company’s return address within 14 days.

The product must be in brand-new condition and its security seal must be intact. No item is taken back if the security seal is broken. 

One can also contact the company’s customer service representative who is available from Monday to Friday. 

The best bit about Moda de Andrea is that, unlike shady websites, it has a phone number, e-mail address, and returning address available online. 

You do not need to message the representative continuously to get the returning address. Just ship your item and your money will be refunded. 


Every brand needs good reviews to make its business sound reliable. 

More than 70 percent of shoppers make up their minds about a brand from the reviews they see online.

So it is safe to say that reviews can make or break a brand.

Moda de Andrea has around 379 reviews online. 98 percent of those reviews are positive and only 1 percent are bad. 

Most of the customers have praised the retailer’s fast and efficient delivery service.

One buyer wrote that Moda de Andrea is amazing. They shipped his order immediately and it reached him in no time. He also thanked the brand for having awesome service. 

Another buyer from the US wrote that she was not expecting her shoes to reach her quickly. But was amazed when she received them within one week.

She loved that the retailer allows tracking at every step and claimed she would be shopping from the retailer more often.

The quality of products shipped by Moda de Andrea has also been praised by a lot of purchasers. 

One buyer named Melissa wrote that she got the most beautiful pair of boots from Moda de Andrea. Everything from the packing to the quality of shoes was perfect and she loved it.

Another purchaser says that she ordered YSL shoes which were stunning and shipped super fast. 

One reviewer complimented the website’s discount deals claiming that she got an amazing Gucci T-shirt for only 50 euros. 

We tried to find bad reviews about the seller as well but it was like finding a needle in the hay stack.


Moda de Andrea bought the domain name for its website 8 years ago. 

This is a good sign as most scam sellers have domains that are only two to three months old.

The tranco ranking of the website, however, is low, meaning it does not get a lot of traffic. One possible reason behind this can be the seller’s physical store.

Maybe people buy from its store rather than buying online. The brand had tons of positive reviews and the SSL certificate is valid. 

From this, we conclude that Moda de Andrea is a legit website.

So if you want to order a luxurious designer item, don’t look here and there. Open Moda de Andrea’s website and place the order without any hesitancy.