Moda 3 is an independent retailer of lifestyle products. Their products include clothing, accessories, as well as footwear. 

There’s a myriad of new brands that launch almost every other day, but not all of them can be trusted. 

Usually, these new brands are a cheaper alternative to the already established brands that keep increasing their prices because of more demand. 

As these brands can be expensive, people move towards newer alternatives in order to find the latest trends but on a budget. 

However, it is cases like such where mostly people end up getting scammed. Not every new brand can be easily trusted as we have no background and very limited feedback on them. 

Although the established brands can be expensive, you at least know what you are getting! 

Anyhow, that’s not the point of this article. I’m here to help you out so that you have all the information on newer, alternative brands. One such brand is Moda 3. 

If you are curious to know whether this brand is legit or not, then you’ve come to the right place. Generally, people read reviews to see if it’s good or not. 

But you’d be disappointed to know that in today’s world even the reviews are fake as they can be bought. 

However, you don’t need to worry! I did an in depth research on the company Moda 3 and in this article, I’ll be discussing all details regarding it. We will also take a look at how legit it is. 

So let’s dive right in!

About Moda 3

Moda 3 is an independent retailer which was established in 2004 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It has been a staple in this region for almost over a decade now. 

The store is usually regarded as a shoe store because they specialize in sneakers and streetwear. However, they keep all products related to lifestyle, like clothing and accessories. 

Basically, their aim is to establish a combination of products which represents our everyday lifestyle. 

The retailer is known to hand pick and assemble the best stock so that they can turn one’s shopping experience into an amazing one. They even claim guarantees of their products being the best. 

Moreover, they’re especially proud that they have unique items for almost everyone, from young to old. 

Their customer base comprises entire families, which find it easier to approach them as they tend to be a one stop shop for the whole family. Moda 3 works to be the best for them. 

The retailer also consists of stock from brands like Nike, New Balance, Vans, and even Converse. 

As a part of the fashion industry which is ever evolving, Moda 3’s aim is also to develop and improve continuously. This allows them to provide a family shopping experience that will be hard to forget. 

Moda 3 also has free delivery on all orders which are above 175 dollars. You can even make a return easily within 30 days if you’re not happy with the purchase. 

They claim to have very fast shipping as they ship the same day you give the order. They also provide customers with the option for free curbside delivery at checkout. 

Additionally, Moda 3 also claims to only provide customers with the most genuine and authentic products. 

Is Moda 3 actually legit? 

If you visit their website, they seem to be like any other normal brand. They appear as a legit store. 

However, one can’t trust the company just by the looks of it as looks can be very deceiving. So I went ahead and conducted a detailed search on this brand. 

Firstly, one defining factor which proves the legitimacy of this store is the fact that they’ve been running for over a decade now. 

A store which would’ve been a scam one won’t be able to run for this long. As the truth is bound to come forward at one point in time!

Moreover, I also went ahead and searched this brand’s reviews on trusted review pages. According to Scam advisor, Moda 3 has a trust score of 100 out of 100. They even regard the company as safe and legit. 

According to this page, the DNS filter labeled the Moda 3 website as safe. Their website is also trusted by Trend Micro. 

Moda 3 also has an SSL certification which proves their validity and credibility. The site was also set up years ago. 

Plus you shouldn’t worry about getting scammed as they offer payment options which have money back services available. This allows the customers to receive a hassle free return if there’s a need. 

Furthermore, the company Moda 3 also has many positive reviews on sites like Yelp. Customers regard their products to be the “best” and coolest”, especially their streetwear. 

Many people are also happy with the deals and discounts that this brand offers. They even have a 4.8 star rating on google reviews. 

Another factor which makes us believe that the company is legit is the fact that they have all the information available on their website. 

You could simply check their FAQ page for queries or even contact them via email address. Their customer care department is known to be amazing and they’ll gladly help you out. 

Final Verdict 

In conclusion, to answer the main question, yes Moda 3 is a legit store. This means you can trust them with your orders. 

People believe that this is the best spot for customers who are into sneakers and more modern looks. 

In addition, the store isn’t just focused on the region it is established in. It has many non-milwaukee focused options as well. 

You could buy everything from this brand, including accessories, watches, backpacks, as well as sunglasses. 

Moreover, this retailer has amazing reviews and most of their feedback is positive only. People are happy with the shipping and delivery. Plus, the brand promises to deliver what you order. 

If you’re looking to buy from the retailer Moda 3, then go ahead with your orders. It is a place which is worth the risk. 

I hope this article answered all your queries regarding the Wisconsin retailer, Moda 3!