Sometimes, finding the perfect footwear is harder than finding your soulmate.

With so many brands releasing hundreds of new designs, it is hard to decide what is worth buying and what isn’t. 

You may come across a pair of sneakers that look so comfortable, but when you wear them, all your dreams come crashing down.

The back digs into your heel, or it’s too tight to fit your toes perfectly, and there you are, limping around, waiting to get back home. 

Sometimes you may find the comfiest pair of footwear, but then comes the pain of them not being cute enough.

Let’s face it, none of us will wear an ugly pair of sandals to a party, no matter how comfortable they might be.

Then what is the solution?


How to find the perfect footwear that will feel comfortable, look cute, and won’t cost you an arm and leg?

In our opinion, it’s a retailer that keeps various brands under one roof. 

Such sellers make it easy for you to compare the prices and designs before purchasing.

It’s even better if those sellers have an actual store, not just a virtual one, because trying on shoes gives you a perfect idea about their fit.

One such retailer is MJ footwear. The seller claims to believe in offering its customers high-quality shoes for every occasion. 

On its website, you will find footwear from over fifty well-known brands like Vans, UGG, The North Face, Wolverine, CAT, PUMA, Lacoste, and Chippewa Boots.

Since MJ footwear is not as famous as other retailers, people doubt its authenticity, and wisely so. 

Anyone spending money deserves to know whether they will be getting the right product or not. So we did some research to figure out how genuine MJ footwear is.

First, let’s talk about the retailer’s real-life store. Does MJ footwear own any actual store? The answer is yes.

 MJ footwear has been operating a family-owned store since 2010. To be more precise, MJ footwear started the business by opening a store at College Point, Queens, located in New York City.

Having a store is proof enough that a retailer is not a scammer. But to become one hundred percent sure, we did some research on their website.

From the first look, the website seems legit. To make the shopping experience smooth, the website offers separate sections for men, women, children, and accessories. 

You can also surf their Brands page and select a specific brand you wish to buy from. 

The About Us page tells us about the family history of the footwear business and how it prioritizes its customers even after expanding. 

MJ footwear also tells its users its mission of ensuring high-quality shoewear for every occasion. 

It explains that all the brands displayed in-store and online are carefully selected so that the consumers do not face any problems after buying them.

If you compare the prices of the articles the retailer sells online, you will not find them any different from the selling cost on the brand’s website. This is another proof of MJ footwear’s genuineness.

If you order an article that doesn’t fit well or has some defect, you can easily send it back to the seller and get all your money back. 

Their return policies allow you to send your order back anytime from sixty days of purchase.

The seller also takes full responsibility if you receive the wrong design, color, or size and pay for your return shipping.

Regarding customer service, the retailer boasts about caring for its customers and providing them with all the assistance they need. 

They have answers to frequently asked questions and offer a size guide that you can go through before making a purchase. 

The brand allows buyers to track their orders. If an issue needs direct attention, you can contact MJ footwear using the company’s telephone number or customer care email account.

Now that we’ve gone over basic things, let’s take a look at the technical stuff.

Most scam websites buy the brand name and sell it shortly after because the word starts to spread about their fraudulent activities. 

According to our research, MJ footwear bought the domain a year before the website was up and running. This gives us an idea about the retailer’s seriousness regarding running his business online.

Another positive sign is that MJ footwear has been running for several years. Had it been a scam site, it would’ve stopped working after a few months.

Now let’s talk about how much the retailer cares about the security of its online buyers. Any good website must have a valid SSL certificate. 

An SSL certificate ensures that all the information you provide to a website is encrypted and can not be assessed by any third party. 

Fortunately, MJ Footwear owns a valid certificate, so there is no need to worry about your phone number or debit card information getting leaked.

The retailer also protects its website with the help of a DNS filter- a tool to ensure that its online store is safe from hackers and malware. 

This tool also ensures that anyone surfing the MJ footwear website does not see inappropriate content such as porn site ads.

While MJ footwear ticks most boxes on a legit website list, there are still some loopholes that we must not avoid.

When a company’s reputation is at stake, reviews from the buyers matter a lot. Unfortunately, 

MJ Footwear does not have reviews on famous sites like Reddit. Another thing we must highlight here is that the brand does not get a lot of viewers and has a low ranking on tranco. 

Final Verdict?

MJ footwear has a warehouse and an operational store. It offers a return and exchange policy. The customer care service is active and responsive to any issue a customer may have. 

The domain has been the retailer’s property a year before the website started.  All this proves that MJ footwear is 100% legit.