Michele Franzese Moda is a luxury brand retailer in Italy. They offer clothing for men, women, as well as children. 

I think we all understand that it is quite difficult to trust any retailer with luxury products.

There’s always the built-in fear of getting scammed and not receiving the authentic product. 

Luxury items are already very expensive and hard to find. Now imagine paying so much just for all of it to go to waste. 

There are many people who actually pay several hundred dollars just to get their luxury product. With so much money at risk, the fear of getting scammed seems right. 

Besides, it is every customers’ right to know what a retailer or brand is up to. Therefore, they usually read reviews over them on the internet. 

But you would be disappointed to know that in today’s world, even the reviews can be fake. A brand or company can easily just buy fake positive reviews. 

In fact, if you visit their own websites for reviews, then all of them will most probably be filtered. They only highlight the positive ones, whereas, filter the negative ones. 

For all these reasons, people have become hesitant while shopping. They don’t know which brand is legit and which one’s not. 

One such case is with the multibrand, Michele Franzese Moda. 

If you’re curious to know whether this retailer is legit or not, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll be discussing all details regarding it and we will see how legit it is. 

So let’s get right to it! 

About Michele Franzese Moda 

Michele Franzese Moda is an Italian luxury multi-brand retailer which caters to men, women, as well as kids. It was founded in 1992 by the entrepreneur Michele Franzese and thus named after himself only. 

Michelle had passion, ambition, and a dream which he converted into reality. He wanted to become relevant in the fashion world and he did indeed.

Michelle is an extremely popular luxury brand in today’s world and they are known to ship all over the world. 

Their first boutique launched in Sant’ Anastasia, which is a stone’s throw from Naples. Today the same building is about three floors tall and is truly dedicated to luxury fashion.

Michelle Francis realized his dream of opening the boutique in 2010 and was able to do so in the most distinguished area of Neapolitan city. 

He then also expanded the business in the online world in 2015. Michele proposed the idea of a luxury boutique also being an e-commerce one. 

This led to the creation of its website, which has been able to please approximately 40 thousand customers all over the world since its release. 

Michele Franzese Moda consists of a team of over 20 experts who are keen with their design and fashion. 

They commit towards making the shopping experience one of the best ones for their customers. 

Therefore, they carefully operate the website as well as boutique to ensure that all needs of customers are met on both platforms. 

Is Michele Franzese Moda actually legit? 

Michele Franzese Moda is a big name in the fashion industry. This alone should be proof enough for the legitimacy of this brand.

However, sometimes even luxurious brands can turn out to be poor ones which makes us believe that they are scam. 

They may be selling you expensive products in the name of quality, but in reality would be giving you a low quality one. This is why it’s always important to check before buying. 

No matter how luxurious or “big” the brand is, don’t forget that at the end of the day you’re the one who’s paying!

Now let’s take a look at how legit this retailer is. If you visit Michele Franzese Moda’s website, then it does seem to appear legit. 

Although a defining factor of their legitimacy is the fact that they are quite transparent about their operations. All necessary information is available on their website.

You may visit their FAQ page or even contact them via email to help answer your query. I believe that transparency is the key to legitimacy!

Moreover, they have a separate page entirely dedicated towards return and exchange information. 

They take guarantee that if one doesn’t like what they purchased, then they can return or exchange it within the stipulated deadline. 

Another reason why I believe that this brand is legitimate is the fact that it has been in running since 1992 now. The story behind Michele Franzese’s success seems legit. 

If the brand were to be a scam one then it would’ve been clear by now. The  truth is bound to come forward!

I wanted to know more so I went ahead and read reviews on Michele Franzese Moda on trusted review pages. 

On Trustpilot, the brand has an “excellent” rating of 78 percent. Whereas, a “bad” rating of only 12 percent. 

This indicates that generally all customers that have purchased from this brand are happy with what they received. 

According to one customer, they were able to find amazing stuff at good prices. They even praised the presentation and packaging of the order from this brand. 

Michele Franzese Moda has been able to create a trusted and loyal customer base. These customers are extremely happy with the service that they’ve been provided. 

They even claim to have received the best products from this brand. Customers claim that Michele Franzese Moda offers them high quality products as well as a high level shopping experience. 

Considering the fact that the brand ships all over the world, many people are also pretty happy with their fast delivery. 

Final Verdict 

In conclusion, to answer the main question, yes Michele Franzese Moda is a legit luxury retailer in Italy. 

Michele Franzese was able to create a big name in the fashion industry. His lifelong dream to become distinguished in the world of fashion was turned into reality through his passion. 

In addition, the brand seems to be the one which can be trusted with your orders. You won’t be wasting money on this one. 

All the reviews were very positive and this indicates that the brand is legitimate and doesn’t scam people. 

If you’re planning on buying from here, then go ahead. It’s definitely worth the risk. You can always visit their store or even make an online purchase.