Globally, the idea of sustainability is flourishing, particularly in the garment and textile sectors. 

Conscious shoppers are requesting more socially and environmentally responsible goods, including gorgeous, useful, and sustainable clothes.

Sustainable, eco-friendly, and slow fashion are synonyms for green fashion. 

It is a component of the worldwide sustainable fashion movement, which seeks to lessen the negative social and environmental effects of the manufacture and consumption of clothing.

One of the main sources of pollution in the world is the fashion sector. It makes a significant contribution to climate change, waste buildup, and contamination of the air, land, and oceans.

Clothing has become disposable due to the growth of fast fashion over the past 20 years. Because of the excess production and overindulgence of cheaply made garments, a severe global environmental disaster resulted.

Within the clothing and textile industries, green fashion is becoming more and more fashionable for valid reasons. 

To safeguard the environment, human lives, and animal life, it encourages a more conscious approach to creating and consuming clothing and accessories.

To lessen the devastating effects that clothes purchases have on the environment, humans, and other living things, green fashion is essential. 

There must be an end to the resource depletion of water, fuel, and natural resources as well as the usage of dangerous chemicals.

By increasing consumer awareness of these concerns and making more thoughtful purchasing decisions, we as customers can reframe  the fashion industry.

The same way that the cosmetics we use on our skin and the food we eat are crucial for our health, so are the clothes we wear. In the apparel sector, it is also essential for the wellbeing of farmers and employees.

Micas or better known as ShopMicas is a newly launched clothing venture that specialises in made-to-order pieces. 

As per their About Us page, Micas advertises as a sustainable brand that only produces items once it receives and order. They do not store pre-produced clothes in a warehouse. 

Where is it located?

On their Contact Us page, the address for the company is given as: RM 2609 – 26 Harbour Rd, Wanchai, Hong Kong, 999077. 

Their phone number and mailing address in the United States are not readily available. This increases the suspicion once more.

Is it good quality?

There are mixed reviews about the quality of Micas’s clothing.

While their actual website does not mention or allow customer reviews, consumers have taken to other forums to discuss this new brand’s clothes

Many reviewers have left good reviews about the brand, stating that the items they have purchased are good quality and worth the cost. They also call the designs trendy and modern.

Nevertheless, other people have called out the brand for their inaccurate sizing charts. 

Many customers have complained that even after meticulously measuring and comparing the brand’s size chart with their clothes, the producrs they recieved were either too large or too small to be worn.

Others have complained about improper finishing of the garments such as weak seams, and bad quality fabrics.

Such mixed reviews only further confuse a shopper about shopping from a brand, and Micas’s reviews only make the brand look more shady.

Is it reliable?

Micas is using a tactic that many scam websites use these days to entice consumers into their scam by promising to sell its listed goods at steep discounts.

Micas’s returns and exchange policies are very vague and problematic for their customers. 

It has a return regulation requiring customers to cover the cost of return postage. It is discovered that the return and exchange of goods is exceedingly unrealistic. 

Therefore, due to their unclear provisions, it is practically difficult to receive your entire cash back from these types of websites.

According to complaints from users of websites identical to this one regarding customer service and delivery times, these websites are also of very poor quality.

Many customers have claimed in their reviews that the brand’s customer service is shanty. Their emails remain unanswered, and weeks go by before they receive a proper response. 

Shopmicas offers a variety of products, from dresses to coats. It stands out from other platforms due to the broad variety of categories of trendy things.

The website is less than a year old in terms of its domain age. It was made on July 22, 2021, and it does not meet the requirements of being a proper and secure website.

For this website, there are no user reviews. According to our investigation, there are no customer testimonials for its products or services.

Due to a lack of documentation, it is unclear from the website if the email address is real or not.

Is it ethical? 

Shopmicas is a relatively new clothing brand. The website itself was established in 2021 and the brand does not even have proper physical stores for their customers. 

Google Maps places the address of Micas in several places, but none of those places are home to a company by the names of ShopMicas or Micas.

Instead, those places make reference to other firms. Additionally, the phone number for contact has not been posted on the website. 

This makes it crystal evident that they are attempting to conceal the information, so we won’t trust them with any internet purchases.

The shopmicas website does not state any information about the materials they use in the manufacture of their products nor do they mention their partners or third-party suppliers. 

They do not mention in any way the locations of their factories, the number of employees they have, or where they source their materials from. 

They also have no information available on their website about their sustainability policy, except stating that their clothes are made-to-order.

All in all, Micas clothing is a very suspicious and unsustainable brand, not only because of a lack of transparency about their supply chain but also because they lack proper customer service.

Access to information is the right of the consumer, and Micas Clothing is not doing itself any favours by hiding necessary information.