Founded around 30 years back, Marc New York is an apparel brand that offers a variety of outdoor clothing items made of different materials.

The brand mainly offers jackets, hoodies, and puffers for both men and women that are both stylish and comfortable. In addition, the brand also offers sturdy modern-day coats that can easily withstand the test of time.

Over time, the brand has extensively expanded its collection by including denim products, sports attire, and classic dresses for women.

Is Marc New York Good Brand?

Indeed, it is. Each Marc New York product is made with artisan craftsmanship and the use of advanced engineering and technology.

The brand stresses producing items that do not follow seasonal trends and can become timeless garments inside your wardrobe.

While keeping the aesthetic aspects in mind, the brand doesn’t forget the importance of using quality materials. That’s why it enjoys a good reputation among its consumers.

Is Marc New York a Luxury Brand?

Although every single product by the brand flaunts luxury, their prices are very budget-friendly. Being one of the prime creators of leather jackets, the brand uses nothing but the finest quality materials.

With its vision of becoming a staple in every American household, it is working toward bringing luxury fashion to everyday use. That’s why its products are very affordable.

Is Marc New York the same as Andrew Marc?

Marc New York is a sub-brand of Andrew Marc. So, yeah, in a way, we can say that they are both the same.

However, the parent company is a luxury fashion label formed as a leather company back in 1982. Unlike Marc New York, the owner company manufactures clothing items that are trendy and seasonal.

What Designer is Marc New York?

The G-III clothing group owns both Marc New York and Andrew mark, and they are also the brains behind all the designs.

Does Mark New York use Real Leather?

The brand uses both authentic and faux leather for its products. The real leather it uses normally comes from lamb and sheep.

Best-Sellers by the Brand

If you are looking forward to buying something from the brand, here are some of its best-sellers that you can consider.

Made of soft, fleecy artificial wool and water-repellant cire shell material, this puffer jacket for women is very tasteful and comfortable at the same time.

With a length of 42 inches and faux down filling, the jacket is both big and warm enough to shield your body from very cold temperatures.

The shells, linings, and fill is made of polyester and nylon materials, which ensure to trap in the warmth. The design features a frontal zipper with snap closure, two zippered pockets and a removable hood.

The jacket is also machine washable and an excellent choice if you want to maintain your comfort without compromising on your style.

Another excellent and best-selling product for ladies is this parka. This item is made of matte shell material that is super soft and comfy.

The product features the brand’s exclusive herringbone quilt design. The shell cloth of this jacket is also water resilient and very easy to pack.

The long insulated jacket comes in three colors: black, olive, and cement and features a very chic design.

The design also contains side body detailing, a snap closure vent, waist belt, and two frontal body pockets. It also has faux fur detailing inside the collar and a detachable hood.

Made with 100% polyester material, this jacket is very lightweight and suitable for all winter seasons.

This racer jacket for women accents both class and elegance. The jacket fuses a classic racer design with a modernized aspect to give it a very appealing look.

The short-length jacket is made of 100% pure lamb leather and is sturdy enough to withstand rough usage. The linings inside the body and sleeves are made of polyester material.

The design features a stand neck collar, a frontal zipper, two zippered pockets on the sides, and some further zipper detailing at the cuff. The overlay panel above the shoulder area features metallic studs that give the ultimate racer look.

Available in only black color, the jacket is snug enough to be used for daily wear.

This men’s jacket keeps you extra warm during the deadliest winter spells. The mid-length jacket is made with a buffed cotton shell material, which the brand has started using recently.

The distinctive thing about this fabric is its heaviness, which is further combined with a quilted checkered liner to provide additional warmth.

The design of this hooded jacket features stylish cargo chest pockets, flexible cuff, body pockets with zippers, and rib weave detailing inside the collar.

The jacket comes in cappuccino and steel shades. Its shell, linings, fill, and knit are made of polyester, cotton, and spandex.

The sporty-looking jacket is a great choice for the outdoors all winter long.

I know very well that men are much more into racer jackets than women. That’s why I intentionally picked this product from the men’s best-selling items.

This product is also made of pure lamb leather and features a very modish design. The jacket comes with two body pockets, a zippered front, stitching details, and a dual snap collar.

Like the ladies’ jacket above, this one also comes in only black color. Apart from the shell, the other materials used in this product include cotton and polyester.

The last product I picked is again for gents and is different from the other two mentioned above.

If you are into sleeveless jackets, you will definitely like this one. However, being sleeves doesn’t mean that it is not warm enough.

This quilted vest with polyester fill is made of insulating and water-repellant matte shell material. The lightweight jacket can be worn alone, or you can layer it up with other sweaters and jackets for harsher weather conditions.

The stylish design features two body pockets, a welt pocket, a chest patch pocket, and collar detailing. It comes in four different shades that include black, ink, olive, and shadow.

The material is 100% polyester, and it is very easy to wash and clean.



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